1959 Cadillac DeVille: Still Grand

1959 Cadillac DeVille

Some cars, even at their worst, are still beautiful. This ’59 Cadillac DeVille listed here on eBay with no reserve is one such car, as its gregarious fins and miles-long hood scream both opulence and excess. And when I think of this car, which left the road long ago and is still desired by enthusiasts today, I struggle to come up with a Cadillac in recent memory that would conjure up similar emotions should we discover it in a barn 50 years from now. Maybe the XLR roadster will generate some buzz, but that’s the lone exception in my eyes. While this example may need floors and almost everything else, it will be a showpiece when finished. So, anyone here want to tackle the restoration of a classic DeVille?


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  1. Jose

    Would make a great anchor for the USS Enterprise.

  2. Rich

    I thought it was the USS Enterprise!!

    • Mark E

      Maybe the CVN Enterprise, anyway… ^_^

  3. JW

    I remember as a kid my dad had a 59 / 61 / 62 caddies. They were cattle cruisers as I put it because I felt they should have long horns attached to the front of the hood. The one thing that stood out in my memory of these old caddies was the torpedo on the dash for putting the brights on or off for oncoming traffic. Ours never worked well. IMO the bidding is already too high on this car.

  4. RickyM

    Great cars. Would love to own one, even with the prohibitive fuel cost in England !

  5. Rancho Bella

    There are a couple of older guys that have a white two door 59 that bring it the Goodguys in Del Mar every year with cowboy hat in tow and blaring ZZ Top………..cracks me up
    And yes………these are an ultimate cool ride.

  6. Rex Kahrs Member

    This car is like the finale at a fireworks show. It sent off the 1950s with a flash so big and loud, and the fireworks never achieved that level of flash ever again. It’s awesome and I’d love to have one.

  7. Mark E

    Remarkable how public opinion/perception of these has changed since the early ’70s when I picked up a ’59 convertible for $80 and my poor parents were derided by the entire neighborhood as it sat in the driveway…

    Anyway, be aware this car is longer than some garages and also is LOTS of acreage to clean/repair/repaint. Heck, it’s even LOTS of area just to wash & wax!! ^_^

  8. Chris

    I always wonder what folks bidding on a car like this are planning to do with it. This one needs everything, and these caddy’s are super expensive to fix. Do you think it is parts car bidders?

    • jllgd

      Great input. I wonder about this myself.
      What would you do to it? How much dough would you throw at it?
      Would you restore it yourself to concours condition or have it done by professionals?
      I also would like to know who is the premier classic Cadillac restorer in the US?

      • Chris

        I’d definitely go all original. I would also pay someone to do it that specializes in these cars. It it was a 70 Chevelle I’d probably do it except for the motor and paint. I think it is hard to find all the right stuff for these cars and I bet you would have 70k in it when the dust settled. I love these cars but smart money buys them done.

  9. MH

    I would buy it and do a factory 100% original restoration. It would be beautiful and get lots of compliments as it would be the star of any car show in my opinion.

  10. Joe

    These are the days of the ” real caddys ” with style,comfort & class ! All of you with bad comments on them don’t realize what you’re saying….

    Like 1
  11. ClassicCarFan

    I have a soft spot for older Cadillacs though I must confess that I prefer the early-60s styling to the iconic 1959 fins. I think they got better looking once the fins started to “recede” again in 1960-61.

    There is something magnificent about these cars. They are so excessive, so unapologetically over-the-top that they are cool.

    The problem with this one – as others have already pointed out – is that the cost of restoring a car this size back to pristine condition, in terms of paint, interior and particularly all that Chrome – is going to be astronomical. That is what is keeping the bidding down (relatively speaking)

    Some would say that this is a good candidate for just sorting out the brakes and mechanicals, patching up the holes, cleaning it up as much as you can and just driving it in this rat-rod, er “patinated’ state! Personally, I think that a Cadillac like this really deserves to be fully restored to its lustrous paint and gleaming chrome glory… but it is going to have to be someone with more disposable income than me sponsoring it !

  12. Lion

    I had a white one just like this back in 1969 when I was young & single and had a bit of a death wish. Loved driving it to work and cruising at night. but couldn’t afford the constant, expensive repairs. The auto dimmer that JW mentioned was missing on mine and one night on the highway I hit the dimmer switch and every light on the car went out. Scary.

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