1962 Dodge Power Wagon With 9,481 Genuine Miles!

It isn’t unusual to see a classic car from the early 1960s that is a clean and tidy original survivor. Finding a classic truck in that state is a far rarer treat, but that’s what this 1962 Dodge Power Wagon seems to offer its potential buyer. Everywhere that you look, you are confronted with nothing but spotless presentation. It is a truck that is looking for a new home, so the owner has chosen to list it for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Estes Park, Colorado, and has an asking price of $36,000. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Ikey H for spotting this amazing truck for us.

The Toreador Red paint that the Dodge wears holds an impressive shine. This is particularly true when you consider that virtually all of it is original. The exception is the driver’s door, which received a repaint when in the original owner’s possession. The seller is the truck’s second owner, and he appears to have continued the trend of treating the vehicle with complete respect. The panels are as straight as an arrow, and there isn’t a spot of rust to be found anywhere. The seller provides some shots of the truck’s underside, and apart from the occasional light dusting of surface corrosion, it is spotlessly clean. The trim is perfect, with the lenses on all of the lights looking bright and clear. There are no problems with the glass, and the wheels show no evidence of corrosion or other issues. The seller says that everything that is supposed to open and close does so as it should.

For me, the Power Wagon’s bed is the surprise packet. This is the business end of proceedings for this type of vehicle, which means that the appearance can become quite tatty. There is the occasional mark in the paint, but there’s no evidence that heavy items have been thrown in there with gay abandon. Anything that has found its way into the back of the vehicle has been placed carefully, and its current condition would make me hesitant to put anything in there in the future. It’s worth noting that the Power Wagon’s versatility is improved by the fitting of a rear PTO, while a snow blade is also included in the sale.

Apart from a tach mounted to the steering column, the interior of the Dodge is unmolested. Once again, there’s a lot to like here and not a lot to criticize. The painted surfaces are clean and show no signs of scratches or marks. All of the original controls and switches are intact, and their markings are clear and crisp. The upholstered surfaces are free from damage, and the rubber mat on the floor shows no evidence of wear or tear. There is a radio fitted into the dash, but that’s the extent of the luxury features. When the seller purchased the truck from the original owner, the seat and visors still wore plastic covers. However, these had become badly discolored and cracked, so he decided to remove them.

This is as close as we get to see the Power Wagon’s engine, which is a 225ci slant-six. The engine is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission, while a heavy-duty transfer case gives the Power Wagon impressive off-road capabilities. The owner says that the Dodge has a genuine 9,481 miles showing on its odometer. While he doesn’t indicate that he holds verifying evidence, the vehicle’s overall condition makes this claim seem plausible. He says that the Power Wagon runs and drives like new, with no rattles, shakes, or odd noises.

I don’t often refer to classics on Barn Finds as incredible, but I think that word is the best one to describe this 1962 Power Wagon. The fact is that you rarely see a truck of this age that is so original and beautifully preserved. I also hate the term “time capsule,” but it is a tag that can easily be applied to this truck. It isn’t a vehicle that will appeal to everyone, but I can guarantee that there will be a few enthusiasts who would like to park it in their garage. Truth be known, I don’t blame them one bit for feeling that way.


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  1. angliagt angliagt Member

    Would the “original owner” have been a fire department?
    That would help explain the low mileage.
    This is a really cool truck,but can’t imagine paying that kind
    of money,& still use it like a truck.

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    • Steve R

      If it was purchased by a fire department I’d figure the seller would have said so. He seems to know the history, so would be able to prove it if it were true. I would also think a history linked to a fire department would instantly give it more credibility among some enthusiasts, thus a higher resell value.

      Steve R

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    • Robert Jones Member

      But considering a new F-150 is 40-50k and used like a truck, this is sooo much cooler…

  2. alphasud Member

    Angliagt that was my first thought as well but you would think it would be mentioned in the sellers description. How in the world could you keep the truck that nice and original if it was fitted with PTO and snow plow? I mean it was made to work and when this truck was new it was considered a tool not a pleasure vehicle. I think the seller is optimistic about his asking price. Who knows someone might pony up and buy it for the asking. Either way nice truck but my trucks get used so I would feel bad about using it.

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    Wow that’s a beautiful truck!

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  4. Gunner

    What a beast. I would bet that it is pretty low geared and freeway speeds would be challenging. Super nice example to not found often. The slant six will be more forgiving on gas than the V6 305 found in some of its counterparts.

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  5. Eric B

    Amazing. The guy clearly likes his Dodges. Also has this listed and he shows his collection in the last photo.


    In this ad (the red 62) he states local sales only. Which brings up the question I still have yet to get an answer to; how does one buy a car sight unseen, privately, outside of the protection of ebay, bat, etc. It’s clear that people are doing it all the time. I’d never feel comfortable doing that, but still want to know.

