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1954 International Travelall Fire Truck!

One of the nicer things about older fire equipment is that you can pretty much guarantee that for the length of its “in service” life it received excellent care. This 1954 International Travelall fire vehicle has been in storage for many years and is now listed for sale here on craigslist in Groton, Massachusetts. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ikey H. for sending us this “hot” find! The asking price is $6,500.

I’m guessing this may be an “as acquired” picture of the Travelall as it’s shown on the ground in other pictures. We’re told it runs but is not roadworthy. The braking system is currently disassembled but some new components are included to hopefully get the truck stopping again. Although the body appears generally solid, the seller mentions some rust holes in the front passenger side floor and on the front panel around the turn signals (visible in the top picture).

Although the truck is currently in Massachusetts, it began its working life in Strasburg, Pennsylvania with the Strasburg Fire Company. My assumption would be that “No. 1” would be a fire chief vehicle, but I have no way to confirm that – except – the Strasburg Fire Company still exists! Not only that, but the cool intertwined “FSD” logo on the doors is still in use!

Established in 1933, the Strasburg Fire Department has an interesting history and it’s quite possible records exist of this truck. I know that would be one of the first contacts I’d make if I purchased this cool International. Imagine taking pictures of the truck in front of their old and current fire station!

I wasn’t able to determine exactly how many Travelalls were produced in 1954, but I did find this data that shows that 72,659 R110-chassis vehicles were produced from 1953 to 1955. However, the majority of those were pickup trucks. In any case, I can’t see there being many that are still wearing most of their original fire truck livery, can you? I love this find despite there being no pictures of the interior, underneath, or under the hood. Do you think it’s worth investigating further?


  1. Howard A Member

    What a super find, and an old fire truck is about the only place you’d find one. This was the 1st ( of 4 generations) of the Travelall, as Jamie mentioned. Not many were sold, just wasn’t a market for it. This undoubtedly has the standard offering, SD( Silver Diamond)220 in line OHV 6, about 100 hp. Not much could kill those, and this must have been a “transport” for fire fighters, with the seats. Great find, going to need some updating gear wise, but another of the “try and find another” group.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Classy trucks these were. Binder made a great people-mover in the form of its Travelall. Highly sought after all over the place. Got a customer in So Cal right now who is restoring one that was used as an ambulance. No powerhouse, but they’ll still cover lots of ground. As popular as those engines are, some parts, like bearings, are becoming difficult to find. Suppliers are talking about stirring up a a few batches though. You never know. Someone’s going to have a lot of fun with this.

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  3. BlondeUXB Member

    For sure rare doesn’t = valuable.
    However, low production, poor survival and the threat of utility makes commercial stuff some of my favorites…

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  4. geezerglide85

    Just aside note The “No.1” might be in reference to the dept. itself. Many towns in Pa. had (and still have) more than one fire dept. I believe Pa. has more volunteer fire depts. than any other state except Calif., although many have consolidated over the years.

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    • Chris Dieringer

      Same here in Mooresville, NC. @racecityusa . I work by station #3 .

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  5. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking vehicle.

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  6. Johnny

    Well someone is planning to make alot of money on this truck. That never put near the asking price in it. Its a nice old truck,but I,d drive it and use it. They were well made vehicles. Parts are getting harde to find for these trucks and that alone should bring the price down. For those interested in restoring them. Why is itwhen they have it. Its worth alot,but if you have it.Its not worth much?

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  7. chrlsful

    Strousburg is in farm country, Groton apples…Y would either have a truck like this for the fire dept? Itsa people carrier, no (7 +)? No big city in either place…

    The sim. rigs just sold were in hi country Cali & 4WD. Now that makes sense (crew in 1, truck/pumper/whatever was another). Doesn’t mean I don’t want it 8^ )

  8. Ted Packard

    The craigslist link goes to a deleted add in PA but the listing says Groton MA?

  9. charlie Member

    Keep in mind that urban fire trucks have few miles, but lots of hours, since they do not go far, but the engine runs at a fire, in pumpers, most often it powers the pump as well as the wheels, although some have two engines. Rural fire trucks, on the other hand, have lots of miles, and fewer hours on the engine since they get less use, but have to go further to an incident. Some have gages for engine hours as well as standard odometers. Almost all, whether urban or rural are well maintained. My department has a ’66 Binder with two engines, we are seeking to replace it, but it still does what it was intended to do at age 54.

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  10. newfieldscarnut


    It’s going back to Pennsylvania

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  11. 1-MAC

    Someone should approach the Strasburg FD about this. They might be interested in its restoration. Sometimes new people in their departments get interested in the older equipment

  12. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Cool survivor and worth the ask even as a plain jane Travellall in like condition.

  13. HC Member

    Damn what a nice find! I had a 1964 Travelall as a kid growing up on the farm. It was used as a transport to the fields in plant season. Lots of memories

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  14. Cliff Crabtree

    Front looks so like the Volvo PV 544, it’s uncanny….

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