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'56 Corvette

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The seller of this find claims it is an original survivor, but what’s with the hood? Listed here on craigslist and parked in Flora, Illinois is the seller’s father’s car, a 1956 Corvette with 85,125 miles on her and an asking price of $60K or best offer. The owner’s father has owned the car since 1971. In ’71 there were approximately 83K on the odometer and now it reads 85,125.

'56 Corvette engine

It’s a Polo White/Silver Cove car with the 265 V8 and dual 4bbl carburetors. According to the owner “it has never been apart (engine/trans etc) and never been in an accident.”

'56 Corvette intr

They that it was ordered with every option except the automatic transmission. Do you like the Venetian Red interior?

'56 Corvette seat

This was originally a Californian car, the 2nd owner lived in Chicago and owned the car for less then a month. The present owner’s father purchased the car in September of 1971 and must have put it in storage immediately after that.

'56 Corvette dash

This car has: power windows, windshield washers with the original bag, the Wonder Bar radio, an emergency brake warning light and full wheel covers.

'56 Corvette top

According to the owner the power top and hard top still have the original Plexiglas in them.

'56 Corvette rear

There are 24 detail images with the craigslist ad for you to study if you so desire. It has some flaws, but looks good overall. We are however a bit curious about why the hood appears to be a different color. What do you think happened to it?



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  1. RayT

    There are all kinds of reasons why the hood might have been replaced, many not suggesting any major problems with the rest of the car. I’m a bit surprised, however, that the paint wasn’t matched at some point. Perhaps some expert can say if that cream tan/white was a factory color. I just looked at an online reference (www.paintref.com) and see only Polo White. Nothing that looks like this.

    Lukewarm as I am about these early ‘Vettes, this one really gets to me. Appears to be in great condition, and cared for very well. If you can get comfortable in there (at 6’2″, I’ve found that I’m too tall for a C1), this appears to be a great cruiser! Given what some of these cars are fetching, this might even be a bargain.

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  2. Joe Gotts

    Maybe it had a small engine fire and the hood was replaced with an aftermarket one.

    It appears to be raw gel coat without any paint on it.


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    • RayT

      That was my guess. I could also imagine the original hood cracking if slammed shut with too much force. Neither event would have to hurt any surrounding components or panels.

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  3. Bob

    Something strange about this car. All 56 and 57 Corvettes had scoops on top of the front fenders which are missing on this car.

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    • Mike R

      Good eye. They can actually be removed, so perhaps someone felt the need along the way.

      Maybe it’s the darkness of the pics, but that does not appear to be Polo White either.

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  4. Joe Gotts

    No doubt in my mind the vette has been repainted, it is not very difficult to fill in the two 1/4 inch holes on each fender that were for the faux scoops.


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  5. Joe Gotts

    I just noticed this is advertised as a 1956 however the color combo is for a 1957!!!

    Does the seller even know what he has or is this a scam?


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  6. 64 bonneville

    Could the color be Adobe beige or Sahara Beige? I’m thinking that they were some of the color choices for Chevrolet in 56-57. glad to see the ignition shielding still in place, as often times it has a habit of “disappearing” over the course of time. Wish seller had included a photo of the Data Plate, so we could figure out the color. BTW would give my eye teeth for it, even though they come out at night.

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    • Mike R

      Only six Corvette color choices for ’56, and none close to that color, assuming the pics really are indicative of actual shade. It really looks closer to the ’62 fawn beige color.

      To find the original color on a C1, you really have to do some detective work, as it’s not listed with a trim plate. Sometimes looking in the trunk or behind other panels will yield it.

      Still worthwhile with the dual quads and options, but the color does hurt the value…

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  7. Chris

    Feels like about a $40-50k car to me.

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  8. ruxvette

    It looks like a late ’56 to me. However, the missing scoops are odd. The color in the photos is, perhaps, not indicative of the actual color…I think it is Polo White with metallic silver coves. The hood, obviously, is a different “shade” of white. The engine looks right…nine fin valve covers and all. If the underside is reasonably rust free, and it runs and drives, the asking price good.

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  9. DENIS

    Would be great to own…needs to get cheaper..

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  10. DRV

    Not polo white even if faded, and the hood and hardtop are whiter , with no scoops means a repaint. Also the rug is new and a polo white car would have a white dash with red trim and a white storage between the seats. It would be great if it was a ’56 because they are much more rare. Without a personal inspection anything a possible on these.

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  11. stillrunners

    yes I want a 56……interior is to clean to be a survivor….or is that just me…..

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  12. Woodie Man

    I love ’em original but whats up with the fake air scoops missing from the fenders? Maybe a different front clip? The three speed makes a big difference. Actually be more fun for me.

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  13. dogwater

    Small fixes and drive an American sports car know need in over thinking it

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    • Mark S

      I agree with the over thinking it. So what if the paint isn’t original or correct. If your tires wear out you change them, if brakes wear out you change them. So if your paint wears out what’s so terrible about changing it. If the front gets wrecked what’s so terrible about changing it, again I’ll say it we’re not likely to get rich with the old car hobby.

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      • patrol

        Survivor or not survivor that is the question. And the price

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  14. Rocco

    VERY nice.

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  15. Nxpress62

    Would the hardtop have been a different color? Maybe this was ordered without a hardtop and somewhere got a donor hardtop and hood from a white car?

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