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1959 Porsche 356: Butchered but Cheap


This just might be the way into a “cheap” Porsche 356 restoration project. Listed here on eBay with one bid for $200 and the reserve unmet, this 1959 Porsche 356 was long ago converted into a Speedster-look convertible, complete with the unique windshield, top and seats. While it’s unclear if any of those additions are OEM or merely replicas/aftermarket pieces of the genuine article, it’s safe to say this car’s provenance is not going to be a draw for the purist crowd. However, it might be a great candidate for an Outlaw conversion, especially if the bidding stays low. The engine is not a matching-numbers unit, but that’s almost an afterthought with all of the other modifications performed. How do you think it should be used?




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  2. Dolphin Member

    I’ll bet the guy who butcher….. I mean, ‘customized’ this car is crying in his beer about what the car would bring if original and in good condition……and the next owner after him….etc….etc

    OTOH this car looks good compared to the partial hulks of 356s that get listed for sale. It already has 3 bids after less than a day, so I’m sure it will sell for too much money and probably get restored. It doesn’t interest me, but it will probably interest somebody who has always wanted an outlaw but doesn’t want to start with a nice original car.

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  3. David C

    I’m pretty sure this is a car that I did some engine work on back in the 1970’s. At that time it didn’t have the top but this looks so similar. How many like this could there be anyway. All that said I would restore it. I know where there is a roof section available here in Ga.

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  4. Richard Prokopchuk

    $6000 now

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  5. kenzo

    I guess to each his own. It looks like a hack saw job done poorly. AND the bid is up to 10K

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  6. waynard

    How do I think it should be used? As a door stop.

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  7. Mark E

    What a mutt! Engine, wheels, seats, windshield all from different cars of different years. Unfortunate, in my opinion, that this is a P356, ’cause it’s going to go for WAY more than a rational person would spend. To me this car is in the same class as the Singer hot rod special that Barn Finds had awhile back and I wouldn’t spend much more than that for it but I’m sure I’d have as much fun driving it! ^_^

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  8. rd

    Make a good bbq!

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  9. Horse Radish

    I was going to say, that a decent roof could be found easily, but then I looked at the photos of the bottom of this car and there is really nothing (metal) to weld it to….
    probably has an inch thick of bondo held together by chicken wire ?

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  10. D. King

    You’ve heard the expression, “a sight for sore eyes?” This is what made my eyes sore. What a sad mess…

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  11. John S

    Hey why stop now?
    I would like to see the job completed with a set of tail fins off a ’50’s De Soto Firesweep.
    Create something Hunter S. Thompson would be proud of.

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