1950 Ford Pickup: Real Enhanced P-Word!

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

Yes, I know, you Barn Finds readers don’t care for patina if it’s been “enhanced.” But let’s try to look past that and see what a cool 1950 Ford pickup is under that artificially distressed paint. It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Orem, Utah. Bidding at this point is only up to a little over $3,100, but the reserve isn’t met yet.

The seller tells us that they smoothed off any flaking paint with a scotchbrite type pad and then shot a thin coat of clear over it to protect it at this point. Since all the rubber around the windows and doors is new, if this is the look you like, you should be able to leave the body alone for a good long time. The seller did paint the wheels as well as putting new tires and fresh center caps in place.

I realize a lot of these trucks ended up with aftermarket or homemade rear bumpers, but I’ll be honest, I find this one particularly ugly. No matter, it looks like it did it’s job (although the tailgate has definitely seen it’s share of abuse.

The patina carries on into the interior as well, although the floor has been coated with spray bed liner material and appears nice and solid. The bench seat has been professionally recovered and looks pretty nice, although certainly not in the original materials or pattern. I can tell, you just want to reach out and grab that shifter, don’t you? I know I’d like to give it a go.

The engine is the original 239 cubic inch flathead V8 according to the seller, and the wiring mess is from the previous owner starting to convert the truck to a twelve volt electrical system. The seller says that you can either finish the conversion or go back to six volt. What’s your opinion on that issue? We’re also told that it runs well and that the transmission shifts just fine. The seller has replaced the fuel tank, so aside from the electrical issues and checking out the brakes, there’s probably not much keeping you from driving this truck. Would you?

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  1. LAB3

    Got a link for us? Looks like a solid rig, I’d stick with the 12v conversion and run it like it is.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Fixed — thanks!

  2. geomechs

    It’s hard to realize that back when I was a kid, these trucks were as common as flies on a dead horse. Farmers, construction companies, the local autobody shop, and several boys who used them for daily transportation, they were everywhere. Then they got replaced by more modern rides. Now it’s great to see so many of them coming back to life.

    This is a good project to take on and continue to its completion. I’d keep the 6V system because it worked just fine. Only problem would be trying to operate more modern accessories. The 8BA motor is very reliable and will handle some increased horsepower. The distributor isn’t the best, having only a vacuum advance but it works OK. Of course to anyone who knows me the only way to go is full bodywork and painting. I’m sure interested but I’ll have to leave it for someone else in hopes that they take it and enjoy it, and build it the way they WANT.

  3. grant

    Patina is general recognized as natural wear and weathering, occurring over time. Once it’s been “enhanced” the coolness factor is just gone. With that said, this would be a cool truck, if someone finished it. Including a nice single stage paint job.

  4. Coventrycat

    Shiny wheels and hubcaps with that “paint” is like wearing socks & sandals or a belt and suspenders at the same time.I wish the fad would just go away.

    • jdjonesdr

      Yep. They could have left it as is and it would have looked just as good or better.

      I guess they equate clearcoat with more $$$. Nice old truck.

  5. Mountainwoodie

    Im trying to understand a seller who spends the time to scotchbrite the body then clearcoat it and recovers the seat in some weird pattern but ignores the fact that you cant start the truck because the wiring harness has been halfassed convered from 6 to 12 volt…..whatever that means…….Good thing he has a mechanic that can jump a wire between the battery and the starter! Truck has good bones though.

  6. Joe

    This “Barnfind reader” doesn’t care about patina, clearcoat patina or paint color. Don’t over-generalize! Important is whether and how well it runs and drives. This truck doesn’t. Could be an expensive garage anchor weight.

  7. Sam Sharp

    A real truck. Or would you rather have a $82,000 new truck for those tailgate parties. “Watch out with that keg, you’re dinging my aluminum bed!”

    Real classy trucks don’t need payments.

  8. TBall

    Nice basis for a restoration – appears to be extremely solid bones. I too do not understand the “rat rod” or “distressed look – I’ll stick with my first year F1 thank you. Yes, I do have a soft spot for this era truck, why do you ask?

  9. Rex Rice

    I drove several ’52 Ford trucks for many miles through many years. Leave them stock! The 6 volt cables & wiring is twice as big as 12 volt so 6 volts work just fine. The non-syncho trannys are a delight to drive; I love the whine. The simple front suspension also works great. I new a guy who put 130,000 miles on his front tires with only one re-cap.

  10. Anthony

    Love it the way it is. All beat up.


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