1958 Willys Jeep FC-150: Nice 10-Footer


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Barn Finds reader Charles Hefner spotted this very nice survivor-grade ’58 Jeep Willys FC-150 here on eBay, and with only a day left and no bites on the $14,500 Buy-It-Now, I suspect it might be re-listed shortly. In fairness, I don’t think the price is too crazy, as this truck’s overall condition surprised me – it’s much closer to a survivor than a hastily-restored rig. Given these were workhorses long before they became collector items, I doubt too many have survived in this condition. The body may not be perfect, but the paint looks presentable and there’s no mention of rust – however, the truck’s Florida location makes it a question worth asking. The fresh interior is a bonus, but with 170 watchers and no takers yet, I wonder if the price is ahead of the market by a few grand.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. blindmarc

    Allot of flippers watching this one. One of the few FC-150’s you’ll see in this good of shape. I always liked these, but this seems to need a wiring harness to fix the multitude of the things that don’t work.

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  2. Metoo

    For what it is, it’s overpriced.

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    This is nice, but not that nice. I’d love to hear the story on this. They were terrible rusters, even in Florida, which leads me to believe this was restored at some point. More of a novelty than anything, as these were not much fun to drive ( at anything faster than 30 mph) Most of these saw plow duty up north, because of their tight turning radius, and most withered away and this model wasn’t very popular to begin with. I heard tailgates for these are extremely hard to find.The “FC” has an interesting history. It was designed by Brooks Stevens, after the cab over semi’s of the day. There’s a longer FC170, ( supposedly to accommodate the 272 Ford based V-8) a FC 170 DRW ( dual rear wheels), and a concept FC180 & a longer yet FC190 that was supposed to have a Ford V-8 and dual rear axles.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Hi Howard. Go back nearly 50 years and my music teacher’s husband had one of these. I don’t remember much about it but there were a couple of times she (my music teacher) had to drive me from her farm to ours because my folks had made arrangements. My teacher had no other vehicle except for the Jeep FC. It’s interesting how much memory can fail a person. Some years later, when I stupidly bought a Toyota pickup, I could actually recall a vehicle that had a worse heater than the Toyota, and it was the Jeep FC.

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  4. DENIS

    Odd, but I like it…but not anywhere close to those $$$$$…bet it gets re-listed at waaaaay less money.

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  5. jim s

    i think it still needs to much work for the BIN.

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  6. geomechs geomechsMember

    Looks like it just sold. Hope the new owner has a good time with it.

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    • jim s

      that is a surprise.

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  7. Craig B.

    Lately I’ve seen FC Jeep prices on the rise. I’ve been collecting them for many years and think it was overpriced but I guess it all what the market will bear. Glad that I’ve hoarded a few over the years. Maybe time to bring them out and see what I can get for a few to thin the herd out a bit!

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  8. William Burke

    I have a ’59 FC150 in pretty rough shape, but plan to do a frame-off restoration.
    That’s as soon as I finish my ’71 K-20. I am told that there are a few collectors in the PHX. area (I live in Prescott) that I might be able to tap for information.

    Right now I’m searching for information on the amount of oil to fill the rear differential. Anyone out there know that?



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