1962 Corvair Monza Wagon Barn Find


This 1962 Corvair Monza wagon has been stored in a barn for the past 25 years. The seller claims that it ran when parked and that the only rust is a small hole in the floor. If that is true, then this well-optioned wagon may be the one to get. Clean it up, get it running, and you will have an affordable and practical classic. Find it here on craigslist out of Oakhurst, California for $3,200.


As with all Corvairs, the air-cooled flat-six is out back. The engine sat low enough to allow for plenty of cargo space and the little bit that was lost was made up with a storage compartment under the hood. The only thing that would make this one better is if it had the Spyder’s turbocharger.


Monzas normally came with a bench seat in the front, but this one has the optional buckets. Don’t let their sporty appearance fool you though, the transmission is still of the automatic variety.


Here is a shot of that Corvair’s distinctive rear end. We hope this isn’t the barn that the seller was referring too because it looks more like an overhang next to a barn. Still, whatever it was parked under or in obviously provided some protection from the elements.


Here is what this wagon looked like before it was parked. It is going to take a lot of work to get it back to this state. It should be worth it though because this may be the closest you are ever going to get to owning a Porsche station wagon.


  1. paul

    Not a dime more then 500 & even at that you want to be near by so you don’t pay too much shipping.

    • Horse Radish

      For those of us who remember buying cars for a $150, then tinker with them and driving them home, I am afraid those days are loooong gone.
      Even self serve yards are paying upwards of $500 a car, because the cores, the steel, copper and aluminum on these cars are worth that….
      So, if you want that car for that much you would have to make it appealing to the seller and not appear as if you were doing them a favor, because you’re not.
      Private buyers are usually a pain in the…..
      They may donate it instead, which would be 25% cash value of the actual selling price the charity would achieve…..
      …or have a junk yard haul it of because it’s the easy thing to do……
      just an FYI , FOR THOSE who don’t know yet that the Chinese are buying up all the commodities to build cheap stuff for the whole world…..
      example : check the background on LKQ…….Chinese company

      • paul

        I think the # is 400 from the yards & there isn’t any copper in an air cooled car.

      • paul

        oh yeah the wires & switches a little.

      • Horse Radish

        I did not know Corvairs came without Starter or Alternator/Generator.
        Anyway, those were only examples.
        The prices fluctuate scrap goes up and down, but the same as Gas these prices: they will never come way down again.
        Vehicle production is the backbone of an Industrial country.
        That’s why the Chinese have their eyes on that !!
        Just think about the implications……

      • paul

        yes yes brain fart
        I must be getting to that point

      • Don Andreina

        This is not xenophobia, it’s the evolution of capitalism. First emerging countries develop advanced minerals processing (i.e. steel), then they develop manufacturing to utilise that processed product (i.e. car manufacture) Japan did it, then South Korea, now China, soon India. With China’s critical mass, even scrap metal is increasing in value. We have a common problem here in Australia of homes having copper pipes ripped out and stolen. Building sites as well. It’s not inevitable that developed economies fall by the wayside, it’s how they progress. Compare the German car industry with that of France. A great read on this is ‘The Reckoning’ by David Halberstam, a densely packed look at the rise of Nissan in contrast to the management of Ford.

      • Don Andreina

        Sorry about the rant. Ford recently announced closure of manufacture in Australia, which in reality means GM and Toyota will probably shut as well because component suppliers can’t keep prices down. Have recommended Hyundai to non enthusiast friends because they make a solid car, can’t yet see myself doing that with Tata or Great Wall.

      • Patrick Murphy

        To Horse Radish. Starter underneath and generator on left top ofvenhine in photo.

  2. Robert J

    For some reason, there are quite a few Corvair wagons out here around Oakland, CA. I see one in our neighborhood that is a daily driver. It would probably sell for around $3,000. Bring this listing home for free and I am afraid you would still be underwater once you had it running.

  3. Chris H.

    I get the whole “barn find” thing, but c’mon, put a little spit and polish into the presentation, huh?

  4. twwokc

    See one of these running around town from time to time. Pretty rough but in better shape than this one. Exact same color!

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    There was one in our car club that sold at the guy’s estate sale for just over $5K. And it was running and rust free; the new owner drove it home.

  6. Dolphin Member

    Pretty rare, and would be lots of fun to bring to all the Show ‘N Shines around, but……..

    “Barn fresh…stored in barn…”
    Translation: Was fresh when stored next to a barn 25 years ago.

    “ran when parked”
    Translation: Needs everything, and best of luck to you.

    But seriously, the engine bay pic reminds me that the fan belt made some unusual turns each time it went around. My recollection is that these had a short fan belt life.
    Anyone know?

    • paul

      The fan belt has a sweet spot too tight or loose & it’s history.

  7. Don Andreina

    Those tail lights are fantastic

  8. 2VT

    an original paint ’62 Vair wagon 4/speed w/95,000 miles in it sold for $13,750 at Auctions America in Burbank last month.

