1952 Chevrolet Tin Woody Barn Find

Tucked away in a barn for the last 12 to 15 years, this sweet unrestored Chevrolet Tin Woody is a great start. Thankfully this Tin woody is not riddled with termites(no wood), and holds little in the way of rust or rot. Although this find looks to be completely original, there is a bit of power hidden under the hood. Check it out here on eBay out of Granbury, Texas. Thanks to Ikey for sharing this solid original submission!

Although there are no photos of the engine compartment, this Chevy was equipped with a 327 V8 many years ago. As of 5 years ago the engine was running, and the owner feels quite confident in the fact that the engine will run again. There is some minor drama, as the alternator has been removed, and the attaching bolts snapped upon removal. While there are a few broken windows, the seller is including new side windows, window guides, and fuzzy window trim to seal up this project. The original front seat was long gone and replaced with a non-original bench that the seller threw away. Despite the lacking front bench, the 2nd and 3rd row seat frames remain with this wagon. Looking past the broken windows and dust, I imagine the simplistic interior would clean up well enough, leaving a need for upholstery work.

Wearing what is thought to be original paint, this Chevrolet appears to be very original, and in solid shape. Obviously there is a thick coat of barn dust that resides on this Woody, but otherwise, this looks like quite a promising project. The seller has mentioned that there is some minor rot in the quarters, and that there is rust on the top of the rear door near the hinges. You can find some surface rust on the front passenger fender and on the tailgate as well. A solid cleaning would likely yield a great looking classic that could be revived into a great unrestored cruiser. With great looks, and a little bit of hot rod soul, would you take on this Tin Woody?


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  1. Miguel

    These is one of these where I am running and driving for almost exactly the same price. I am not sure if it supposed to have the wood on it or not. The one where I am is a ’49 model though.

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    • CJinSD

      I used to see one like that parked behind the Blue Parrot in Ocean Beach. Is that the one?

      Personally, I’m more interested in the Imperial in the background of the barnfind photos. I’m pretty sure the best way to get one is to buy a #2 car for less than the cost of rechroming though.

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      • Miguel

        I doubt it because this is an original Mexican car that is still in Mexico.

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    • Butchb

      And has the cool azz outside visor to boot!

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  2. Ken Carney

    Reminds me of the way my ’52 4-door
    looked when I bought it for $10 back in
    ’71. Mine was complete down to the
    Gray broadcloth interior. All Dad and I
    did was air up the tires, do a basic tune
    up, add fresh fuel, and drove it home! One of Dad’s friends followed us home in
    the “chase” car, and we used the E-brake
    to stop as the master cylinder was shot.
    As I recall, the only clean space on that car were the windows! Mom had a cow
    when we pulled into the driveway while
    she and some of her friends were having
    a yard sale. Now folks, my Mom is the most even tempered person God ever put
    on this earth, but when we pulled in the yard with my dirty old Chevy, she nearly blew a head gasket! And if you delete
    all the cursing she did, she didn’t really
    say a whole lot that about my latest
    purchase. Long story short, I got it cleaned up, driving right, and then I let my
    kid sister drive it to school til she spun a
    bearing in the original engine. I yanked
    it and dropped in a 230 6 cylinder out of a
    buddy’s trashed out Biscayne sedan and
    proceeded to log nearly 80K trouble free
    miles before selling it on in 1974 for $750. I saw it again in 1986 while gassing up our Pinto wagon. Turns out
    the kid driving my old Chevy was the younger brother of the man I sold it to!
    Still sounded good too as I watched him
    drive away. That’s what mine looked like
    though. Oh wait a minute, where’s the
    chick doo?!!!

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    • Jasper Riley

      Dad had a 4
      54 tin wood. Drove to work and used to hunt out of. Dropped a tie rod and bit a bridge. Z’ed the frame. I bought 54 210 2 good and scavengered parts.
      Dog slept in the wagon.

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    • Butchb

      Great story Ken.

    • Bob

      Good story Len. My first car was a 52 chev, 4door. Loved until bearings went out. You probably didn’t”spin” a bearing as they were babbit. I know cause my old man pulled too many shims out reducing tolerance and mine just disintegrated. Good times, good times.

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  3. canadainmarkseh Member

    This car looks like a sound project car to me, and from what I know much easier to find parts for then it counterparts in the Chrysler and ford camp. These early 50’ gm and ford cars pop up fairly regularly on this site compared to Chrysler products so I don’t think it is super rare. I personally like the dodge /Plymouth lineup of this era and I have to wonder if there are that many less of them then GM and Ford. If I was restoring this car I’d seek out some one that could paint the wood grain on the side rather then using a rap material. I think it’s kind of cool that the old babit pounder is gone and has a 327 sitting in it’s place. I’d upgrade the the brakes to discs so it could stop safely in modern traffic. Best of luck to the new owner I hope he doesn’t rat rod it.

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  4. Butchb

    I bought a rusty 1954 Chevy 4dr off an elderly couple who had it parked in the driveway at the trailer court back in the early 90’s. Got the brakes up and drove it in the Illinois winter and didn’t worry about a bit. Tons of fun for $750 bucks. Someone saw me at a gas station with it and had to have it so I sold it on the spot how much don’t remember.

  5. 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

    Just gave a niece’s son this ’53. Too far down the project list and really wanted to see someone fix it up. Bought it from a local farmer several years ago, was much nicer before his daughter’s boyfriend moved it with a bobcat, damaging all 4 corners. Factory paint, decent factory interior (very basic- cheap) but intact. Also very complete, I’ve had the engine turning over but brake pedal is like standing on a rock. I was thinking 327 4 speed and 15 x 6 Cragar S/S wheels. Hopefully with a little bit of a push and some help I’ll see him get it on the road.

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  6. TimM

    A station wagon for the ages!! Cool as hell and I bet it moves right along with that 327 in it!!! Great entry level hot rod and might be reasonably priced!! Get her running and driving and go smoke the tires off!!!

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