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1948 Studebaker Champion Survivor


This 1948 Studebaker Champion has been preserved by a long line of owners who appreciated originality. The first owner drove the car until his passing in 1963. It then passed on to his son, who used it as a second driver. It was kept in the family until 1987, when the son could no longer drive. From there it was passed on to a local car enthusiast, who added it to their collection of over 140 cars. It was part of their collection until last year, when the owner passed away as well. It may sound like this Studebaker is bad luck, but in reality each owner lived long lives while always enjoying this car’s companionship. Each caretaker did their part to keep it original and it has survived the years very well. So, if you’re interested in growing old with this Champ, it can be found here on eBay with no reserve.


This must have been one special car to own and drive. While the previous owners kept it well preserved, that doesn’t mean they kept it locked in their garages. It has seen over 68k miles and has its fair share of dents, dings, and scratches. Each flaw tells a story though and, based on the current owner’s feelings about it, it sounds like an enjoyable car to drive.


This one has the Regal Deluxe option, which was the top of the line Champion model, so it is loaded with little unique features. The interior came with mohair upholstery and walnut trim, both of which look to be in good shape. The interior is believed to be completely original and everything is in working order. Even the mercury switch activated glove-box light functions! The seller does admit that it has a few issues, like the window wipers not turning and the electric overdrive not engaging, but they claim they have investigated the issues and that they can be fixed without much expense.


It isn’t perfect, but for a 65 year old survivor, it is in nice condition. We typically aren’t fans of four doors, but we could see ourselves taking this one out for a spin on Sundays, plus the suicide doors add some cool factor. We just aren’t sure if we would want to grow old with it, but then again the past three owners did, so maybe it has something going for it.


  1. Joey K.

    If only I had a spare garage and some spare change – I’d start my Stude Collection! *sigh*.

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  2. Seth

    Love the airplane hanger in the last photo

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  3. DanaPointJohn

    My father, who passed away at age 93 this past February, worked at Studebaker from 1943 – 1949 in their Tool & Die shop. It is so great to see this 1948 Champion as it is a car my dad had a hand in its design and build. Thanks for the memories!

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  4. Dan Farrell

    Can’t think of any modern middle class cars likely to outlive three owners.

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    • Notchback

      Well with only 68k I believe most modern cars could last this long. But comparing a new car to something like this is silly!

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  5. Dolphin Member

    Great photos, great vintage collectible, great interior, great story, great setting, and I really like those suicide doors. You just don’t get those doors much anymore.

    This gets my vote for the best eBay setting and photos in a long time.

    Not exactly from a barn, but who cares? It’s a terrific listing all around.

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    • Joey K.

      I quite agree – sometimes the story is worth more than the car!

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  6. paul

    This car is MONEY! That dash / steering wheel is outstanding, what a car!

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  7. David

    This is just a nice old car. It’s not a showstopper, it’s not gonna win a race, it’s just nice and comfortable. I love original unrestored because it’s like your favorite pair of shoes that you’ve had forever, nice and comfy and durable. Not something you’d be ashamed of to put more miles on, like that Mustang a couple days back,but something just nice and comfy and just a good old car.

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  8. Will

    I would be proud to grow old with it. We went to the Studebaker museum in South bend Ind a couple of weeks ago. This is truly awesome.

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  9. rancho bella

    And to think, some of the brave folks went from kicking some serious arse around the globe just a few years earlier to building fine cars like this.
    This is a dandy

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  10. Don Andreina

    This car is in perfect nick. Not a precious trailer queen, slightly patinated so you’re not worried about driving it. Great period hue. And I love those rear windows.

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  11. jim s

    very nice car, would be lots of fun as a driver. great find. some other interesting cars in the back ground, along with racks of tires, and a saab poster.

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  12. Charles


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  13. Paul B

    These were really nice cars. Not very powerful, but back in a 1950 road test Consumer Reports stated that Studebaker owners appeared to enjoy driving their cars more than owners of other makes. The Champion handled, steered and shifted unusually well for a car of its era, and it was well made. Not the lowest priced car, but a high quality product in the low priced field. Good luck to whoever buys this lovely survivor.

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  14. Chris A.

    Really a nice looking car both inside and out. Love that big steering wheel and horn rim.A really cool car that just needs a little electrical work, then drive it. Didn’t one of the Muppets drive one of these?

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  15. Weasel

    Fozzie Bear drove a 1951 Studebaker Commander

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    • Joey K.

      The song was ‘Moving Right Along’ from 1979’s The Muppet Movie – Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMR5JVo21wQ
      “A Bear in his natural habitat – A Studebaker”. Classic. The 1948 car is largely the same as the 50s bullet noses that followed – except the nose. You can see one of the two Stude’s from the film at the Studebaker national museum – or at least you could, I assume they still have it out there. http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Fozzie's_Studebaker

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  16. Joe Howell

    I love Studbusters. My grandfather had a 48 Champion 2 door the same color.

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  17. Dave in NorCal

    This car is beautiful!!! My Dad had an old Studebaker Pickup when I was very young in the early 1960’s. If I remember correctly it was a late 1950’s model and it was just so cool. Would be proud to own a Champion as gorgeous as this one and absolutely love the suicide doors!!

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  18. D T

    this car came from the Steve Vories collection,and yes it was in a small barn,Steve was a super nice person ,who had a collection that was hard to put into words,amazing would barely discribe it.I gave him a rare Saab with a factory sunroof,I bought a very nice Borgward from him and we traded parts up ’till he passed away.He collected clocks,auto literature,and had the most amazing car collection anyone has ever seen.

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    • Chris A.

      DT, not too many car guys have seen a Borgward, let alone driven or owned one. My first car was a 1958 Borgward Isabella TS and the second was a duplicate for parts. Not an attractive car, but rock solid with a lot of room inside. I sold it for $100 to put towards a 1958 Mercedes Benz 220S sedan. Do you still have your Borgward?

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  19. D T

    I have a large collection of Borgwards,4 Coupes including one with 19,000 miles,one with an automatic clutch(only one or two in the world) A TS that I won an award for best original Borgward in the US,also a B-2000 a/o that is a German military kubelwagen

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