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Nice Upgrades: 1959 Chevrolet Apache Pickup

This 1959 Chevrolet Apache is a classic pickup that is loaded with custom touches. Its presentation is first-rate, and it is a classic that is guaranteed to grab plenty of attention wherever it goes. The owner has decided to part with the vehicle, so their loss could be your gain. It is located in Polk City, Florida, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. You can drive the Apache away for a BIN of $24,500.

The seller describes the condition of the Apache’s paint as being an easy 8/10. It presents well and is not a standard color for that model year. It features some subtle pinstriping, and this adds a classy touch to the exterior. The panels are beautifully straight, and rust does not appear to be an issue. Prone areas like the cab corners look clean, and the same is true of the Pickup’s underside. The bed has been fitted with new timber, and this appears to be perfect. It doesn’t look like anyone has been throwing stuff in the back recently. The trim and chrome hold a superb shine, with no signs of any pitting or damage. This theme continues with the glass, which appears to be free from cracks and defects. The Chevy rolls on a set of chromed steel wheels, and these add a touch of attitude to the vehicle.

The interior of the Stepside presents nearly as nicely as the exterior, and there are only a couple of minor issues. There is a small tear in the outer edge of the seat on the passenger side. This isn’t bad enough to warrant replacing the cover, and I think it could be satisfactorily addressed with a blind patch. The radio was sent out to be refurbished, but it has become “lost” in the mail. The buyer will need to source something appropriate to fill the hole in the dash. Otherwise, the painted surfaces look perfect, as does the upholstery and carpet.

The Apache’s gauge cluster is one of the interior highlights for me. The Dolphin gauges are modern but have a great “retro” look. These feature a digital odometer that is showing 5,400 miles. I would assume that this would indicate the accumulated mileage since the custom work was completed on the Pickup. These vehicles were never renowned for featuring piles of luxury appointments, so the inclusion of air conditioning should make cruising in this classic a pleasant experience.

The custom theme continues when we start looking under the hood of the Chevy. I’m pretty sure that the engine bay didn’t look like this when it was new, and I know that the ’59 Apache wasn’t available with a 350ci V8. This is where things become a little bit vague with the Stepside because we don’t receive any specifications for this engine. We know that it features headers and dual exhaust, but not a lot else. Similarly, the 350 is backed by an automatic transmission, but it isn’t clear what type this is. One welcome addition is the fitting of front disc brakes. There is no doubt that this classic would now go harder than it did when new, so it’s not a bad thing that it has improved stopping power. For the lack of hard information, there is still good news. The owner states that the Apache runs and drives perfectly. He openly encourages potential buyers to inspect it and to organize a test drive. When a seller does this, it indicates that he believes that there is nothing to hide. That has to inspire confidence for interested parties.

Classic pickups will always be highly sought, and that includes vehicles like this 1959 Apache Stepside. I love spotlessly restored original classics, but will always have respect for well-executed custom builds. That’s what this one would seem to represent. The owner’s open and candid attitude gives us cause to be optimistic about the vehicle’s condition, and I suspect that he will probably find a buyer pretty easily. Is this one that would tick the right boxes for you?


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Nice truck but can’t imagine why you’d put brown on something this good looking unless you painted trucks for UPS.

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    • Avatar photo bud lee

      This looks like the same colors on my 82 C10 .Everyone thinks it’s brown . I used to as well . It is actually Light Bronze Metallic . A guy seen it at the gas station once and described it perfectly , ” rootbeer ” . I don’t see any flake in that paint but , that’s my 2 cents . This truck is in such good condition , I wouldn’t care if it was pink and Johndeer green .

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    • Avatar photo Robert Eddins

      Stick with factory colors, this brown mutes out beautiful body 3D lines.

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  2. Avatar photo Stephen Miklos

    That’s a good looking pick up. I wouldn’t mine driving that around town. it’s also my favorite year. The year I was born! 😂 Put in a nice sound system and have fun. As for the paint I can understand if you work for UPS. It’s not that bad I seen worse colors. It’s old school setup. Why is it the nice vehicles are so far away!🤦

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    • Avatar photo Phlathead Phil 🚚🇺🇸

      No car is far away if you have an F-350 and an enclosed car trailer. And yes, I recommend enclosed to keep the parts pervs away while you are getting a good nights sleep in the motel on the way back!

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  3. Avatar photo Aboyandhisdog

    I LOVE the color – perfect for this period of truck. I could be wrong but did they have metallic paints back in ’59? I don’t think metallic would be right for a truck like this.

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  4. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil 🤖🇺🇸

    It’s a very nice truck, EXCEPT for the odd striping. Reminds me of my ‘55 small window short bed Chevy 3100.

    These trucks will always be around, and someday, some genius with an advanced mechanical talent will combine solar with high capacity and well, there you have it!

    You can dub in the high rev sound at the stoplight with a mocking bird sound system to make people think it runs on gas!

    Imagine that ‘ye Romulans of the days of future past!!!

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