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1961 Mercedes… Eh Monster Truck?

1961 Mercedes Monster Truck

For the past few weeks, Jesse has been on the hunt for a more practical and spacious daily driver. He’s been looking for something that can haul tons of stuff and a car seat. He’s talked about Volvo and Mercedes wagons and while both can be great cars, I keep telling him he needs something more unique, but still dependable for the coming winter. Well I think I’ve found him the perfect winter beater for hauling junk, heck it could even be used to pull our own finds out of barns. This 1961 Mercedes was converted into what can best be described as a luxury monster truck. Its chassis was borrowed from a 1978 Chevy Blazer 4×4, so it shouldn’t have any problems getting around this winter! Take a look at this monster Mercedes here on eBay out of Hardy, Arkansas.

Meredes 220s 4x4

While this might be a hilarious sight and possibly even a great winter beater, it seems like a bit of a waste of a Mercedes 220s. Of course I see the irony of a jacked up Mercedes and I appreciate the work that goes into building a machine like this, I just hate seeing a fintail modified to this extent. Speaking of modifications, the seller doesn’t give the exact details of how they built it, but I would assume the work done can’t easily be reversed. They didn’t provide any photos of the underside, the interior, or the engine bay, but they are willing to provide more photos to interested parties. It is currently powered by a 350 cui V8 and with 35″ tires, it is going to need as much power as possible to turn those big wheels. So what do you guys think, should Jesse get a plan old wagon or this beefed up Mercedes 4×4?


  1. Don Sicura

    Some people just have too much time & money!

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    • that'smycar

      Nope! Not true. Was given the Mercedes body and had rolled my Chevy

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  2. Andrew Minney

    Leave it and walk away!!

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  3. SoCal Car Guy

    Looks like a finalist for the 2015 Spring Redneck Roundup…

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  4. Dolphin Member

    The upside:
    – cheap to buy, probably below the seller’s starting bid price
    – unique
    – will haul a limited amount of stuff, or more if you don’t care how the rear seats end up looking, or whether they are in there at all
    – has pulled things “out of mud snow and the river”
    – low cost Chevy drivetrain / chassis parts

    The downside:
    – seller’s claim that it “doesn’t require turn signals or safety belts or any of that when registering” likely means that it needs turn signals and safety belts—-if you want to stay out of court and survive owning it
    – likely can be registered only in a jurisdiction that doesn’t require safety inspections or actually seeing the vehicle that’s being registered
    – won’t haul nearly as much stuff as safely and economically as a decent diesel pickup

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    • Nosleepatall

      Old enough to go Collector car status. No inspection in my state if you do.

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      • that'smycar

        Right you are! The title states that the car is a 1961 Mercedes.

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  5. Nosleepatall

    Wanted to do that to both of my Diesel Benzes when the engines blew up. Matter of fact was going to do that to a 1990 Corvette Convertible that I have that’s got no engine or trans. Never see C4 Vettes done up 4×4 but decided just to sell it off for someone that needs a parts car or something?

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  6. Mark E

    It’s my experience, as a native of Minnesota, that when the weather turns cold and the roads get slippery, the modified 4x4s with huge tires disappear till spring. My only guess is that with the increased surface area of the tires that there’s less traction and they must not handle very well. It would make a great summer rat-rod to enter in carshows for the ‘people’s favorite’ trophy though… ^_^

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    • Mike

      Those big mud tires and just fat and when it comes to snow, they’ll just float on top. They do ok for the loose stuff, but the tall skinny tires are what bite down through the snow and get you where you need to go. As for the ice part, well common sense tells you NOTHING stops on ice unless you’re running studded tires and even then it’s like a loaded freight train trying to stop.

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  7. mtshootist1

    I remember seeing one of these all jacked up in Northwestern Montana about twenty years ago. Exact same style of Mercedes early sixties type with a big four wheel set up. Wonder if it made its way to Arkansas… There were plenty of hillbillies in both places.

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  8. Charles

    There is an 80 Mercedes convertable done up like this that shows up in Pigeon Forge TN sometimes. it also sits on a Chevy truck or Blazer chassis. The chassis/engine sports lots of chrome and other flashly do-dads. The body and interior on this car is very nice and clean. The craftsmanship is excellent. Everytime I see it, the same question pops into my head. Why?, or WTF?

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  9. jim s

    some things are just wrong and this is one of them.

