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1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider Barn Find


This 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider was stored in a barn for many years and it is in rough shape. With a torquey twin-cam, smooth-shifting gearbox, and good handling, these were great driving cars in their day.The current owner can no longer store this Giulia so they have decided to part ways with it. It is being offered here on eBay with a supposedly “low reserve”.


This 1600 Normale Spider appears to be very original, with its factory installed engine and transmission. The 1600 cc four-cylinder engine is running and still has good oil pressure. It is complete, but has plenty of rust and will need a complete restoration. Giulias are highly sought after, but can be pricey to restore, so hopefully the seller’s reserve is truly low.


  1. rancho bella

    Cash out your IRA………..minus the stinkin’ taxes. You will need it. Visions of metal cutting, forming, a billion stitch welds and lead……………………..ho chi minh ….my head

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  2. Dolphin Member

    I was going to say that this looks like a better project than the 356 Roadster…..until I saw the photos. Well, it is a somewhat better project, but like Rancho I prefer not to have to do a billion stitch welds (which I haven’t got the skill for anyway) before I can drive a car,

    Same story: Add a modest amount of $$ to the probable auction reserve price and get a nice driver instead.

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  3. J. Pickett

    A Lot of welding rod.

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  4. Paul

    Ditto,what everyone else on here says.they did leave out the part where your hand forming your own panels.

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  5. jim

    i see an alfa sedan in the background, which looks more interesting. i agree on “get a nice driver instead “. i’m sure this car can be used for parts. i think to much time/money even to just fix up to be a driver.

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  6. Chris A.

    The left front corner was hit, left tailight held on by (matching) duct tape, exhaust system is holed, more iron oxide thatn the Mesabi Range and it needs everything. Truly a “do it yourself” project, but you would have to be the world’s best body man and welder. But would a Morgan be happy with a strong Alfa engine?

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    • jim

      that would be a very interesting. i have seen a lot of different engines swaps into morgans but never an alfa.

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  7. dario

    Interesting that someone swapped in an alternator in place of the generator.

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  8. rancho bella

    many of us swap out the gen for constant electric flow and about 6 pounds lighter, maybe more. If the Lotus guys do it then I’m sure the Alfa guys do it as well.

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  9. Chris A.

    Although less in displacement than the Triumph 4 cylinder engine that came in the mid to late 60’s Morgans, they had to be heavier than the 1600-1750 Alfa engines. Morgans are lght even with the Triumph engines at about 1900 lbs. With a rebuilt Alfa Veloce engine at perhaps 120 hp and about 100 lbs less, an Alfa-Morgan might be even more fun. Sort of like a hopped up Morgan-Fiat.

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  10. Trickie Dickie Member

    On top of ALL the above problems, something else that needs dealing with is the “Prince of Darkness” electrical system, LUCAS. Oh, the Humanity !!

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  11. Curtis

    These Giulia Spiders are fantastic cars and I follow the market pretty closely. Never done this before but I am going to call foul. This thing is not a Veloce, is extremely rusty, and doesn’t even have a transferable title. It has now gone past reserve to 10K just a few days into the auction. As this is a “private auction” with bidder details unavailable and in this case for no imaginable reason, Seems likely these are shill bids. No way this is real. 2.5% negative feedback to boot. IMHO run.

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  12. Bernie

    I dont know why you’d even buy welding rod, looks like there’s nothing left to weld to. This guys smart, no photos of the underside where the real problems lay. Only a fool or a shell bidder would bump this to the $12500 I’m seeing now. As a parts car, it dosnt have that dollar value of salvagable or usable hardware left. BUT, all the seller needs is one fish to bite the hook!!!

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  13. tetnanusproof

    I restored a ’61 Giulietta years ago. Nearly ended in divorce. Not for the faint hearted. Will put you into poor house quicker than Vegas. Rust in Peace…

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  14. Bernie

    I just took a close look at the “private bidding info” on ebay. This sure looks like a home brewed scam as all the increases are in even hundred increments, plus all are done around 1:oo PM EVERY DAY of bidding!. This guy must have free time at the office between 1:00-2:00PM to bump his own bid in hopes of finding a sucker out there. I live 50 miles from Novi, MI. I ought to call for an appointment. I dont think he wants to sell, he’s just testing to see what might turn up.

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  15. Mike the Bike

    Only a total fool would seriously bid on this thing without inspecting it very thoroughly in person. There are plenty of red flags and warnings, from sellers’s reputation to the “sins of omission” in the way it’s presented. Smells from here…

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