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1961 BMW 2600: Rare Parts Car

1961 BMW 2600

A few days ago, we featured a classic BMW 2600 that was a true barn find project with lots of potential. Unfortunately, this example of the same year is in much rougher condition and is listed here on eBay in the U.K., having been stuck in the garden by the owner in the early 1980s and remaining there ever since.


While I do think these cars are beautiful and particularly desirable for their V8 engine configurations, this example may be too far gone to rescue. The seller suggests it could be a restoration project, but finding spares will be tough. These cars set high standards for other luxury marques of the era, but they haven’t held their values to the point that rough examples like this car are feverishly restored as if they’re the latest Porsche 356 basketcase.


I can’t tell if that fender is suffering from accident damage, rust damage or both. Regardless, the sills are gone and the door skins will require replacement. Good luck finding spare fenders or doors, and keep your checking account full to repair that massive amount of corrosion inside the fender and behind the pedal box. Fortunately, the hubcaps look saveable!


It doesn’t get any better on the passenger side. Does anyone else feel the British have an affinity for driving cars into their gardens and letting them rot? As much as we may be fans of sticking old cars into barns, I feel most finds in the U.K. involve a garden, or a row of hedges, of some sort. Regardless of where this BMW 2600/501 slumbered for the past two decades, it’s a long road to recovery if someone out there plans to restore its distinctive bodywork.


  1. Donnie

    junk it

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  2. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    This car is history. Neat Webasto or German equivalent. Engine and drivetrain could make a nice special using a lot of the electrics, but the body is too far gone.

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  3. Mark S

    Like any other rust bucket this far gone use it for parts so another car can be restored.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    A ‘barn find’ that “has remained untouched in his garden since the early 1980s”.
    How does that work—-you know, the ‘barn find’ part?

    The drivetrain is definitely worth the current bid….if it’s there and isn’t toast by now. Unfortunately you need to take it on faith that it is there since there are no photos of it.

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  5. DJ

    Sad just sad. I was looking at the cars that spring up at the bottom of the auction. There’s a 79 728 listed down there. Says Fully Restored 20 years ago. LOL

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  6. Chris K

    Anyone else notice what ‘could’ be a BMW 700 Coupe in the background?

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    • john

      The car in the background is a Ford Capri, from early sixties, sadly that looks a mess as well.

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  7. Ed Williams

    This would be a great project for anyone wanting to learn and develop sheet metal fabrication skills granting there is an entire fully equipped metal shop available. I’m not joking either! The thought intrigues me even though I’m 82 and too old and somewhat handicapped.

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