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  10. Sam Kay

    I love this idea. We get about 120″ of snow here a year. I’ve had 3 vintage Merc’s as daily drivers. This would satisfy my love of MB sedans and getting around in the winter. Plus it’s the funniest lift I’ve ever seen. Why, because people should look at you and say, “Yup there goes that weirdo.”

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  11. Don Andreina


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    • Richard V

      Yes, 240 Turbo wagon. 230k miles plus and still on the road.

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  12. William Henshaw

    Excellent! I’ve seen quite a few of these monstrosities over the years, some are done up very nice and others are true beaters. As for this one? It’s a great combo, easy to repair Chevy mechanicals and a big roomy MB sedan body at a reasonable price. Makes me want to dig out the rifle and go deer hunting. Yahooo.

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  13. Barry

    I wonder if it comes with a step ladder so you can get inside?

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  14. RayT Member

    When I lived in a small Southern California town, one of the locals had a Datsun 240Z plopped on a Blazer 4×4 chassis. The Z-car appeared to be in excellent shape, and when I wasn’t laughing at the absurdity of the thing I had to wonder why a perfectly good Z was sacrificed.

    On the other hand, I worked with a guy who wanted to do the same with a bustle-back Cadillac Seville. I encouraged him but, alas, it never happened.

    There is, however, a huge difference between looking at one of these mish-mashes and actually owning one. I’d say “don’t go there.”

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  15. thefatkid

    Upstate New York say “YEEHAW it’s time for a Beer Run Jesse!”
    Plus that sucker has flames!

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  16. Edward

    Looks like a reject from the old “Red Green Show”.

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  17. pauline

    just wrong

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  18. Alan (Michigan)

    Does it come with drop-down ladders for entry/exit? Not sure the little toe pocket below the running board would be enough to let me get up into the thing!

    LOL.. Barry’s comment did not show up until I had already posted this. Oh well, +1 !

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  19. DT

    Ive seen this truck for sale before,I think in California. Ive had Blazers,Ive had 220s’s,but Ive never had a 220s Blazer,My opinion is try it. I think its ,at least ,a good start. Turnlights,thats easy,seatbelts,not that hard. In California, it wouldnt need seatbelts. The Chevy parts are dependable,easy to fix. Id take the chance

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  20. Brian

    As much as some hate the thought, I’ve become a bit of a fan of the notion of dropping common engines and drivetrains into certain models of eurolux cars that have proven to have underwhelming value potential, such as solid but ragged out 1980’s Benz and Jag cars with too many doors, to created a cheap-to-fix, cheap-to-buy daily driver. Having said that, I believe the 4WD frame is pushing things abit too far! Even tasteless cheapskates like me have to draw the line somewhere!

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  21. ConservativesDefeated

    Buy it Jesse

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Well, luckily I just bought something else. We will announce it soon!

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  22. Elizabeth

    Why I never…..
    *grabs step ladder*
    Honey, were going to Arkansas!

    I absolutely love this site!
    It is a wacky, beautiful world out there!

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  23. krash

    ….can’t wait to have this valeted at the local yup-scale snob-staurant….

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  24. that'smycar

    First, thanks to Ricky at Governor Motors in Jefferson City MO (a great place to shop for sweet finds and top of the line sheds too!) for the “heads up” about this (“it’s like my porn site for cars” …joking just joking) great site!

    Ricky ,of Governor Motors 2350 Missouri Blvd.between Big O Tires and Bandana’s in Jefferson City (not County) MO,told me that is how (BarnFinds,com)he found my car and it looks as if I am going to be doing a lot of typing to reply to the many comments posted.

    My replies will answer all questions, respond to opinions about the specifics of the car including history, condition, ability and legal stance in regard to titling aspects.

    I will also enlighten a few commenters about how wrong their backward assumptions are in regard to “rednecks and “hillbillies”. Of those replies, I look most forward to indeed!

    I will begin the pleasant yet, arduous task of replying to each and every comment within the hour.
    For now, I remain “that’s my car”
    Russell Huntsman

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  25. Jason

    Was absolutely not surprised to learn this monstrosity was in Arkansas.

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  26. George

    Just saw this. Too much ice in winter around here for it. It would really freak out the jeep people on trail rides!

    Seatbelts were not federally mandated until the 1964 model year.

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    • Ray Thompson

      you don’t comment which country you are discussing for mandatory seat belt install.

      Here in the US, seat belts had to be installed beginning 1968.

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