Needs Finished: 1955 Chevrolet Nomad Project

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Completing another enthusiast’s unfinished project build can be daunting as a new owner grapples with the loose ends that seem almost inevitable. That is one reason why this 1955 Chevrolet Nomad could be somebody’s dream car. The seller has completed the complex and expensive work but leaves scope for the winning bidder to personalize this ride. The Nomad’s inherent desirability helps its cause, and although the bidding has been relatively subdued, time remains for the situation to change. The Nomad is listed here on eBay in Miami, Florida. Bidding sits below the reserve at $8,100.

It’s incredible the difference a single photo can make! The seller indicates they worked to return this Nomad to a rust-free state. They emphasize there is no Bondo anywhere, with the body sporting nothing but solid steel. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and the paint shines pretty well. A layer of dust makes it hard to appreciate the finish quality, but I suspect a wash and polish would provide a dramatic transformation. Although the color combination is unknown, it appears close to the factory’s Code 682 Cashmere Blue and India Ivory. I could be wrong because the light is deceptive. I can’t spot any glass problems, while the trim and chrome appear pretty respectable. The wheels aren’t original, but they could be the tip of the custom iceberg once the new owner completes their work.

This is the new environmentally friendly version of the ’55 Nomad that produces no emissions and uses no fuel. That is purely because it has no engine or transmission. While most bidders probably wouldn’t change the paint combination or interior, they can place their stamp on this classic below the skin. Locating a correct engine and transmission as part of a faithful build is possible, but there are too many alternatives to list in one article. A small-block would seem the likely candidate, and many builders have chosen that option. They sometimes back that V8 with a Hydramatic, although a manual transmission can be a popular choice. However, the restomod path is also beckoning, allowing the buyer to preserve the Nomad’s character with a more user-friendly drivetrain. With those thoughts in mind, reading your feedback on the subject will be fascinating.

While the buyer faces choices below this Nomad’s skin, they will become the owner of a vehicle with all-new interior trim. The upholstered surfaces wear Blue and White vinyl that complements the exterior. The lack of active service means there is no wear or physical damage. The painted surfaces are spotless, and the bright trim items sparkle beautifully. All that remains is for the buyer to install a few switches, and this interior should present in as-new condition.

Chevrolet’s Tri-Five range remains a staple of the classic car scene, with the Nomad seen as one of the most desirable variants. This one shows promise, making it surprising that it has received a mere thirteen bids. The photos reveal no potential nasty surprises, and the new owner could tailor its drivetrain configuration to suit their taste. They could select anything from mild to wild, potentially transforming this classic into a genuine muscle wagon. There is time for the bidding to intensify, but are you tempted to join the party?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Nice work, nice car. Don’t think the high reserve is going to fly though.

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  2. Mike

    I think the rear side emblem is backwards and should be closer to the taillight.

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  3. Rw

    The rear wheel wells are not nomad…

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  4. FasterAsteroid

    Needs finished? Finished what? Oh, needs to be finished! Sense needs made. English needs learned. Come on auto world, we can do this.

    Like 14
    • Michael Hoover

      Needs an engine and Transmission and some switches that would be finishing

      Like 3
  5. Steven Craig MacDonald

    Yes, please include a verb! Either “to be” or “finishing.” Bad grammar and fake patina are both all wrong on BarnFinds.

    Like 9
    • Rw

      Yes Ms.Landers.

      Like 13
  6. Don H

    Has station wagon rear quarter panels.need to be more round.

    Like 8
    • Bob

      The wheel opening on the quarter panels are wrong. It should be a complete opening to expose the entire wheel. 55 nomad only had this. The quarter panels are for a regular 55 sedan, hardtop, etc, ,

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  7. Mike

    “Needs finished” are 2 verbs used in a headline to grab a reader’s attention. Headlines don’t follow the rules about complete sentences.

    I think the phrase served its purpose.

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    • John Calabro

      Needs finished makes no sense. Needs were finished? What needs were finished?

