1959 Morgan +4 With Promises

1959 Morgan Plus 4

This ’59 Morgan Plus 4 has been stored since 1982, but it looks like it has avoided the kind of damage and degradation that has happened to a lot of poorly stored cars that we’ve seen lately. It isn’t perfect but it looks like it’s all there, although it’s very dirty and will need a complete cleaning before you’d even want to sit in it. It does need attention beyond a simple cleaning pretty much everywhere, especially on the lower body panels, which show ominous signs of rust along the bottom. The amazing thing about the eBay auction for this Morgan is that it contains some remarkable promises, such as a full service, including brakes, and a “full detail and tires of your choice”. In fact it’s claimed that this Morgan “will be ready to tour upon delivery”….perhaps the Copperstate 1000 (mile) Rally? Who knows? But that’s the claim that’s being made. The question is – Do you buy the promises?

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  1. Matthew Tritt

    Hmmm. Yes. I suspect that the bidding will go waaaay up there on this one!

  2. David Frank david Member

    This could be a wonderful opportunity, but what do you suppose the chances are that the subframe wood is bad? The parts are available, and the subframe can be rebuilt, but it’s a lot of work.

  3. Matthew Tritt

    Worth it regardless. Even if some wood is bad, replacing it is straight forward and actually fun!

  4. Doug M. (West) Member

    I get what he is doing… but it is hard for the would-be buyer to visualize what he is really going to have with the old dusty pictures. As stated above, this may be worth enough that the bidding covers the unknowns anyway? I do love these Morgans, too! But as David stated, what happens when they get into it and see that it needs some heavier work??

  5. Matthew Tritt

    I think that, all things considered, anyone willing to save this car needs to have some intestinal fortitude and medium-deep pockets. Any halfway decent +4 will be quite valuable in the not so distant future and they’re a blast to drive. Better than putting your dough in mutual funds.

  6. jim s

    seller has 2 other interesting car on eday right now. on this listing it should be sold as is or after it is fixed up. ” proper bringing out ‘ means different things to different people. chances of having both a happy buyer and seller are impacted. but the seller does have a 100% feedback with ebay so maybe it will work out. i wonder why it was parked for all those years? great find

  7. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    Bid to $18,009 but did not meet the reserve.

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