Last Registered In ’66: 1948 Packard Convertible

It seemed fitting that the recent news of the bridge falling at the old Packard plant in Detroit, that a 1948 Packard Custom Eight Victoria would come up for sale to write about. Unlike the building and its…uncertain future, you can acquire this Packard for a current bid price of $3,938. You’ll be heading to Santa Maria, California to pick it up if you win it. Thank you Ikey H. for the tip. A VIN is listed and you can view more here on eBay.

Things noted in the listing are that the seller has rebuilt the cooling system top to bottom, water pump to the radiator. They have also installed a new battery and ignition system. Apparently, they are still working on the carburetor. With all of that, they do say the original, 327 cubic inch straight 8 does run, but no other systems have been tested to see if it will drive. The transmission is listed as a manual.

Little is mentioned about the interior. The photos show a pretty rusty floor, especially in the trunk. Surprisingly, the seats are intact, except for some stuffing starting to seep through the back seat seatback. One of the notes made by the seller is that there is no top for this car. Hopefully, it is being stored indoors until the time of sale and luckily it is in California where it should be a decent climate.

While it is sad to see the home where this car was manufactured crumble to pieces, there is still time left to save this example and have the legacy continue on. It carries a much smaller price tag than the factory does, although some might debate that. The seller states that according to a few valuation tools, the car is worth $18,000 in this condition. Only time will tell what the ending bid price will be.

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  1. Coventrycat

    Love the car, the color not so much.

  2. Beatnik Bedouin

    That’s pretty damned cool. It appears that the car will need some rust issues sorted out, but what the buyer will end up with is a unique piece of American automotive history.

    Looks like the car for an Earl Scheib $29.95 paint job (“no ups, no extras…”) sometime in its life, as the original colour was a dark blue. The turquoise was one of Mr Scheib’s many hues one could choose from…

    • packrat

      My mother had a 1960 Valiant repeatedly painted at a local Scheib’s in a seafoam green that was very much like this color.

  3. Kenneth Carney

    Had a ’50 9-passenger limo and these cars were awesome–even the cheaper
    ones. This ragtop would be a really nice
    project that would turn heads wherever
    it goes. I’m surprised that this car hasn’t
    sold since it was featured here in July, 2018. Josh wrote it up then so maybe
    it should be an update instead of a new post. Whatever it is, I hope it finds a good
    home–sadly, it’s not mine.

  4. BlondeUXB Member

    REF: “Reader Ad” 07/03/18

  5. That Guy
  6. Miguel

    This same car was featured by the owner back in July of 2018.

  7. stillrunners

    Neat survivor…..looks worth the money considering.

  8. Chris In Australia

    So that’s where the “Bangle Butt” on BMW came from

  9. Mark Evans

    A sweet car. See past the colour. RESTORE IT. Please. Nuff said.

  10. rick

    not real size

  11. Robert White

    If I win the lottery this week.

    Best car on BF in a while IMHO.


  12. local_sheriff

    The pregnant elephant – I simply adore this generation of Packards.Is it the ultimate bomb…?

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