45 Years In Storage: 1960 Berkeley B95

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This is a 1960 Berkeley B95 and it’s in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, United Kingdom. It’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of just over £2,000 ($2,872) and four days left on the auction. These are unique cars, there’s no question about it.

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The seller says that this is a “bar find”! I could see maybe a pub find, since it’s the United Kingdom. Of course, that’s a typo; I’ve had my share of those. The B95 had a twin, the B105, but the B105 had 20% more hp. For a car that only weighs 402 kg (886 lb), that’s quite a bump in power!

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Berkeley was only around for a very short time, unfortunately; from 1956 to December of 1960, to be exact. There were 127 B95s and B105s made so to find one for sale, even in this somewhat dire-looking condition, is a treat. The grille is so unusual! It had to be enlarged for the Royal Enfield engine and it doesn’t exactly add to the aerodynamic look of the car, but I think it’s so unusual that it’s visually stunning, in a unique, good sort of way.

061716 Barn Finds - 1960 Berkeley B95 - 4

Soooooo, this is the only interior photo, and as you can see, wow. This is going to be quite a project. The seller says that this “car is all original and exactly as it was discovered after sitting for 45 years” Ok, now it makes sense. They also say that the “fibreglass body is in fair condition and just needs light attention in places but most interestingly the car comes with a detachable hard top.” It seems to come with quite a few of its parts, or are those spare parts? Unfortunately, the seats are missing so you’ll have to scour the car club websites to find spares.

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Here’s where the Royal Enfield, transverse-mounted, two-cylinder, air-cooled, four-stroke 692 cc engine goes. The seller says that the “previous owner had started to restore this beautiful little car, and the engine was fully rebuilt with all the receipts for the work done, As well as being bored out to a 709cc.”

061716 Barn Finds - 1960 Berkeley B95 - 6

And, here’s that engine. Do you want to hear what it sounds like? Check out this YouTube video of a restored car similar to the one for sale here. If you don’t think this is a cool, little car after seeing that, well, then watch this one about a gorgeous light-yellow restored car, also on YouTube! Now I think you can see why I like these cars. The B95 had 40 hp and the B105 had 50 hp. This was a light car, to say the least, so either of those horsepower ratings would be enough for a fairly spirited drive. This would be a fun restoration project, they sure are unique when they’re in nice condition. How would you restore this one, back to stock, or would you kick it up a notch?

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  1. Dave Wright

    Where did you find that exchange rate Scotty? Today’s euro is 1.13 to a dollar.

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    • Scotty GAuthor

      I used the British Pound, Dave, this car is in the UK. Today that £2,000 is the equivalent of $2,896.

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  2. Madbrit

    England still has the Pound Sterling. Pound to US dollar is around 1.45 today. Making it $2900.

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  3. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    These were liked as their tax status based on engine HP. There was one of these a town over and he rigged it up to be powered by a Kawasaki 1000 engine. Reinforcement was needed.
    Neat, especially with the bigger engine but strictly a summer car, I know of none with heaters.
    Never seen a coupe unless that is a detachable hardtop.

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  4. Old geezer

    It’s a motorcycle with 2 extra wheels.

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  5. Doug Towsley

    I had a friend, “Sir Eddy” or Sir Edward, real name Ed Bilton-Smith, He was from the UK but lived here in the US. He earned the nickname because we knew too many Eds, so they all got IDs that were creative. Sir Eddy was both English as well as a “Royal Pain in the A##” He had one of these cars and his was White with Blue Stripes. Dont know the original configuration of it, but When I knew him it had a Honda CB550 motor in it that had been rebuilt with a big bore kit, cams and other hop ups.

    I first saw it at the local “All British Field meet” here in Oregon and later got to know Eddy and we became friends (We both like English bikes as well, Nortons in particular) Eddy was a tool & die maker and a mechanical genius. He used to race motorcycles and was very successful. All of his machines he built were well done, maintained to a high standard and ALWAYS Fast!

    His Berkeley was a terror in local Slalom events and while a very large man, He would run away from the other cars in Slalom events,. Often while smoking his ciggys. He passed away a few years ago, without completing his Land Speed Record Norton project but the Berkeley is still owned by a family member and still “Goes like the Clappers!” Eddy was one of a kind, and will be missed.

    On this particular Berkeley for sale,. I am skeptical of the power claims for the Royal “Oilfield” power plant. But if they had any sense at all, a proper powertrain is in order.
    If this car is back in ‘Ol Blighty, then I know where a 961 can be sourced, but if it ends up in the US then contact me to purchase one of these motors. These are modern Norton 961 motors still new in the wrapping paper. Zero miles. Ill sell it with the complete EFI fuel system and a programmable Electronic Ignition as well as a stainless exhaust system.

    Will sound lovely with its throaty growls and snarl, especially on open megaphones 70 hp with room for more will get it on down the road. Yes, you too can be the next Sterling Moss, Phil Read or other racer of note.

    “A Gentleman does not motor about after dark!. Joseph Lucas”

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  6. Roger Owen

    Love these little cars! There was a 3 wheeler version too, and I’m pretty sure I remember the original power units to be 3 cylinder air cooled, 2 stroke, Excelsior engines?

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  7. Rich

    Hi there I own the b95 here in England the car is untouched since 1970 when the owner had the engine rebuilt and rebored to a 709cc new Pistons valves clutch and loads more I have all bills original log book and original dealers maintenance book that was given with the car when new however after completing the work in 1970. The engine was never put back in the car so has never been run. I have all the major bits for the car the fiberglass roof was factory fitted. When car was new Rare to see them. Thanks for your time. Cheers. Rich.

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  8. Anton Vigovskiy

    Berkeley B95 and B105 models were presented at the 1959 Geneva Motor Show. The main features is a new twin-cylinder Royal Enfield 692 cc four stroke engine. B95 had 41 hp Super Meteor engine, while B105 – 51 hp Constellation engine.

    At its launch, the B95 cost £659. About 178 B95 and B105 models were made in total, of which approximately 15 to 20 cars were sold to export markets. Production was ceased by 1960, cause funds were not available to make bank payments for the loan that had been funding this project.

    From here: http://smallcarsclub.com/catalog/berkeley/berkeley-b95-b105/

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