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1955 Chevy Nomad: 30 Years In The Barn

1957 Chevrolet Nomad

There is no doubt in my mind that the ’57 Chevy Nomad is one of the most recognizable American station wagon ever built, I would go as far as saying it is one of the most iconic cars of all time. The problem with being so iconic is that it has driven values up, it even drives up the prices of less desirable years. Take this 1955 Nomad, it has been in storage for nearly 30 years and is in need of a complete restoration, yet it is already bid up over $14k and is still climbing. Have a look at the auction here on eBay in Prince Frederick, Maryland. While it isn’t a ’57, I wouldn’t mind having a ’55 like this one. Would you make space for a 1955 Nomad in your garage?


  1. Dave Church

    Clearly by the bits and pieces I can see in this single picture, this is a 56 Nomad, which is a pretty righteous model year for Chevys as well. But miss labeling this as a 55 calls into question the car freakiness of the person(s) writing for Barn Finds.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      I thought you might be right Dave, but it looks like a ’55 to me. Search for photos of a 1955 Nomad and I think you will agree. The ’56 trim sits lower and doesn’t connect to the headlight ring.

      • Webby

        1955, from the smaller grille. The ’56 had a full with grill.

      • Mel

        Not sure about the Nomads, but my grannie’s ’56 wagon had the fuel inlet in the left rear tail light assembly. 1955’s were on the side (as in the picture).

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    • Danny

      “But miss labeling this as a 55 calls into question the car freakiness of the person(s) writing for Barn Finds”
      Guess your questioning yourself about now. There is NOTHING on this car that resembles a 1956 Chev.

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    • Jim

      I’m not a Chevy fan. But my brother a quite a few 55′, 56′ & 57 Chevy’s I can tell you just by the tail lights & the shape of the front fenders it is a 55′ Nomad. Looks petty dam nice too for sitting that long too. Even back in the 60’s & 70’s you didn’t really see too many of these. To see the cars we had back then & used to pick them up for $100. back then & what there getting today makes me wish I kept one of mine all these years!! : (

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    • The Walrus

      Definitely a ’55 with its ‘Ferrari Grille’. IMO, the most elegant front facia of the tri-5’s.

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    • Sean

      There is no question that this is a 55. The hood bird, the lack of trim around the bottom of the front of the front fenders and the smaller taillights clearly show it’s a 55.

    • Michael Ponsano

      1955, besides the grill, the taillights tell its a 55

    • Mel

      ’55 has the fuel filler door on the side…’56 in the tail light assy

  2. DT

    Where on eBay?

    • Alan (Michigan)

      eBay item # 271822887590

      This looks like it was someone’s work vehicle/toy, not that many years ago. Moroso valve covers, headers…. And what appears to be a funky 1/4″ steel plate behind the rear seat, in the hatch area.

      But the car is in relatively good condition, so it should bring the $$$.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for catching that! The link has been added.

  3. DT

    thanks, Josh

    • DT

      I mean Jesse,And of corse its a 1955

  4. Tirefriar

    ’55 is my favorite out of the tri 5 Chevys. It is a 55. I’d dust the headlamp opening mouldings and lead fill the holes to smooth out the front end. I also like the radiused rear wheel openings. This just too cool!

  5. GOPAR

    The ’55 Nomad was by far, in my opinion, the sportiest of them all because it had the open rear wheel radius in the rear quarters and also because of the chrome “eyebrows” over the headlights which extended into chrome spears which extended the length of the front fenders and into the doors. A beautiful car to restore! I notice the drivers door spear is missing. That piece may be a little hard to locate if it’s not included in the “trunk treasure”.

  6. redwagon

    just curious. i notice the right rear glass is tinted. is that factory, or factory with discoloration, or a replacement?

  7. rsd

    I would dispute your comment that the ’57 Nomad is the most iconic. None of the other Nomads compare in iconic-ness to the ’55!

