Sweet Survivor: 1960 Buick LeSabre Estate

We see a few classic station wagons coming across the desks here at Barn Finds, and these can range from the pretty tatty through to the really eye-popping. This 1960 Buick LeSabre definitely falls into the latter category, because it is a vehicle that would seem to be incredibly well preserved. The owner states that it is not a show car or a restoration, but a completely original survivor. If this is true, then that would seem to make it something pretty special. The LeSabre, which is now looking for a new home, is located in Herald, California. It has been listed for sale here on eBay, and while the bidding has raced to $18,600, the reserve hasn’t been met. If popularity can be measured by the number of people watching a listing, then the 169 individuals who are watching this one would seem to indicate that this is one desirable wagon.

It doesn’t seem to matter how you look at it, this is a pretty stunning looking wagon. The owner claims that the Pearl Fawn paint that graces the Buick’s flanks is original. If this is true, then it has survived exceptionally well. The owner is candid enough to admit that it isn’t perfect and that it does wear a few marks and chips. The most obvious of these are on the tailgate, but even those don’t look bad. As far as rust issues are concerned, there really doesn’t seem to be any. The panels all look clean and solid, and the owner makes no mention of any nasty surprises lurking under the LeSabre. The wagon wears a rather cool roof-rack, and as is the case with the rest of the exterior trim and chrome, it looks to be in extremely nice condition. Tinted glass would help things to stay pretty cool inside any car, and the EZ Eye factory tinted glass that is fitted to the Buick looks to be free of any significant chips, scratches, or blemishes.

For the 1960 model year, Buick offered potential LeSabre buyers a number of versions of their 364ci V8, and I believe that this one would be pumping out 250hp. Those ponies then find their way to the rear wheels via a 2-speed Turbine Drive transmission. Driving chores are made that bit easier by the inclusion of power steering and power brakes. At 4,830lbs, the LeSabre Wagon was not what would be considered to be a light car. Still, it was capable of producing a sub-20-second ¼ mile ET, which is pretty respectable for a family wagon that was capable of swallowing nine occupants. The owner states that the Buick has recently been fitted with all new tires, including the spare. He also says that the car runs and drives well.

Today’s car manufacturers, and the majority of the buying pubic, equate luxury with just how many toys and gadgets that they can stuff into any given model. For me, luxury is all about how a car makes you feel when you climb inside it. With that thought in mind, I can’t help but think that sitting inside this LeSabre would feel pretty luxurious, because it is an interior that makes today’s predominantly grey offerings look quite bland and boring. From the ribbed padding and splashes of chrome and aluminum on the dash, through to the tri-color upholstery on the seats and door trims, this is an interior that makes any trip feel like a special occasion. Once again, the interior trim is said to be original, and if this is true, then it has survived exceptionally well. With a rear-facing third row, this is a wagon that will seat eight people in comfort, or nine if the occupants of the third row are younger children. It is a sad fact of life that many of these family wagons see pretty hard service, and the interior tends to bear the brunt of feet on seats, dropped ice creams, and all sorts of other wear and tear. This usually exacts a high toll on upholstery and after a few years, they tend to look pretty tattered and tired. The interior of this LeSabre isn’t perfect, but the next owner won’t be inclined to hang their head in shame when the car is seen in public either. There are some marks on the kick panels, and the upholstery on the outer edges of the front seat are slightly stretched, but both of these issues should be easy to fix. The remaining upholstery, the carpet, and the headliner are all in fantastic condition. One of the interior’s coolest features is the “Mirrormatic” speedometer, which allows the speedometer display to be adjusted so that it was easy to read for any driver, regardless of their height. Apart from the cool upholstery, the LeSabre scores well with a power front seat, power rear window, an optional clock set into the dash, a radio, and air conditioning.

This 1960 LeSabre Estate Wagon is a pretty stunning looking vehicle, and if its condition is as good as the photos and the text of the listing would seem to suggest, then it is a pretty exceptional survivor. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the bidding head into the mid-to-high $20,000 bracket. It is like anything though, because if two or more people decide that they really must own this classic, it could push even higher. Regardless of what it finally sells for, someone will potentially be securing a really tidy classic wagon for themselves.


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  1. 370zpp 370zpp Member


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  2. matthew B steele

    I remember seeing one of these as a kid .forget all about them..cool.this kinda stuff is why i look at this site daily

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    • Ken Wittick

      That is exactly my point !Seeing 1992 Toyota truck s , not….

