5-Window Survivor: 1952 Chevrolet 3100

When Chevrolet designed its various pickup trucks throughout the 50s and 60s, I doubt they had any inkling that the number and size of windows in the cab would determine their future worth. This 1952 Chevrolet 3100 pickup is a desirable five-window model, and it comes with a healthy dose of natural patina. That’s a good combination for a strong final number, so check it out here on eBay with bidding approaching $5K.

This particular truck will run, but it needs a starter at the moment. The body is heavily aged, with lots of surface rust and general wear-and-tear blossoming through. It looks tough, and like a work truck should, and I wouldn’t touch the paint if it were mine. The seller notes more serious rust in both cab corners and both front cowls.

The interior is nicely broken in, with a bench seat that looks to have been recovered. The seller notes the Chevy comes with a 4-speed manual and that it is in need of a total brake job. I could be seeing things, but it looks like the truck has been repainted, as it appears the ID plate in the door jamb is covered with green paint. It also appears the original tan paint is poking through.

With no reserve and a few days left in the auction, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this truck clear $5K. If you’re looking for a cheaper project, we have a similarly patina’d five window in the large Georgia collection, with no rust in the cab corners and a compete drivetrain installed. Check out the most recent post on the collection here and use the contact form at the bottom to find out more about this 3100 project.


  1. geomechs geomechs

    Very nice project! Looks like someone has swapped out the old Babbit-pounder and put in a 235 or even a 261. Either one is a good swap unless you’re like me and have a love for the 216s. I think someone has repainted the interior; it seems to me that the interior on all Chevy trucks was more of a pewter color. The exterior was obviously green but has been touched up a time or two. Yeah this truck could come to my place.

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  2. Jim W.

    Very nice 1952 Chevy pick up👍

  3. Ken

    I prefer the three-window cab myself. People say the extra windows give better visibility, and that may be true, but they’re just funny-looking to me.

    BTW, that is not “patina,” that’s rust. I just don’t get driving around in a rusty truck. I’d paint it ASAP.

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  4. Kenneth Carney

    Here Here! Ken I agree wholeheartedly. After sorting the mechanicals, I’d get rid of the surface rust and then go old school with a Rustoleum paint job and put her to work around my place. Of course, that’d be after I fixed that serious rust the owner talks about. Could use the interior the way it is for awhile ’till I got it covered. After all, restos are nice, but beaters are neater!

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  5. TimM

    Drive it!!! It’s worth every penny you put into her!!!

  6. Chevy Guy

    My dream truck is one of these (1949-53 3100) restored to factory spec.

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    • Ken

      Absolutely. Stock as a rock. If not a Chevy 3100, then a ‘47 – ‘49 GMC 100 with a shiny chrome grille.

      • Chevy Guy

        Yep. My uncle had a ’49 (I think, it may have been later year) GMC 100 with dull yellow paint and a chrome grill. Very cool truck. (It was original everything)

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  7. Ken

    I don’t think this is a ‘52. The doors have no vent windows, and the handles are pull-down instead of push-button. It appears to be pre-1951.

    • Keith ward

      It could be a 1950 titled as a 52 I know in New Jersey if you had a new vehicle on your lot that didn’t sell in the year it was made it was titled the year it was sold ..but I’ve never seen one that was 2
      Years .. but anything is possible ..

  8. Kev

    Might want to take a peek at the floorboards from underneath. Looks like some galvanized pop-rivet floorboards to me.

  9. Mountainwoodie

    The 5 window was even preferred waaay back in the early Seventies in the mountains of Colorado. If you said you had a 5 window you could actually see truck folks ear’s perk up. lol.

    Definitely had some interior paintbrushing. Unlike those that have weighed in, I think the condition of this is more problematic than first appears. But then all you need is not love…..but lots of money.

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