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1951 Ford F1 Marmon Herrington 4×4

We haven’t featured many trucks here on Barn Finds, but after looking at this 1951 Ford, we think maybe we should start. This one has been touched up cosmetically, but there are some nice surprises that make this very original old truck worth a second look. It is located in Tahoma, Washington and is listed on eBay with bidding at $8,600.

This truck isn’t just any old Ford. It is from the first generation of the F-series truck which is still in production today. Ford didn’t come up with their slogan “Built Ford Tough” for their cars. They were talking about these beasts. They were built to work, so it can be hard to find early examples in good shape.

It can be especially hard to find ones as well optioned as this F1. When we say optioned here we are not talking about amenities, we are talking about things like four wheel drive and V8 power. We take features like these for granted today, but they were not as common back then. Ford didn’t even build their own 4x4s in house at the time. The work was sourced out to a company called Marmon Herrington who built buses and performed these types of conversions.

Power from this flathead V8 was feed to all four wheels. It wasn’t a lot of power by today’s standards, but back in the fifties this thing had to be quite the crawler. The seller claims that it was originally used by the Forestry Department in Washington state. During its service it has only racked up 57k miles. The mileage is believable since this is not something we would really want to take on the interstate.

There is no denying that this tan truck looks sharp, but we sure would like to see it before the current owner polished her up. He claims that the last owner wanted to keep it as original as possible, so the paint and interior were worn and a little sun baked. Sounds perfect to us… The shiny paint and fresh interior are appealing though and the care of the last few owners has assured that this rare truck was preserved. We still think it would be happiest in its nature habitat on a ranch or up in the mountains. Anyone have a Ford truck story to tell?


  1. Lemble

    The first truck that I ever drove on the road was a 52 F1 . I was only 15 at the time. What a blast .

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  2. JP

    Nice! Great to hear that you’re talking about featuring more trucks too! Love the cars, but pickups are a special passion…

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  3. Eric M

    ya got a type on the year in the first paragraph, but what a sweet truck. Love all of it!

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  4. paul

    Not much of a truck fan, but anything this nice & original, is always great to look at.

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  5. Rick Black

    This isn’t a 1957 Ford – looks more like a 1947.

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    • Barn Finds

      You are right, we had a typo. It is actually a ’51.

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  6. Firebird 1LE

    Nice old truck, but I wouldn’t call any vehicle that has been completely repainted and had the interior redone “…very original…”

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    • Barn Finds

      You’re right. It is no survivor, but a truck like this doesn’t come along very often in any condition.

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  7. Dolphin Member

    Looks like it has pretty significant lift to me, and the underside shots confirm it.

    I don’t think of a lifted, painted, rechromed, retrimmed vintage truck as “original”. The seller can say anything he wants, but with a lifted, painted, etc truck he and I will never agree on its originality. I’ll admit that I prefer stock vehicles, so we’ll just have to disagree.

    For me the value in this truck is how it manages to be both stylish and practical at the same time, and the condition, which is really outstanding. Love the color, and I have to agree that the duals could stay even though Henry never put extended duals on his trucks. But the lift kit would have to go, and it needs an air cleaner. Then you would have a clean, cool driver that you could enjoy for a long time.

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    • TS

      It was “lifted” in 51 by Marmon. That is the stock ride height.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Thanks for clarifying the ride height on these trucks. Was this an early lifted truck, done to provide clearance for the transfer case, which set the pattern for aftermarket lift kits because they were cool?

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  8. Larry

    These are VERY rare trucks, this won is in VERY nice shape but I have to agree with Dolphin, it’s not original if it’s been repainted, new chrome, interior, etc., but the ride height is orig. by Mormon. Still a very very nice truck, and I think the worth the money.

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  9. Chris Benziger

    Great old truck….Toughest drive lines ever made! Marmon Herrington still builds axles and transfer cases for military and commercial vehicles and they’re bullet proof believe me. I tried my best to break a few in my Army days!

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  10. Chris in WNC

    if the tires are good and brakes are functioning 100%, I’d take it out on the Interstates in a heartbeat. we run our Model A Ford (stock excepty for an overdrive) on I-26 or I-40 whenever neccessary. although I’d think twice about I-95 or I-75….. too many crazies driving there.

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  11. William Jordan

    Sounds like it could be a great deal for someone.

    I would like to see more detailed pictures and search for the hidden rust

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  12. Al Neri

    Some 30 plus years ago, our local Exxon station (Newtown, CT) had a late 1960s F-100’with a 390 that they were kind enough to loan to its employees. It had more power and torque than any truck or car I have driven since then. Sadly, New England winters took their toll on the body or else it would probably still be running.

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  13. Richard L Gugenberger

    Nice truck , my farther had an 1958 Chevrolet Apache with a napco 4×4 conversion stovebolt 6 4 speed step side 6 foot box , no p/s no p/b no radio one speed wipers and a heater , He made his own plow that ran a pump with a 6volt starter motor mounted on the floor in the center , when you used that to lift the plow the lights almost went out ,so he added another battery , if dad wanted the plow angled you got out pulled a pin and horsed the plow over , guess what a 13 year old was along for !

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  14. chad

    Marmon Herrington R the real deal: 1st of the 4WD – C the orig suv the woodie wagons they made…

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  15. Karl

    What a beautiful old pickup and the M&H addition is a WHOLE LOT OF HISTORY to go with this! M&H made a huge effort in going after Ford to get them to allow M&H to convert a good supply of new Ford’s to 4×4, an agreement was made and 23 Ford pickups were converted by M&H and when the agreement was ready to signed old Henry royally screwed M&H by stealing the technology and doing everything themselves!

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  16. Rick

    “old henry” was already dead by then.

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