1951 Packard Patrician 400: Lost Luxury


Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

When many of us think of Packards, it’s easy to quickly venture to images of brass-era luxury, of daunting vehicles that command six-figure prices and the respect of enthusiasts everywhere. Personally, I tend to overlook the fact that the company’s legacy extended beyond those glory years to include forlorn projects like this 1951 Patrician 400 here on eBay with no reserve.  Sadly, this car was parked years ago and hasn’t moved in decades, leaving it vulnerable to rust and overall deterioration. The Patrician 400 was actually considered an upmarket version of the more plebeian 200-series sedans, featuring an upscale interior and more liberal use of chrome trim. Sadly, this example is many years removed from its time as a handsome luxury vehicle – is it worthy of rescuing?

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  1. Ed P

    Sorry, this looks like a money pit.

  2. Mark E

    The Patrician was the top-of-the-line model, at least until the Caribbean came along. Also this is one of the last years that had the famous smooth-as-silk straight eight. It would be a beautiful car when done but it would definitely have to be a labor of love, even if the buyer did all the work themselves – this poor girl is pretty far gone…

  3. DON

    parts car at best, not worth fixing. :\

  4. redwagon


    the photo of the broken swan as a hood ornament is representative of the car and the company. all 3 have seen better days.

  5. Keith

    This thing isn’t worth restoring. To far gone. I have a 51 Patrician with 65,000miles on it., that runs and drives, I will sell for 800 Bucks (What I was offered for the engine and transmission). Its in St. James Mo. Wont be able to go back up to get it till end of summer though. Heres the photo album. https://www.facebook.com/keith.davis.1614/media_set?set=a.824924947577897.1073741845.100001811996571&type=1&l=00c9a655cb&hc_location=ufi

    • Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

      Keith, you should talk to Josh/Jesse about doing a feature if you’re serious about selling. Just FYI.

      • Keith

        Jeff, I have 5 Packards, a 49 Super 8, this Patrician, a 54 convertible, a 55 Patrician and a 56 Patrician. as well as a 62 Imperial Crown convertible, and a 67 Imperial Crown convertible. Will be “Thinning the heard” so I don’t have to drag them all to Florida. Attached a pic of the 49,55 and 56.

  6. Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

    I’m jealous for two reasons: one, of your collection, and two, of your move to FL. I am begging my wife to look for work down there and get the hell out of the northeast!


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