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1950 Dodge Power Wagon Dump Truck!

The seller says there’s a small chance the low mileage on this 1950 Dodge Power Wagon could be original, as it was parked in 1969 and used sparingly in the years that followed. Interestingly, the dump bed is known as a Gar Wood design, which the seller says was the inventor of the modern hydraulic dump bed. That bit of trivia makes this running, driving Power Wagon even more appealing, but the asking price may scare some folks away: it’s listed here on eBay with a $14,500 Buy-It-Now, and the current bidding under the reserve price.

Perhaps I’m wrong about the asking price being high, especially if the low mileage of just 41,513 can be proven. The seller also notes minimal rust, with lots of blisters and surface rust but nothing rotted through. Despite the propensity for workhorses like this to be modified and jerry-rigged over the years, the seller says it remains 100% stock, right down to the governor on the carb.

The more you read, the more there is to like: the Gar Wood bed is said to work perfectly and engage smoothly. The original Braden winch on the front bumper also works without issue, as does transfer case. The floor under the bench seat is said to be dry and there’s no rot in the door edges, either. The original paint color was red, and while the exterior is heavily weathered, the dash board still presents nicely with faded red paint.

Engine-wise, the Power Wagon is equipped with T137 Dodge 230 flathead, which the seller says maintains good oil pressure and fired up with ease with fresh fuel and a new battery. Oil pressure is strong and the truck idles well, but it will need the gas tank cleaned out and brake cylinders freshened up to be a daily driver. Still, there’s a lot to like here and the strong mechanical baseline makes it an intriguing project – but at what price?


  1. Nick P

    Surface rust is surface rust but blisters=rot

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  2. Fred H

    Do they pull the prices out of a hat or what ?

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    • BlondeUXB Member

      Have you checked the prices Power Wagons have been fetching lately ?

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    • Mike

      They didn’t pull the price out of a hat, but from their behind.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Surface rust? 14.5 large? Wanna buy a bridge, u pick up??

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    • Fred W

      If you buy this , you just might be able to pick it up.

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  4. glen

    The tires may look good, but if they were flat until recently, they should be replaced. Tires can be damaged inside, but look good on the outside.

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    • Zack

      This is very very true I but a car that the seller said the tires were new. They look new so I took his word but they were not new they held are good but when I hit 35 on the highway a tire blew and by time I got stop two more had blow.

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      • glen

        I’m glad you weren’t going faster, you may not be telling us about it today.

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  5. Chad House

    Dodge Power Wagons seem to fluctuate up and down. With the recent popularity at Barrett Jackson the trucks have definitely been recognized for their unique body style and hard work ethic back in their day! Legacy Trucks have taken these from workhorses to 80+ mph luxury trucks that can handle even today’s toughest jobs!

    I’m a proud owner of what could be one of the lowest original mile Power Wagon in existence? I purchased my 1957 Dodge Power Wagon from a local airport where it was delivered new and used only as a support vehicle within the facility. Never plated for public road use and never seen salt in its lifetime. This particular private hangar was owned by a very large Chemical Company that rhymes with Cow and shares the same namesake as a popular stock exchange.

    No rust, no bubbling and not a dent inside the box this truck has 6849 Original documented miles. This old truck looks like new underneath and shows absolutely no rust anywhere and as represents its 6849 original miles very well.

    Thanks for allowing me to share……………………………….

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    • sourpwr

      Chad House , Love to see more pictures of your powerwagon

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  6. Steve Van Harn

    My new neighbor has one on 89 chassis. Even trooper stop him to look

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  7. Vudutu

    Cool, worth the money, if I were this beast I would love to be aquired by a well off ranch owner, say near Telluride perhaps, who would respect my patina, revisit all my vitals, make me strong and reliable and pasture me in a heated garage.
    Knowing he could call on me when needed to get where he needed to go in a blizzard or pull his neighbors out of a ditch, or deliver a round hay bail to stranded cows.
    This is one tough get it done vehicle.
    I’m not a Dodge fan but this era power wagons for me are about as perfect a utilitarian vehicle as any country has ever built.
    Am I wrong here, call me out but stuck 2 foot deep in a Rockies blizzard who ya gonna call.

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  8. Howard A Member

    They’re nuts.( what a surprise, California again) It is a cool rig, but not exactly rare, not $14 grand rare anyway, and the bidding sure reflects that. Pretty big winch, what is that, 100ft. of cable? I could see $14g’s for one that’s like brand new, but this is a clunker and these people better get off their high horse thinking these are worth a fortune, they’re not. Again, “Pawn Stars” syndrome, they come in asking $14g’s for something, walk out with $300 bucks.

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  9. BR

    How does it run and drive so well with the distributor cap laying on it’s side?
    I’d add duals on the rear and pressure wash it, refresh the mechanicals, add 12 volts, and just love it. I would especially rebuild the speedometer.
    Hopefully it isn’t offered by a flipper. Hate flippers.

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  10. sluggo

    Chad House & VUdutu, get the upvotes today. Nice truck Chad, I too am not a dodge guy, but hats off to your stunning example. I also agree with Mr V. Nice write up and refreshingly well written. Could not have said it better.

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  11. munched55

    I love this truck. I would only have to throw the firewood once.

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  12. chrlsful

    wish there wuz such a thing as “throw once” w/firewood.
    Sure B a lot less ‘runs’ w/this them my ’66 Bronk.
    All ways loved the butterfly (only) hoods.
    Gone:13750$ ?

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  13. Karl

    Chad I thought I had one of the lowest mileage Power Wagons around but you win! I got my 50 FFPW out of Washington State with 18k on it, was a farm truck used for pulling machinery around and winching stuff out of trouble. These trucks have become pretty rare in their stock form and just a note to folks scoffing at this price I suggest you go online and find a really nice restored Power Wagon like this on for under 80k good luck! If you want to buy one that’s riding on a new pickup chassis they range from 185k to 300k for a cab modified 4 door version! Chad your truck is beautiful and I tip my hat to you for keeping it stock and incredibly desirable! To the scoffers you need to do a bit of shopping online, welcome to the real world of REAL Power Wagons!!

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