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1960 Jaguar S-Type: Jag On A Bus

Jag On A Bus

As a frequent junkyarder, the above photo is a scene played out in scrap yards across America: put the valuable stuff up high so the parts-chasers can’t damage it. Of course, this does nothing to stymie the rust worm, as this 1960 Jaguar S-Type here on eBay reveals. But with an opening bid of $900 and no reserve in sight, I would think this example is worth its weight as a parts car and a good story as the old Jag that sat on top of a bus for over a decade! Given the seller’s location, I suspect this is a scrapyard I’ve visited with my brother once or twice; then again, I’ve lost count of the number of yard operators I’ve encountered who think they’re doing the world a favor by leaving a classic car exposed to snow and heat by stacking it up high. It does make one wonder, however, what happened in 1999 that the former owner decided to retire this red saloon to the local scrapheap instead of living its retirement years in the comfort of a warm garage. Here’s hoping this junkyard cat finds a forever driveway soon.


  1. Jim Sfetko

    Seller may be confused. That is not an S type. It is a Mk I 3.4 between 1955 and 1959.


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  2. Andrew Minney

    Jim beat me to it. Except I think it is a 2.4 possibly 1960.
    Bumpers are wrong for an S-Type as is body shape.
    Twickenham, England

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  3. Grant

    3.4 mk 1.

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Dad had a real S-Type in the early 70’s. I miss it. This one…that body’s going to take a lot of work.

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  5. delboy

    There was a jag MkI parked indoors in a scrap yard here in Hong Kong. It was under cover and park high up on a steel frame; obviously a keeper when retired, to keep people from stealing parts. Oh, dear, the entire underside was rusting away merrily and there probably wasn’t one square inch that didn’t need replaced. Haven’t visited it in years and chances are it would brake into pieces of brown flakes if anyone had attempted to remove it.

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    • Jeff Staff

      Delboy, we’d love to see pictures if you happen upon the location again and it’s still there!

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  6. roger

    Wow you guys are lucky to still have old junkyards.
    Our last old car junkyard (watts used parts) was sold and is now a scrapyard.
    Hundreds of old cars crushed.
    I do not know of another in South Carolina

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  7. david

    yes you are all wright

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  8. racer417

    Tell me why people don’t take advantage of posting all the pictures Ebay allows without an extra charge?

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  9. jim s

    is that a porsche or a jensen keeping the jag company? interesting find.

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  10. Bryan Cohn

    I’m surprised that there are no bids. At $900 this seems a prime candidate for purchase and repatriation to the UK for a full restoration/upgrade. Updated seats, A/C, suspension, modern 5 speed or automatic even, ABS, etc.

    With the cost to transport to the UK from the US around $2000-$3000 it seems like the right car for that type of restoration.

    It also should be an easy sell in the US except these cars are very under appreciated here. The MK series of Jags are some of my favorite’s.

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