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  8. Old Beach Guy

    As others have said, the quarter panels are not Nomad. Also there are no headlight eyebrows and pot metal side moldings. It may have started off as a Nomad, but it’s not one now.

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    • Robert Stevens

      I agree with you. I could see the incorrect items on this car: headlight eyebrows, front fender trim, quarter panels, missing exterior trim, interior that appears below Nomad level. I hate to say it but it just doesn’t feel right.

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  9. Rw

    Roof,doors and tailgate definitely make it a nomad just wrong rear quarters.

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  10. patrick

    He installed the wrong quarters? lol!

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  11. Joe Haska

    I am not a Nomad expert but the comments make sense to me. As I looked at the car it just seemed off. I wasn’t exactly sure why, after looking closely as many suggested the problems , I would pass.

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  12. Neal Jacobsen

    Not only that but the rear bumper hangs down like it isn’t put on correctly. Maybe just an adjustment though. I always wanted one of these when I was 16. Then I saw a ’65 GTO and a ’66 Chevelle both with 4 speeds and I was never the same after that. I still like the ’55s though.

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  13. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    No those are not Nomad wheel well openings. Only in ’55 those were large and showed the whole wheel. As far as the paint I’m in agreement with the writer. Based on the pics something seems off. The white it seems is more pure white than India white and the blue seems a shade darker that the Code 682 Cashmere Blue. That shouldn’t really matter just an observation. Again it could be the lighting. Maybe rolling it outside as to shut up a sceptic like me would help.. The interior looks great and it should look very nice when finish.

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  14. John Calabro

    “Needs finished” What means this?

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  15. Greg

    Needs finished ? How about starting over with the correct sheet metal, instead of piecing back together

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    • Chip

      Yea, I agree with others. This is more like a 1955 Chevrolet 210 Handyman 2-Door Station Wagon but, definitely not a Nomad.

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      • Rw

        It’s totally a nomad

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  16. CarbobMember

    Is this car presently in Miami or Columbia? Pick up or shipping from Miami doesn’t guarantee that the car is there now. I guess a call to the seller would be a good idea.

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  17. Kirk M Stankiewicz

    Beware of a chop job here- and that 57 Convertible listed today as well- tri fives are at the top of the torch and hammer scam – fake coupes from 4 doors- fake converitbles from no posts- fake nomads from wagons. Buyer beware!

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  18. Gee-jo

    It would look very good with a 460 and a ford 9″ rear end!!!!!?

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  19. Bryan D McDonald

    Buyer beware indeed on this one for the obvious reasons already stated plus if you are going to brag that your classic was built using no bondo, don’t include a picture of the car with bondo generously applied to it in the build process in your add.

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  20. Dal Vandiver

    Looking at the B-Pillars there are no screw holes for the stainless trim, would like to know measurement of height of front windshield looks a little tall, just measured my 55 nomad and windshield is 3/4 shorter than my 2-door 55 150 Handyman, Nomad takes hardtop/convertible windsheild, a good body man could graft a Nomad/Safari roof from a rust bucket and put it on a handyman. I am not saying this is the case w/blue car, but I would really like to look under the rear tailgate area to tail light section, that would be very informative, with respect, Arizona Dusty Dal

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  21. John

    I want to know how the body is straight as an arrow but hasn’t Bondo. That’s is an amazing statement. Also IMPOSSIBLE

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  22. Bob crawford

    Against all the experts of which I am not. I like it the way it is.

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  23. Lon kearl

    Can’t tell if it’s a true nomad or not maybe resto mod this can get pricey some nomads can sell for up to six figures you decide

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    • Randy

      The article is misleading. “Backed up by a hydramatic” should be “Powerglide 2 speed”.

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  24. Tony

    Nomads are rare and have their own unique look, they only made so many I hate to know how many have been crushed or rotted in the ground. I would like to see them all restored , just had to give my two cents.

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  25. Joe Haska

    Because of all the comments I took a second look at this car. I thought something was wrong at first, after looking again, I realized everything is wrong. It’s crazy whats been done to this 55 body. I would love to see it in person to see if I could figure out how they did it and why?

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