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1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce Project

1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce Project

I owned an Alfa once – a ’73 GTV to be exact. I really liked that car. It had a 5-speed, disc brakes, and a twin-cam engine. Wow, that spec list almost makes it sound modern, doesn’t it? I would still have kept it, but honestly the finicky mechanical fuel injection and slowly enlarging rust bubbles scared me off. I sold it for a song and moved on to better, er… different things! Still, I appreciate those old Alfas because I know they drive and handle much better than their age would lead you to believe. Just take a look at this Spider here on eBay. The Florida location would make me nervous, but I know there are many people out there who know the same thing I do and one of them will save this car.


  1. Howard A Member

    30g’s? Wow. Wait until I tell my brother. In the early ’70’s, my brother got a ’63 just like this ( and a very tired TR-4) for $500. He sold the Triumph for $200 and drove the Alfa for a few months. It was a very cool car, (except the cable driven tachometer was useless) and that motor really howled. It blew #3 spark plug out of the hole, and we took it apart, and must have had the timing chain 1 tooth off, because it never ran the same after that ( heard cam timing is critical, but we were just kids) He ended up trading it for a 1958 A-H 100-6 and $500. Those were the days.

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  2. RayT Member

    Current high bid is over $30K? Either the Alfisti are crazier than I thought, or this car has some secret attribute I know nothing about.

    My experience tells me ANY Spider is a “project car,” even if freshly restored and fully roadworthy. Something always needs repair, adjustment or replacement. If these weren’t such lovely drivers, they wouldn’t be worth the effort. At the price, I don’t think this one is worth it.

    Much, much nicer than a rusty 356, though!

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    • Al8apex

      over $30k AND “reserve not met” too …

      Really? smh

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      • Brakeservo

        I’m convinced that most of the bids are by shills when you see that “Reserve Not Met” monkey business combined with high bids.

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    • Axel Caravias

      It is a Veloce, hence the price

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  3. Kevin Harper

    Yes over 30k and the 105 guys wonder why there cars haven’t taken off. The 750/101 guys are following the 356 guys up into the stratosphere. I have mixed feelings on the high prices in the one hand I can not justify paying the price for one but on the other hand I work on these and the owners are more willing to pay reasonable amounts to have them fixed.
    These are neat cars ,but not without problems. The brakes when operating are pretty good, but working on them and bleeding them is a PITA. Rust of course is the biggest problem and it is a constant battle. Oh and parts are pricey compared to the 105/115.
    Or you could buy a duetto with the same basic drive train but better brakes for 20k or a 71-74 for 10

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  4. Dolphin Member

    These are still cheaper than a 356, with a lot less rust than many 356s that have appeared here recently, so cheaper to restore, and with way better driving dynamics. They sound better, too.

    For something European, vintage and open, that will keep on appreciating, it’s not too surprising this is bid to over $30K so far.

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  5. Dan h

    It’s Italian and it’s on the east coast,better look under those floor pads!!!

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  6. Charles

    I’m amazed! I have a 1963 Guilia Normale in superb condition as well as a 1965 356C in superb condition as well. The Guilia is a gray with red interior, top is made of black cloth and the 356 has been in my stable for 44 years and it was always stored in a garage and both are in drivable, instant start condition. Never had I thought of them as high priced desirable cars, more like drivers and now I’m proven wrong. Also in the stable is a 1934 Singer LM which I have had for 45 years and starts instantly, really cute but is no match for an altercation with a SUV, so it doesn’t get driven much and lastly a newly restored, near pristine 1971 VW. There is a lot of potential dough in my garage as it turns out… Is this a bubble, I hope not, but if anyone wanted to make a sweet offer I’d entertain an empty garage for a while.

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  7. Axel Caravias

    Main issue with them would be rust in rocker panels. There is an outer, inner and middle rocker panel welded together. They rust pretty bad specially on the A pillar and on the rear edge. The rest of the car is pretty easy to diy.
    Commands top dollar for being a Veloce instead of a Normale. 3 hours away from me, but already have 5 Alfas.
    If anyone needs ppi let me know.

    Axel Caravias

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  8. Tom Hall

    “Axel Caravias”…….now that’s good!

    When does the bubble burst? Remember, oil was well over $100 not so long ago……..

    In a way, I’m glad my old 924 Turbo still isn’t worth anything. That way, I won’t be disappointed when the bubble does burst

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    • Axel Caravias

      Oh Tom, I wish I have that crystal ball….
      I got a lot of my cars when they were affordable, but I still have some of my bucket list that went waaay to high. Being the 3 top a 77 gtb, a 86 930 and an E type series 1 with turned center console and dash.
      I have no way of telling if this is a bubble or not but certainly is the market tune wether we like or not.

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