    • Horse Radish

      so would an original 13.750-mile-car sell for $95000 ??
      Probably not.
      I saw that the AA Burbank prices were through the roof..
      Not a reliable source for comps….
      BTW $12.500 + buyer’s Premium 10%..
      It was a seller’s auction.
      Some nitwit bought a Fiat 1100 wagon for $10k and thinks he’s reselling it for $18,500.
      Crazy I tell you, It’s a bubble

      • Jamie Wallhauser

        Actually the pricing on this Corvair seems fair; the selling price is right on target (it could always be lowered in negotiation) and the buyer in Burbank paid top dollar, but so what? $14K is hardly the stratosphere these days. He must have wanted it.

  9. Lemble

    It is worth a save. Maybe just fix the brakes and get her running .

  10. rancho bella

    It is not unusual to see Corvair’s in our area of SoCal………not a bunch but once in a while.
    But, a wagon………..no. I haven’t seen a wagon for decades……..dang.
    Pleaaase someone save this as I am a wagon geek.

  11. Jamie Wallhauser

    All Corvair wagons are worth saving within reason; production numbers were small and as a former VW Squareback owner the basic configuration to me has always been perfect as an economical hauler. While the classic and collectible market is experiencing a small bump right now, I doubt that average American wagons will ever hit a serious upswing, regardless of rarity. This is a fun driver, yes it needs a few grand thrown in but never think of it as a serious investment, just a really cool and relatively easy to keep collectible. I’d negotiate a lower price with this seller if possible and here in NJ you could flip it for a profit for sure.

    • paul

      Yes agreed on all your points, fun driver, not for serious investor, but this car is pretty close to what I paid for my Corvair & mine was quite a bit better then this, but the parts are relatively less expensive then many collectibles , it does look all their, just priced off the charts to me.

  12. Larry

    Looks worth saving, just because it is kinda rare, but I don’t think they ever made a Monza wagon. Some one correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Patrick Murphy

      61 they made a 500 (low end) and 700 (mid range) model. In 62 only made gor half year and it was 700 and 900 Monza models

    • Paul Chapman

      They made wagons in 500( plain jane} 700(bench seat better interior) 900 (more or less Monza, bucket seats best interior)

  13. Geoffrey

    $3,200?! I nearly choked on my coffee. The seller needs to put down the crack pipe. There are still plenty of Corvair wagons in running condition for less money. Shame on them. It’ll rot away at that ridiculous price.

  14. rapple

    @Larry, I thought so too, but the Wikipedia entry contradicts us: “In 1962 Chevrolet introduced the Corvairs with few changes at the beginning of the year. The bottom line 500 series station wagon was dropped and the 700 became the base station wagon. The “Lakewood” name was dropped. The ever popular Monza line then took on a wagon model to round out the top of the line.”

    • MadHungarian

      Yup. Also, bucket seats were standard in Monzas. The Spyder package and turbo engine were not offered in the wagon. I believe there is not enough room for the turbo plumbing under the cargo floor.

  15. braktrcr

    As I remember, they were like Harley’s of the same era…all leaked oil. $3200 seems pretty fair to me, if that is the car you are looking for. I would love a 66 Chevelle small block convert, and that car in this shape would be close to 20K, and they made a gazillion of those. So it’s all relative I guess

    • larry

      Thanks for the info rapple, I guess you can’t argue with Wikipedia :-)

  16. Geoffrey

    For those who commented this is a fair price . . . so when are YOU buying it? Thought so.

    • Jamie Wallhauser

      I’ll donate part of the proceeds of the profit from the flip to a charity in your name.

    • Don Andreina

      I think the beauty of this site is that we don’t have to put our money where our mouths are at.

  17. That Guy

    For comparison purposes, here’s a restored one at a dealer in San Jose, CA:


    Asking price $14K. Since this is a dealer, one can assume is all the money plus a bit. So that’s what you have when you are done.

    Under the dirt, this car actually looks like it’s in pretty decent shape. But as a non-runner, that’s a whole lot of gamble. If the car could move under its own power, I think the asking price would be reasonable. As-is, it’s too much. IMHO.

  18. Horse Radish

    here is something I had to digest overnight.
    My neighbor inherited (sort of) a 62 Corvair 2 door, maybe you can call it a coupe.
    He sold it (roughly the same shape as above, but NO rust) for $2500 a year ago.
    A couple of days ago the buyer stopped buy bragging that he resold it for $7000…….

    • paul

      It is nice to see so many comments for a Corvair a few short years ago they were laughed off as a dangerous joke, I guess every dog has his day. I hope it does find a good home, for me having tracked a few Corvairs in my day, I know they quite capable. So who knows maybe they are climbing in value too.

      • Don Andreina

        From a styling point of view, Corvairs were very influential. The ‘tub with a lid’ look found its way onto the Fiat 1300/1500, Hillman Imp, NSU Prinz, Prince Gloria and even the Zaz Zaphorozhets. Internationally influential!

  19. Patrick Murphy

    I love my 61 Corvair wagon. Restored and drive to car shows and cruises. Attention grabber because rare and unusual. Another rare one is my 61 with factory air. Look up a photo of that arrangement. People think the a/c is the radiator.

  20. Ed Bittman

    Re: Corvair wagon. 2362 Monza wagons were produced in ’62. Bucket seats and carpeting were standard,Powerglide was $199 extra. wagons never came with the Spyder option (no room under the deck),nor did they come with AC. Wagon engines like the trucks did not have a dipstick on top of the engine. Instead they came out the back and you opened the small door below the tailgate to check oil.
    I’ve had three of them over the years,including one Monza.

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