1960 Wolseley 15/60 Saloon: Farina Style

1960 Wolseley 15-60

This rare British sedan is rarely seen on this side of the pond. It’s located in Costa Mesa, California and is for sale here on eBay for a buy-it-now price of $3,800 but the seller is taking offers. I guess this is the day for unusual British saloons. My wife is thankful that they are 3,000 miles away from me! Unfortunately the owner has lost storage space for the vehicle which is requiring the sale. A lot of work has already been completed on the car. Thanks to Jim S for the tip!

1960 Wolseley 15-60 Interior

I don’t think the original wood on the dash would have been zebrawood, but I have to admit it’s very striking. The carpet looks nice and some mechanical fettling and re-chroming has already been completed Even the seats have been re-upholstered and there’s only one small spot of rust on one of the doors. Interested?


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  1. rusty

    hmmmm looks nice

    As he mentioned the Aussie Wolseley club has parts. I had one here in Aussie as I always had wanted the 24/80 the Aussie 6 cylinder version of this car.

    So i found a 15/60 years later that looked like a nice one owner car from the retiring one owner who was no longer able to drive..looked pretty good with paint polish thru from years of polishing/ Mechanically excellent as the gent was fastideous on that. But as it was located in an inner city old house, parked in a very tight carport with no room to dive underneath and no rego to pull it out onto the busy street.

    Nevertheless I purchased it as it was cheap. Alas when i got it home and finally lifted carpets it was totally gone. So they can cop rust pretty bad in floors even in sunny Australia if rubbers are gone. [being parked in a fairly open carport]

    Wanted to register it but now it was spare parts fodder, so its its new tyres went on to shod my Rover 100, my everyday car at the time and later its motor [a 1500 it should have been a 1620 being an Aussie car if i remember rightly think the pommies had the 1500?] went on to power my Wolseley 1500 which was my everyday car after the rover. etc etc.

    Lovely cars. beaut grille, good size for family…the 24/80 6 cylinder version in Aussie actually took on Holden and Ford and i reckon they gave both a good run for their money as the 2480 was everywhere when I was a child.

    nice to see one here.

  2. rusty

    interesting just noticed it has the 14″ wheels & tyres and the smaller hubcaps where my one had the 15″ wheels and and larger Farina type hubcaps..

    If buying parts from Australia remember to specify its an English body and make note of particulars [probably email photos]. We did get English ones here but we also made aussie versions too which differed. Unfortunately I dont know the differences as I only had one of these and am pretty sure my memory says it was an Aussie one..but i could be remembering wrong..

    So keep in mind there are differences when asking about parts. Hope that helps.

  3. Tirefriar

    Great job Jamie on sourcing this post. If I had the time and was on the lookout of something cool and unusual this would be a worthwhile project. A lot of heavy lifting done but as Rusty said, check for rust! im not a huge fan of British steel but one santa argue with the straiightforward mechanicals. BTW, dig that karazy accelerator. Wonder what is the cruising speed for these?

  4. Kevin

    Sadly you don’t see any over here in the UK either. These went the way of others on this platform, (Austin Cambridge, Morris Oxford et al), victims of banger racing & destruction derbies.

    • rusty

      thats a shame Kevin
      luckily here it wasnt these that were demo derbied but our homebred cars ended life far too frequently..

      Survival rate here of Wolseley Farina bodied cars is not too bad being they do surface for sale although they were never the collectors car here, so many were ignored in the mad restoration craze of the 80’s so they are not as common as other cars but a reasonable survival if you consider the 24/80 version which was far more plentiful. Only recently have they have achieved real interest.

      In 78 i wanted one as my first car and missed a registered one for $50 but settling on a Morris Minor instead. Somehow that Wolseley grille always appealed to me.

      Later in the 90’s i ended up with a fair few Wolseley 1500s instead driving one everyday at least a mix of Wolseley grille and morris Minor chassis with a 1500 motor..

  5. Robert P

    My 16/60 is happy cruising at 60-65 mph. Acceleration is another subject…there is none. But once you get there, it will (and mine has) cruise comfortably all day. Just a lot of fun. I’s a nice change from the LBC I have owned. (and still own; MGBGT, Sprite) Alas, mine is a rust bucket and will continue to be driven and enjoyed as-is. My go to for the local Cars and Coffee.

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