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1962 GMC Suburban: Memory Maker


There are some vehicles that simply emit good vibrations. Whether it’s because they have a great story or played a pivotal role in creating fun memories, these classics are destined to become part of the family. This 1962 GMC Suburban (or “Carryall”) is listed here on eBay with a Buy-it-Now of $11,000 and some light bidding activity. It appears well-cared for and the fresh interior is a welcome update, especially since with the third-row of seats you could likely fit the entire family and their most prized possessions inside for a road-trip or a short hop down to the town diner. The seller notes he bought it out of long-term ownership and that his plans have changed for a camping vehicle, so hopefully this truck finds a new owner that will preserve its authentic condition and not turn it into a hot rod or work vehicle. With a V6 in front of all that weight, I doubt it’s anything resembling quick – but that’s not the point of a vehicle like this. How would you use this old-school Carryall?


  1. DENIS

    I owned several of these and loved ’em but would use that old rough V-6 for a boat anchor..SBC is a bolt-in and lower it a bit, add alloys/big rubber and cruise it.

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  2. DENIS

    P.S. I also think anything over 5g is insanity….

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  3. Gary Thompson

    I had a 65 in college almost the same we carpeted it and mom made curtains. It was show much fun with a full load of around 12and a keg of beer in the back

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  4. JW454

    Can anyone decipher the shift indicator markings? I’ve not seen that one before.

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  5. JW

    I myself would fix the rust have a pro touch up paint to match then pull engine and trans store away then install a 350ci with a OD trans and hit the road. This would make such a nice family cruiser for ice cream / car shows or with the overdrive trips to the kids homes in other states. Love it.

    I too am wondering about that shift pattern as I’ve never seen anything like that.

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  6. Doug

    I have a 64 . The V-6 is a boat anchor and slow, it does have torque .

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  7. Howard A Member

    I’ve seen shift indicators on older GMC’s like that. Apparently, these trucks (ending in ’62) had the cast iron hydra-matic, and GMC used the “1-4” as full drive mode,( shifts all 4 gears, I’m sure a Hydra-matic expert could explain it better) and down the line ,1-3, 1-2, and R, no park.(R was park when engine was off) These engines, while bulletproof, were not the smoothest or most economical, but would run for ever (when properly maintained) My old man had one like this, and we pulled a travel trailer with it. Must have been underpowered, as the next truck was a IH Travelall, that was miserable (but had more power, when it ran, that is) He went back to Suburbans after the IH. That indicator has been around for a while. Here is a 1953 GMC.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Those old Hydramatics. Very reliable but sure took a lot of power to run. With the engine choices I’m somewhat surprised there was anything left to move the vehicle. Just the same, I like the older cast iron versions; I don’t think you could wreck one. But they were heavy. If you didn’t like the transmission you could use it for a door stop.

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  8. Ken Walker

    We enjoyed a ‘62 like this in the mid-60’s & early ‘70’s. It was a V-6 , rear wheel drive with an automatic 4 speed transmission & positraction I think. My parents used it to haul life’s/teenagers to Methodist Youth Fellowship meetings, basketball games, etc. Dad and used it to hunt & fish out of… remember well hauling smelly bird dogs & I was using it when I killed my first deer in 1971.

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