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1961 Corvair Rampside Projet


If you wanted a Corvair back in the sixties, but needed more hauling capacity, you could have always bought a Corvair truck. The Loadside was the entry level truck, but there was also a special Rampside model available. This 1961 Corvair is one of those unique Rampsides and is listed for sale here on craigslist out of Gifford, Illonois with an asking price of $1,200. Thanks goes to facebook follower Tim M. for notifying us of this one.


The bed of Corvair pickup trucks had different levels because of the rear-mounted engine so hauling flat items can be harder, but the best aspect of the Rampside was the fold down ramp on the side which allowed items to be wheeled into place. This one does appear to be one of these rare ramp-equipped haulers.


This one supposedly ran when parked a few years ago, but we assume it is going to need a lot of work to get back on the road. We would probably go through all the systems first before worrying about any cosmetics. Then we would use it for yard work duties until we had saved up enough for a proper respray. Collectors love these Rampsides because of their unique design so the asking price for this project seems like a bargain to us. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Chevrolet via About


  1. Chris in WNCV

    this one will be a real money pit, but great fun for someone willing to spend it……..

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  2. gibbs connors

    there is one of these in the previous posting of the “corvair graveyard” and looks to be in better shape.

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  3. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’ve got to agree with gibbs. A person should buy the graveyard then have a look at this one.

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  4. stanibyStan

    Super cet utilitairre une bonne idée cette rampe latérale , rien n’aété retenu dans ce domaine pour le renouveler !

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    • Jesse

      Translation: Super utility that a good idea this side ramp, nothing AETE retained in this area to renew!

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  5. Dolphin Member

    These were an interesting way to generate a useful hauler and expand the model range of the Corvair platform at the same time, but I don’t remember ever seeing one on the road. When I tried to find a production figure I came across the fact that Jay Leno bought one for $600 and had it restored to perfection (Google ‘corvair rampside’).

    – Lots of work and $$ to bring this one back (it would be preferable to be Jay Leno if you want to do this)
    – How many spare body panels can there be left?
    – Short wheelbase would limit load capacity and give a very choppy ride

    – A unique vehicle that would put a smile on everyone’s face at every Show ‘N Shine you take it to

    PS: There were a few very cool custom race car haulers that were built on the same general design. Mercedes Benz built one in the 1950s, and there was another one built in the US around the time this Corvair appeared but I don’t remember the details. I think it appeared on the cover of Car and Driver way back when.

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    • SpyderMan

      The Loadside was the rare one as they made less than 3000 of them in 61-62. The Rampsides total prodution was just shy of 18,000 fro 61-64. There are still a tone of these around if you look. As for parts and panel replacement most sheet metal is shared with the van and Greenbrier of witch they made over 106,000 from 61-65.

      I had a 62 Rampside and a 64 Greenbrier van, both were a tone of fun to drive, super practical and got lots of looks and thumbs ups.

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  6. Catfish Phil

    Saw a restored ramp side Corvair at the Luckenback, TX car show last summer… it was amazing to see, and perfect in every way. Not far from me is a Corvair van in a state of advanced decomposition that still has a faint sign on the sides advertising WAFB_TV, Baton Rouge. Makes a great prop for photography but totally gone. And like others, I cannot recall ever seeing one on the road…

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  7. rancho bella

    The rampside was so clever. I was around then………it works. Ohhh’ the wasted money it would take on this…..but, if you kept it…….that is a different story.
    Just be prepared to manage the Corvair…………not for a guy with a short fuse…..

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  8. paul

    Very popular, & the value seems to be going up, this one looks like it could make for a good parts car.

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    • paul

      No rust through? What about the dog leg on the left front quarter??

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  9. DC Refugee

    CL post has been removed…

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  10. shawnmcgill

    The guy must have found a buyer, or had a change of heart about selling it… The ad was deleted.

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    • Steve T

      Yes, decided to keep the truck,,,,,not as much work needed as originally thought… I had knee surgery and was not sure I was going to be able to do all the work,this will not be a complete frame off restoration…just want it running and then later on paint job to enjoy on Sunday afternoon drive.i will post pics when done.

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  11. Dave Helmer

    It will never be a complete frame off restoration… it’s a unibody :-)

    Love my ’61 Rampside. For GREAT information, check out Clark’s Corvair Parts website, for the complete restoration of owner Cal Clark’s Rampside. It is well documented there, and also in Hemmings Classic magazine, with a 2 part feature.

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