1954 Packard: Big Block Hearse

1954 Packard Hearse

Whenever I see a big hearse, the last thing I think about is speed and fun, but this 1954 Packard hearse has had a big block V8 dropped in it. What car isn’t more fun with a big block? I just wonder if a standard big block has enough power to make this massive hearse fun enough to offset all the the work it will need. One thing is for sure, it would be a unique ride with an impressive sound! The seller doesn’t provide much information, but it looks complete and solid. I would want to inspect in person and make sure the engine is free. In the end, this would make for an interesting project that could haul you to the cemetery when the significant other can’t take having it in the driveway any longer! Be sure to take a closer look at it here on eBay in Pasadena, California.


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  1. Howard A Member

    Nothing says creepy like a hearse. Is the license plate a cruel joke? (DOA 692) Actually, the V-8 looks like a decent swap for this. The original flathead straight 8 weighed 1000 lbs, and delivered lack luster performance. This was the last year for this style, and for 1955 Packard had their own V-8, but had already began to fail as the end was near for Packard.

    • Brad

      Howard – that plate is probably pretty accurate – I could easily see this having hauled 700 bodies in its day :(

      I LOVE a 50s wagon – and especially a non Chevy / Ford version. But these high-roofed ambulances and hearses are a bridge too far, for me. I’d still like to own it, but would immediately change all that body language that hints at its previous life… and build it instead as a replica of the regular Packard wagon from of that time, also with Henney coachwork and probably a lot more rare!

  2. Doyler

    Wasn’t this the hearse from silence of the lambs????

  3. jim s

    interesting car but would need to know what was done to fit the bigblock in. who did the conversion to a hearse or did packard make their own? nice find

  4. sp8z

    What’s the deal with DOA 692? I can’t figure it out. I get the DOA part but what’s the significance of 692?

  5. junkman Member

    I’d like to see the right side of the car in the open. Quite a head turner just driving it as is. Very cool !!!

  6. Horse Radish

    What does the seller mean with ?
    “Please look carefully at the pictures as they are part of the description.”……?
    …….they ARE the description !, as NOTHING is said about the car.
    As for dead on arrival 6/92 that might be when this poor thing was parked.
    Not sure if the license plate is worth the $5900 asking price…….

  7. Mike d

    compared to some of the Packard Hearses I have seen on line, this one is a gem . the interior needs serious work We don’t know how the engine runs . It would def. need some TLC. as someone pointed out we don’t know how the engine was installed. good possibility this will need some work underside ( shocks, brakes, and the like) definetly put radials on it, would have shiny plain wheelcovers on it ( would be up for debate about chromies, but would be as unsuspecting as possible) No matter how much power it has, it still is a big, heavy old hearse ( maybe a Caddy powerplant?) but, with all of the above, and a shiny lusterous black paint job, it would be one classy ride! and, Doyler, I think you are thinking of the movie ” the hearse” if my memory is correct, the poster had a hearse like this one on it

  8. Tom

    My wife is so against it, but one of these with a custom interior would make a great luxury family wagon that would be different. Lanzar used to use hearses for its sound demo vehicles, so a young bass head would do well by a hearse too.

    • sp8z

      The suicide doors are great. Put in a rear seat and still have huge cargo space, a super family wagon.

  9. Tim

    Yes. Love it. And it’s a side loader. I have wanted a Hearse for years.

  10. steve

    I would take a hearse over an ambo any day. Less chace of paranormal activitity!

  11. Tony Bittle

    Hmmmm….as soon as I saw this, I flipped through my mental rolodex, to the 1980 movie “The Hearse”… This car bears a striking resemblance to the movie car, and being in California, and retrofitted with a big block, there always is a possibility. Grill is different, but knowing how movie cars are treated, could have been replaced later. Also could have been used in other shots not showing the front, as I am sure that they had at least a couple of cars for different purposes. I own a 1926 Henney Hearse and am always looking for other funeral cars in movies. Probably grasping at straws…but, who knows….

  12. Carlos Haslam

    Well the wife and I will update this post as soon as the restoration has begun. Bought her last week, on April Fool’s Day. Turns out she has a Pontiac 455 under the hood. It was installed by the previous owner in his driveway. Apparently he was the second owner and the liscence plate is coincidental to the car being a hearse. More interesting to me and the wife is the notion that our new baby was #13 off the production line in the final run of this style. The interior hasn’t been touched since 1954 and all the old velvet is just rotting off. We’ll probably reupholster in same velvet but a less vivid color.

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