1954 Chevrolet 5-Window Pickup Barn Find!

According to the ad, this 1954 Chevrolet pickup spent the past 30 years in a barn. It is located in the town of Climax, Michigan which is just south of Battle Creek and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of only $1,500. Unfortunately, the truck doesn’t come with a title. If you are interested in the truck, hopefully, it isn’t too hard to get a replacement title in your state. The body looks like it will clean up pretty well and might make for a nice patina truck or could be repainted. Have a closer look.

This looks like the worst of the rust (at least from the photos provided in the ad). You can see the rear fender has either been riveted together at some point, or those are the remnants of slide hammer pins. Either way, when you combine the rust with the cracked and peeling paint, it will need a little TLC to look better.

The interior appears to be all original with the exception of a radio peeking out from under the dash. The seat appears to have been ravaged by some critters, but replacing upholstery is not too bid of a deal. I’ve always liked the gauge design on these trucks. The two-round gauges are nice and symmetrical and the gauge that houses the temperature, oil pressure, and fuel is a great design.

There’s no information in the ad about the straight-six and what condition it is in. You can see the plug wire for cylinder number one has been removed. I wonder if they were trying to get it to start and pulled the plug wire to see if there was a spark?

The 5-window design of these trucks makes for nice projects. Before the two cab-corner windows were added, there was quite a blind spot on these trucks. If you were building a mid-50s truck, what year and model would you start with? Let us know.

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Looks pretty solid. Wouldn’t bet on the engine being any good but still, if bought at a reasonable price you’d have something to build on without breaking the bank.

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  2. PatM Member

    I wish I still lived in Michigan. I would defiantly bid on this truck. The bicentennial license plate is pretty cool also.

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    • PatrickM

      Defiantly or definitely? Bid is up to $2,649.00. That exceeds my limit. I’ve always wanted a 5 window but, this one is out of my range for several reasons.

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  3. Vegaman Dan

    I’d love to find one of these with the 9 foot bed on them. I want my truck to WORK. And go with a modern drive train to keep it on the road for the long term.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Clearly a typo, I’m sure they mean $11,500 bucks,,,what? Why not, with all this foolishness today. I’ll tell you why not, the great folks of MIchigan have their heads screwed on right. Poor choice for a city name, but great folks. I hope to be a “Yooper” soon, although, I’ve found, Yoopers and Lower Mich. folks don’t exactly get along. If the author likes the gauge setup ( forgot “charge”) like 90% of all 50’s cars and trucks had the “2 pod” style. I wouldn’t underestimate the motor, which looks like a 235, if it’s not stuck, it should run. How well, is anyones guess, but a better 6 banger has never been made.( 300 Ford came close, tho) This is what classic trucks like this should be sold for, not $10 grand. Great find.

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    • sourpwr Member

      Yeah, we’re called Trolls in Lower Michigan. (we live under the bridge).

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    • Marty Parker

      Howard, not to downplay the 235 but if someone to run a poll on 6 cylinders of this era I’ll bet the 225 slant 6 would win hands down.

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    • Michael Acocks

      You’ll love being a Yooper. Then you can call those folks that live below the Mighty Mac trolls.

  5. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Reminds me of my dads 54. His was pale yellow, 235 with granny 4 speed. Sad end as my brother rolled it over an embankment at the local land fill.
    God bless America

  6. Tom

    If the Author of article ,looked at engine pic. Closer …
    The #1 plug and wire are there!. But IS disconnected from dist. Cap. Wich if checking for spark..wouldnt It be on the cap- but off the plug?.anyway..nice base for rebuild project..I’d replace the seat, clean up interior(patch floors if needed).refresh the engine(new plg. wires cap etc ., drain /flush,addfresh oil ,and same for radiator.
    As for exterior I’d strip paint off to what a close to bare metal core the rust issues ,patch if necc. And start over,in Metalick silver,with Gloss black fender sand running boards. New tires wheels. And drive often, not just (lot shows in town/ cars n coffee meets, etc).
    Currious how high bidding will get on him though.

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  7. Tom

    Typos ,sorry.
    Clear out interior paint black…
    New seat.
    Strip body to bare metal ,fix rust/Dents patch where neccisary.repaint ..silver metallic body ,gloss blk fenders..and drive often.

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  8. Dave

    I’d replace the seat, then the entire chassis and drivetrain. I don’t see any problems with it other than that.

  9. Phlathead Phil

    It appears the price has reached a ‘climax.’ 🤭

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