1960 Porsche 356: What Makes It So Special?

1960 Porsche 356

At the risk of offending some folks out there, I’m going to say it. I just don’t get Porsche 356 prices! To me there are much more capable, much prettier cars available for far less money. Therefore, I’m really interested in seeing what this horrendous example sells for. It’s located in Largo, Florida, and is for sale here on eBay with a starting bid of $200 and no reserve. I think the seller describes it best by saying “very bad condition, no reserve, need it gone”.  It wasn’t that long ago when 356’s were actually affordable, and with a little pep and straight-forward maintenance, I could see the attraction. But lately it seems prices of 356’s have little to do with reality. And this one doesn’t even come with a title to allow someone to legally construct a “new” 356. So, I’m looking to you Barn Finds readers to give me the reasons why the 356 is so special, because I’m predicting this one will go for a lot more than I think it should…


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  1. Todd Sloan, Portland

    I own two 356’s in beautiful shape, love them, owned them a long time and …… i dont get at all, why they are so bloody expensive. The one pictured most likely will never be a whole car again, but the parts still clinging to life on that hulk are worth what the price of the car is right now. This will be a fun one to watch.

  2. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Unlike some of the other ones that have come up for sale, I like how this seller is a.) selling it for whatever he can get and b.) doesn’t treat it like God’s own fairy dust.

  3. viking

    This porsche is a 1963 model year. But a 4 door and 6 cylinder motor??? this seller does not know anything about porsches. this skeleton of a car is not worth much.

    • Nick

      Come on guys, this car is a T5 356 B. It has wide five wheels so it’s not a C and no fuel door means it’s not a T6 B. 1960 is a reasonable guess for this car. I admit the front lid looks to be square instead of round But it must just be damaged. Too bad the owner doesn’t know anything other than the year. It looks like a no-door to me.

      • Nick

        Ok I was wrong above. The car is a T6 B so probably a ’62. It has drum brakes so it’s not a C (’63, ’64) and it has two engine grills so it’s not an early (T5) B. Now I’ll shut up.

  4. John M

    From Florida huh… Was this 356 being used as an artificial reef for scuba divers?

  5. Jb

    Not a 1960. Looks to have a late B or C body

  6. Bobsmyuncle

    Funny with the prices of the early 911s at padded wall status, I think the 356 is starting to look sensible. At least they are a true “vintage” automobile.

  7. wespeed3

    yard art – already has moss growing everywhere. That front profile, staring down from a small hill… now I just need the land.

  8. erikj

    My god that thing is horde .Even has no title or a salvage.There is no value here that I see.Glad its not in my yard.Be fun to see how much it goes for.

  9. wespeed3

    yard art – it already has moss growing everywhere! That front profile staring down from a hill is perfect, just need some land now.

  10. francisco

    Give it a proper burial.

    • St.Ramone de V8


  11. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    How much is bragging rights in saying “I own a 356”? But on another subject, every car featured today is from Ebay, what happened to the cheap, cool barn finds on Craigslist?

  12. Tim H

    Perceived value VS real value.
    How do I feel when I sit in the car?
    How do I feel when my friends see me in the car?
    How do I feel when people I look down on see me in the car?
    Do people I admire drive cars like this?
    Do girls want to date me when they see me in a car like this?

    If it weren’t for all this silliness I would drive a Miata!
    Oh wait, I do drive a Miata.

  13. Horse Radish

    EVER SINCE I was interested in old cars, I thought these cars were nothing more than overpriced and gloryfied Volkswagens.
    Never could figure out at ANY time (back in the 80ies, and certainly not today) the prices these were fetching.

    It is obviously something that I cannot see.

  14. cal44

    I’ve owned these before…………now I don’t. Go down the freeway in one and it sounds like pistons are going to start shooting out. It is simply grading.

    They handle and for a four banger they can go well. But sitting in one with having the legs to right and not straight is not comfortable. Oddly I almost wish I hadn’t sold my last one in ’09. I know, this make no sense.

  15. The Walrus

    I don’t understand the comment about “this one doesn’t even come with a title to allow someone to legally construct a “new” 356”. In many states you couldn’t get a title for any car this old. Outside of California, most states didn’t adopt titling until the mid-late 60’s, and then only issued titles to cars that year or newer. In several New England states any car that is older than 10 (VT) or 15 (NH and ME) years old are not titled and titles are not and cannot be issued (I’m sure this is the case elsewhere in the country, but since I live in VT I know our laws and those of neighboring states). In these states older cars are traded on Bill of Sales only and proof of ownership is the registration. So, there are plenty of places a car like this could be sold, on a bill of sale, then be legally registered and licensed. http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/news/how-to-title-your-ride

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @The Walrus — I’m glad that’s true in some places :-) Where I’m from, while there is a way to get a title from just a bill of sale, it literally takes years and requires a large bond to be posted.

  16. VIKING

    The two front steel lined aluminum cooled brake drums is likely worth the price of the skeleton that’s left. This brake drums came on 1960 to 1963, 64 and 65 had disk brakes.I have owned four porsche’s, two 356a’s and a 1960 356b with a factory steel removable hard top, they are quite rare, and a 1963 super 90, that one was a nice car to drive fast in. I have owned and operated three porsche repair shops, and have 54 years experience working on them.

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