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  3. local_sheriff

    Stunning longroof, exactly how I like them. Such a beautiful color combo in and out that I like to think everyone living in Suburbia ordered back then. However, shouldn’t the roof rack be located at the back…?

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    • local_sheriff

      Now, it’s been 4 hours since it was feautured and I still can’t seem to get this LeSabre out of my head. This is one of those vehicles that truly makes an impression – ever since I saw it I’ve felt this urge for a chocolate milk shake or Sundae with chocolate sauce !

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    • Will Fox

      1959-60 GM wagons mounted the optional roof rack forward, instead of towards the rear. This is factory and correct.

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  4. Dennis House

    This is my dream car. The third row makes it exceptionally rare. Many of these old wagons don’t have the third row option which I think adversely affects their value.

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  5. F Again

    Some vehicles you want to see go for all the money. This is one of them.

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  6. Fred W

    Factory air in a 1960 non luxury car is really rare – nobody’s dad would spring for it. “Roll the back window down kid and enjoy the exhaust aroma!”

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  7. Bob C.

    There was something I always liked about this year. My next door neighbor had a black 59 sedan, but I like the 60s more.

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    • PatrickM

      I love both years.

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  8. Ken Cwrney

    Wished I had this car last night. We all
    could’ve ridden to the NXT event in Melbourne in style and comfort. I gotta
    day that even for a wagon, this car looks
    like a rocketship going down the road. I
    too recall seeing a lot of them as a kid in
    my hometown as well. Sadly though, I grew up in the Midwest where the tin worm is king and most all of them rusted
    away and were scrapped after giving up
    their drivelines for someone’s hot rod
    project. Today, you can’t fit six people
    into a modern SUV without feeling like
    a sardine packed into a can. We crammed
    that many into my sister in law’s ’09
    Mercury Mariner for the trip there with
    a few unpleasant results. Think I’ll
    show her this beauty and tell her that THIS is the car you need for a trip such as
    the one we made last night. But to me,
    it was worth it to see my 12 year old
    nephew having the time of his life cheering for his favorite wrestlers. Great
    find! Sure wish it were mine!

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  9. Howard A Member

    I agree with matthew, seems as a kid, at least one of your friends parents had a car like this. Since Caddy didn’t make a station wagon, you wanted a top of the line GM people mover, this was it. As a young motorhead, when riding in these I noticed, there was a distinct difference, there was no shifting, like grandpas Rambler. I read, the last year for the “Triple Turbine ” trans. Wagons are usually just sedans with a long roof, but it seemed these big GM wagons were a car all by themselves. Very nice.

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  10. Retired Stig

    This car looks like the result of a drinking game: A dozen Chrysler designers are sitting around with a blank sheet of paper. They take turns drawing a portion of the body, and after each bit is drawn, they take a shot of Tequila, and pass the paper on until the car is finished. What a mess!
    Which is why I really like it, just a great piece of ratcheted excess! What a terrific road trip ride.

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    • glen

      It’s a Buick.

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  11. Amos

    looks like the roof rack on the front was only 59 and 60. before and after those years it was on the rear.
    but by 61… https://www.wallpaperup.com/uploads/wallpapers/2013/10/24/164599/da19178be33a4ac5e35ffb55126227c6.jpg

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  12. GT

    Fins front and rear, swooping jet set wagon. Wow, time capsule indeed.

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  13. Pete Phillips

    Rare car, even when new.

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  14. Burger

    In about 1980, I found an Invicta Custom version of this wagon in a wrecking yard. Leather bucket interior and the 401 instead of the 364. It had a “longhorn” themed interior that I still don’t understand, complete with chromed longhorn emblems on the door panels. One of those cars that should have never been beaten to death and ended up in a wrecking yard.

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    • ACZ

      Buick used to do a custom for the King Ranch back in those days. I wonder if….

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    • Will Fox

      Burger, what you saw in that scrap yard was very likely one of the ULTRA RARE “Texan” packages Buick offered on the Invicta wagons!! Very seldom found anymore, a friend of mine in WI. owns one–loaded with nearly every option including two-tone paint! Too bad that car is no doubt long gone to the crusher by now.