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  6. Howard A Member

    There’s only one way a truck like this looks the way it does, is because it was never used, as in a fire dept. Couple things, very few bought Dodge 4×4 pickups, much less red ones. Years ago, red was not a very popular color to avoid the “Where’s the fire?” jokes. Municipal, fire and forestry depts all used Dodge 4×4’s and I’m sure the story here. They added the plow later. Nice find at a VERY reasonable price,( cough),,,yeah we have them here too.

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  7. dirtyharry

    Original Truck? Power wagons never used the slant 6, they were flatheads to the end of production. I see an older restoration, that was an entire repaint as well.

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    • Mike Adams

      For that matter, I’ve never seen a factory slant six painted yellow.

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      • Mark A Reynolds

        Dodge trucks used a modified heavy duty version of the 225 “slant six” in the early sixties, and these engines were all painted yellow, up until about 1966. Speculation is that it helped the engine plant keep track of pass car versus truck engines. it is legit, I have an original yellow 1964 one.

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  8. Karl

    I have also never seen a slant 6 in a PW another odd point is the rear PTO that is a darned rare option and in the flat fender PWs is extremely hard to find Wich of course equals $$$! Good looking pickup to say the least and with this power and gearing your looking at a top speed around 50 MPH!

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  9. Ronald C Smith

    The flathead was replaced in some models in 1961with the 230 slant six.

    I’d just as soon pay the asking price for this one than 50,000 plus for a new “truck” and which do you think would last longer using it as such.

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  10. DavidH

    I used to work for the state forests and parks building a bridge on a logging job. The vehicle provided to get the crew and tools to the job site was a very low mileage crew cab 4×4 power wagon that once served duty with the civil air patrol. It was a beast. You wanted a step stool or a boost to get in the cab if you weren’t close to being 6 foot tall. The ride was hard on your body. I know there were shocks on it but the seat seemed to be the only suspension in the vehicle. For all it’s lack of luxury I would own it in a heartbeat.

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  11. John L.

    This is a “D” series 4 wheel drive truck, these trucks were also called Power Wagons. The slant 6 would be correct for this model. I too, believe this is a former fire department truck. I also believe the plow, and rear PTO winch were later additions.

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  12. John R

    The years have been good to you sweetheart.

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  13. Patrickj Member

    I think ikey h should be awarded for the frequent finds and they are all good ones. Nice job.

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  14. Erik Westerholm

    Our 1962 D100 2WD truck sported a yellow painted slant six from the factory. The cool thing about gearing is this motor got the job done, just not quickly. Take her off road or out to plow and a big engine really didn’t make a difference as long as you had the right gear selected.

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  15. Martin

    Fire trucks usually have holes and brackets all over them from mounted equipment, and of course lettering on the hood and doors. I am going with an older restoration as well. Still nice though.

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  16. George Louis

    Truck engines were painted yellow coming out of the Trenton Engine plant.

  17. Bill McCoskey

    Has anyone considered the possibility of this having been a fire department vehicle, but not intended for emergency response use. I’ve seen fire stations with large areas of paved road surfaces, especially locations with a drive thru [versus pull out & back-in] garage.

    It’s possible this was a vehicle they needed, at a fire station far away from the county snow plow storage areas, and it was used as a plow truck only. Probably stored in it’s own garage off to the side of the main station.

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  18. RobM

    Had the identical truck, but was a 1966 model that we bought new. Most of these trucks were sold to the military and other government agencies ( Forestry, Park Services, etc…) Standard engine was the 225 slant six with the 4 spd tranny. 1st gear was a granny gear, I used to put it in first gear on our farm and get out and walk next it, throwing rocks and other debris in the bed. Top speed was about 55 going down hill with a tailwind. All had I believe 16” or 16 1/2” split rims, scared the heck out of me changing tires. Had the PTO driven winch too, could actually pull smaller trees down with the winch if I strapped the rear of the truck to a larger tree. Had 9k original mikes on it too when I stupidly got rid of it in 1995, but they were hard farm miles plowing, hauling, etc…probably more like 50k miles of use, but the motor not once ever gave me problems. With the gearing they are not practical modern use trucks, but I’d sure love to have one again.

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  19. PeteMcGee

    Great survivor! I guess for this kind of coin, you go inspect the truck in person and buy it in person. If you’re busy, make time. This kind of rig doesn’t come along every day. Check the cowl/firewall area closely as any moisture, even from washing collects there. I can say that I owned a mint low mile Power Wagon with the Slant Six and 4.11 gear and it was woefully underpowered compared to V8 trucks of the era, like my GMC K2500 or F250 Highboy.

  20. Mike B

    I have met this seller in person. I bought some Sweptline parts off of him. His collection is phenomenal. If he restores a truck every single nut and bolt gets gone over, no shortcuts. He has the original Power Wagon from the Smokey the Bear campaign, from 60 or 70 years ago, as part of his collection. He also has an all original Fargo truck, I believe a 3/4 ton, with the original paint that has been meticulously restored to the last detail. If I had the $$$ I would buy his entire collection. I was actually a little sad when he started listing them for sale because he puts his heart and soul into the work he does on these trucks.

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