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Classic Coupe: 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe

041316 Barn Finds - 1948 Lincoln Continental - 1

This first-generation 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe was stored in a barn for years and now it needs some help. Although, from what photos are shown by the seller, the body looks like it’s in great condition.

041316 Barn Finds - 1948 Lincoln Continental - 2

At the end of March, Barn Finds writer, Jamie, showed us a Lincoln Continental that had been restored and then had been languishing in a mechanic’s garage for years. I don’t know where this particular car has been stored, but the paint sure looks nice. The chrome needs work and that won’t be cheap. The seller doesn’t mention if this is the 3-speed or the overdrive car, but in either case, of course, it has a manual transmission, which is always fun to see in these big, luxury cars.

041316 Barn Finds - 1948 Lincoln Continental - 3

The “value” of a concours 1948 Lincoln Continental is around $50,000, give or take. That doesn’t leave much wiggle room if you plan on doing a body-off restoration here. But, if the interior and mechanical systems are in the condition that the body seems to be in, you could have yourself a very inexpensive driver-quality car in no time. The seller says that it’s 99% complete and that it has the original V12, but it’s not currently in running condition. It would have had a mere 125 hp and 220 ft-lbs of torque, not a heck of a lot to move this two-ton car.

041316 Barn Finds - 1948 Lincoln Continental - 4

There’s the famous/infamous “Continental kit”, or enclosed spare tire cover. According to legend, with a bit of fact thrown in there for good measure, the Lincoln Continental was the first to house the spare tire in this manner, at least outside of Europe. Edsel Ford was said to have seen European cars dressed like this and he liked the idea, not to mention the functionality of having more room in the trunk. I am not personally a fan of them as add-ons, as in, when almost every car from the 1950s at every car show has them added on, but as far as when they’re factory equipment, I love the look!

This car is found in Lancaster, California on Craigslist for an asking price of $9,875. In seeing the condition of the body on this car, that doesn’t seem like a bad price at all, it’s too bad that there aren’t any interior or engine photos. This could be your chance if you were looking for a first-generation Lincoln Continental for a summer project car. It’s hard to tell from four photos, but do you think this beautiful car is worth the asking price?


  1. Birdman

    Beautiful! Love the V12 with likely a 3 on the tree idea…Love the spare tire setup…Love the 3rd brake light… just beautiful!

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  2. Joe Nose

    well, based on the bagged windows, i bet a lotta barn critters called this trailer queen home for a few years…

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  3. Dairymen

    My 35 cadillac has the spare on the back like this car, so Edsel wasn’t the 1st one here!

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  4. TRP

    I see it comes with the ultra rare Hefty 3 ply driver and passenger windows.

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  5. DRV

    So that’s 25k in chrome don’t forget!
    The interior condition is very important on this if it is to get sold.
    I picture it a little lower with 350 hp and everything else as is…..that motor had unrepairable factory problems.

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  6. Dan h

    She’s a looker. These cars are a lot larger in person, a full resto ain’t going to be cheap. The V12 is a wonderful running motor and a big plus as many have been swapped with v8’s. I have a client that’s willing to give one of these for free but it’s just too much car and to be quite honest, it’s plain intimidating!

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  7. John

    Another trailer Queen!

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  8. charlie Member

    They are BIG in person. And many had engine swaps for GM V8’s at the time. But the exhaust sound of the V12 is better than any other ‘regular’ as opposed to sports car I have ever heard.

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  9. Mike Burnett

    Love John’s lion photo but back to the Lincoln, I have come accross an example (in far worse condition, sadly) that I am seriously thinking of buying. It is in the Charente region of France, just a 6 hour drive from Finistére in the North where I have my workshop, a redundant commercial garage. The price is way low at 4,750 euros, roughly $5,700. The engine is seized, so could I please ask DRV or anyone else for détails regarding his comment that these V12’s came with ‘unrepairable factory problems’? I was interested in the possibility of a free engine from Dan H’s client but I am a little put off by the cost of crating, transport, shipping to France, taxes, etc.

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  10. VetteDude

    Air bags deployed!

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