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  15. FordGuy1972 Mike ROONEY Member

    A fantastic wagon in amazing original condition. The styling was a bit odd for the time but what a statement this car makes today! The color suits it well and the interior is a welcome relief compared to the dull offerings these days. Certainly a well-equipped car for the day, especially with the A/C and I’ll bet it would be a treat to drive. It wouldn’t surprise me to see this beauty bring $30k, maybe even more. I doubt you could find a better 60 year-old survivor wagon.

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  16. Matt R Member

    A huge upgrade for the Griswolds.

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  17. ICEMAN from Winnipeg

    THIS is the kind of vehicle I wish I could see more of at car shows. The usual Camaro/Mustang/Nova/Corvette/Duster routine is getting tedious.

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  18. ACZ

    ICEMAN from Winnipeg ??
    Oh, a Thrashers fan!

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      I think a hilarious Outdoor Winter Heritage Game would have the Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames wear their retro Atlanta Thrasher and Atlanta Flames uniforms !!

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      Funny that the Jets ECHL affiliate team is called the ICEMEN !!

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      • ACZ

        I’ve seen them play. The Gladiators beat them.

    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      Are you from Atlanta?

      • ACZ

        Yes sir!

    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      You should come on up to Winnipeg sometime and take in a Jets game or two. Make sure to bring warm clothes though !! The atmosphere at the perpetually sold out BELL MTS CENTRE is awesome. While here, also take in the Jets farm team game, the AHL Manitoba Moose, also out of the MTS Centre. And we have the WHL Winnipeg ICE playing out of the University of Manitoba. Hockey is a religion here, kind of like football in the American south.

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      • Burger

        Football is essentially fat men playing hockey in slow motion. Change a few elements, but the bottom line os SLOW and BORING ! Never have understood the Yankee thing for football OR the other kind of football (soccer) either, when hockey is an option.

        My, … this certainly is thread drift at its finest !

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg
  19. PatrickM

    Drool, slobber, slurp!! Would really love to have this one. If, and only if, I were to get it, I would definitely have to change/upgrade the brakes and maybe the transmission to one with overdrive. Would equal much better gas mileage. But, first, I would have to be in a position to bid on her. Wow! What a sweet looking machine. (He says whilst tears stream down his cheeks.)

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    • ACZ

      Who cares about fuel economy on a car like this. Those huge drum brakes are more than enough to stop this locomotive. The best thing is to keep it as original as possible and enjoy it.

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    • 409 Jim

      This is a precious one that you would have to leave alone. An overdrive transmission would mean major surgery as ’60 Buicks still have a torque tube (closed drive shaft.) What kind of person would want to mess up a museum piece like this?

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  20. glen

    Early wagons are so fine!

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  21. DRV

    I immediately want to use this daily around town. I know it would make my day more than once seeing it running around.

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  22. JOHN Member

    As stunning as this car is, the LeSabre is the bottom of the line, well entry level is probably a better description. Imagine the trim on the Electra 225! Everything about this is just awesome, the tri-tone interior, I forgot Buick had it, you frequently see Pontiacs with it. The dash design, the embossed LeSabre on the door panels, the little details are just so cool. The only thing I *might* do would be to put a set of Riviera rims on it with thinner whitewalls, but that would be only after driving the tires off this thing! Absolutely love it.

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  23. r s

    I love it.
    Buy it, put some 1960 Popular Science and TV Guides on the front seat along with a paper grocery bag of stuff you could have gotten in ’60, find an older neighborhood, and try and forget that it’s 2020.

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  24. r s

    Three weird things about this Buick:
    1. Starter works when you press down on the gas pedal, not by turning the key to ‘start’.
    2. Mirror reflects the speedometer so you can aim it for your proper height behind the wheel – not much of an issue for most people though.
    3. The clock just slides into its mount to the right of the speedo. You can remove the clock just by pulling and wiggling it a little bit

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  25. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Mar 08, 2020 , 11:21AM
    Winning bid:US $21,100.00
    [ 30 bids ]

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  26. Bob McK Member

    I have owned two 60 Buicks but have never seen a wagon before. What a rare find.

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    • Burger

      I have owned dozens of 58-60 Buicks and you are correct, when GM buyers wanted a wagon, they did not often go to the top of the heap and buy a Buick. This was a low production vehicle when new and most got used up and junked before they were 10 years old. If you think 60 is rare, try and find a 59 !

      I always wished GM kept the 57-58 hardtop wagon roof idea, or done a lighter pillar design, like Mopar 2-door wagons got through the fin era. It is the one clumsy/clunky design element of the 59-60 GM wagons.

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