    1957 Chevies in general are more iconic than ’55s, but with Nomads, the ’55 takes it.

    For what it’s worth, in the 1960s, next to a new GTO, the ’55 Chevy was the one everyone wanted, at my high school in California. The ’57 Chevy was what my friend’s mother drove!
    I think the ’57’s popularity has grown a lot in the past 20-30 years.


  8. cory

    The 55 is by far the coolest nomad. Unfortunately I was priced out of the market years ago, but I would love to have one

  9. rsd

    Mel is so right with the ’56 fuel inlet. Probably the coolest of any car, ever. You turn the little chrome piece and the whole tail light hinges out! Next time you see one at a car show ask them to show your kids how it works.

  10. Rancho Bella

    I’ll take a ’55 Nomad any day along with a ’55 Cameo pickup.

  11. James g

    This 55′ Nomad parked next to us at a Taco Bell a few weeks ago (not sure it’s sideways though)

    • Alan (Michigan)

      Jesse can fix the orientation of the photo?

      Still, I think I prefer the black….

  12. Ric Parrish

    Clearly a 55 taillight.

  13. Dan

    ’55-’57 Chevrolets in general have gone up to levels most low-buck hobbyists can’t afford. Even 4-door sedans or low end 150’s fetch unbelievable prices! When it’s a Nomad, hardtop, or convertible, forget it.

  14. pontiactivist

    I like it. Rough or not. As a matter fact I wouldfeel less guilty with a rough shell for my vision of this. Rough flat black beater with radiused wheel wells big fat tires with minimal tread chrome ladder bars no front bumper trim lower front fendets and pan between grill and bumper straight axle and a pissed off sounding motor with fenderwell headers. As a matter a fact make it a pontiac safari with my 488 stroker in it. Oh it would be nice to be rich. Lol

  15. pontiactivist

    There is a 57 nomad in a steel shed not far from my house. Has been indoors since the 80’s guy intends to restore it. I remember it from my school bus ride years ago. Was black with red and black interior. Really would like to see it get finished someday. But we all know how good intentions can be a cars biggest downfall.

  16. ron bales

    55 guys only 55 had head light eye brows and round rear wheel opens and chrome on front fenders and door and ill give 350 for the one molding on the left front fender

  17. tp

    it’s a 55. i had one

  18. Jack Quantrill

    I bought a ’57 Nomad in 1966 for $650. Had it for a year , and sold it for $750. Thought I really made out! Pale yellow with cream roof. Small V 8 with Harrison factory air. Oh well, if ida.

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  19. Robert Furman

    No doubt- it is a 1955.

    Note spears on doors and headlight eyebrows – all 1955 only

    Also note the radiused rear wheel wells another 1955 only

    In my humble opinion the 1955 is the more icinic.

    Did you know a Nomad cost more than a 1955 vette? – it in fact was the most expensive model in the Chevrolet 1955 line up.

    Beauty on wheels!!

  20. Jay

    No doubt a ‘55. Actually I believe the Vette was still cost more than a Nomad, but the Nomad was more than a convertible. I own a ‘57 Nomad, but it is a basket case. It will get done one day, but I have several other cars to do first, including my just purchased one owner ‘57 Cameo.

  21. YooperMike

    Yes, it is a 55.
    If I see another 57 Chevy I’m moving to Canada.

  22. Mike Hudson

    Definitely a ‘55 and it’s mine. I bought it from a guy in Maryland a few years ago. It’s now being restored. But a barn find? It looks more like it was stored in an open field. It came complete with a ground squirrel that spent time living in the engine bay and headliner. An accident at some time tweaked the frame in front. Both rear quarter panels are being replace due to extensive braising and Bondo. Both floor pans are rusted thru in multiple places, including patch panels that were pop riveted in. The 350 was seized and will be replaced with an LM4. The Muncie 4-speed with Hurst Competition Plus is gone and in its place will be a 4L60. It’s probably about a year and a half from completion.

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