1964 Buick Riviera Super Wildcat: Dual Quads

Riviera Super Wildcat

While we just posted about the stylish Buick Riviera last week, this 1964 example here on eBay deserves a feature of its own. Despite the engine being stuck and needing full restoration, this is the desirable Super Wildcat, which featured an uprated motor pushing out 360 bhp and 465 lb-ft of torque! The Super Wildcat could eclipse 60 m.p.h. in just over 7 seconds and reach a top speed of nearly 130 before running out of steam. With only 2,122 examples built, it’s safe to say this is a classic example of the rare spec of Rivieras. On this particular car, rust repair and a cosmetic restoration appear to both be manageable projects; however, determining the cause of the motor’s questionable condition does leave some guesswork for the next owner. I’ve always loved Rivieras, and with the added horsepower and rarity, this car definitely checks all the right boxes. Would you take a gamble on this in-op Super Wildcat?


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  1. randy

    Yee-haw! great find!

  2. JW454

    In 1973 my uncle and I pulled the motor from one of these in a junkyard for his ’65 full size Wildcat 2 door hardtop. I did my best but I couldn’t talk him into keeping the dual fours. He used his single 4 bbl. intake and carb. It was 1973 and something called the “Oil Embargo” was happening. Everyone was worried gas would go over a dollar a gallon! Those were the days!!

  3. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I’m a MOPAR guy thru and thru, but I have a spot in the work shop that this would would slide right into.

    This is now on the watch list

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  4. Joe Moss

    This car is Loaded! C Control, Air, Rear Defrost. AM-FM, Tilt, Deluxe Int, Auto head light dimmer and a Super Wildcat motor. Would be a pretty-Awesome car restored! Bet it has a Power Ant also.

  5. Dennis M

    My Dad bought a brand new 1964 Wildcat convertible – same engine as the Riv. That sucker would fly AND had an amazing set of drum brakes with finned drums. I once did zero to 100 (indicated) to zero in 10 seconds on the stop watch.

  6. Dave at OldSchool

    Hey Dennis, I didn’t know you were lurking here… At least you didn’t kill yourself in my car.

    As to this Riviera, IF you are doing most of the work yourself, it might be worth considering , depending on how high it goes. I would like to know BOTH the STAMPED engine numbers, before making an assumption it is the real deal, because the dual quad was a common add-on.
    Further, this is not a Gran Sport, which was callled the ” Gentleman’s Muscle Car ” because of the suspension and other tricks Buick applied to the GS Model… and the desirability and value are less.
    Nice ‘real’ cars can still be found for less than what this car will cost fully restored. I sold my 66 real MZ Code Riviera Gran Sport last year for 40k. This was a special factory dual quad motor that Buick only built 179 of for a promotional offering. All the other dual quads then were dealer installed, and the cams were not the same. It had a legit 42k miles, a was a typical California / Arizona car that was all original , except one correct repaint and detailing
    I doubt this car can reach the same condition level for less than 40k …but it’s a 64 and a bit more desirable than the 66 , but it’s not a GS…….. if the numbers are correct , and you will do the work for ‘free’, …………………..maybe……….. for anyone else, it’s a pay me now, or pay me later,…….. or just build the motor, put in a 4.10 gear and don’t even wash it… just put your foot down and go.

  7. Dave at OldSchool


  8. Dave at OldSchool


  9. Joe Moss

    Dave, Thats a sweet 66. But know the G S option did not come in to being until the 65 Model year. This car (IF its # matching) is basically the same car as the 65 G S you speak of. Many love the first generation Rivera s as I do. But I also love the sharp and crisp lines of the 66-67. I SURE WISH you could by new cars with this much class today. But then again I guess they would cost in excess of 50 G for all the chrome-class. These styles are “time less”.

    • Rocco Member

      I see in the website pics that the car has the much desirable T-400 trans(first year introduced). This alone makes it desirable over the old Dynaflow tranny.
      I think it is a very cool car, but I have too many projects already, and it’s too far away.

  10. Dave at OldSchool

    I stand corrected, and I should have known that, as I had a “Super Wildcat” Wildcat Cpe in ’64.

    As to Dennis M’s post, his speedo was off by 30 mph or so… It took nearly 20 seconds for these cars to get to 100 mph…. 10 seconds would only have gotten you to 70 . LOL
    My WildCat Coupe felt fast, but my friend with a 64 Impala 409 regularly beat me by a full second in the 1/4, and was 5 seconds quicker to 100.

  11. FRED

    always liked the older models and this seems to be the real deal and a great car to restore

  12. Rhett

    At the current bid (4275.00), the car is break even for even just parts. I prefer the hidden headlight 65’s, but the first gen Rivs are likely to be considered true classics in the not too distant future. Big option cars will lead the pack. And here comes my obligatory plug for Nailheads: you will never drive a sweeter motor, and that includes straight eight Packards!

  13. RoughDiamond

    When GM designers were left to design and design they did during the space age.

  14. doc

    My brother and I are car crazy, our wives say we have a disease. heh,We have had 3 of these rivs only single 4 bbl but I’ll tell ya one thing, these cars haul ass ! I once smoked a 429 Torino in our “63. Tommy Ivo ran these Motors in his Showboat 4 engine dragster. If y’all run across one that has water in the oil, check the the timing chain cover. Pin holes are created from h2o wear and tear in these motors.
    great website!

  15. Blindmarc

    Didn’t sell at $4450 high bid.

  16. randy

    Wow, must be too far away from the serious buyers, that seems like a great deal.
    Maybe we have hit the deflationary period for classic cars.

  17. Dave @ OldSchool Restorations

    $4450 …….. That’s a realistic price…….

  18. randy

    If it was any other make it would have tripled or quadrupled in price with the factory 8V.

    Ford 427, or dodge 440 or chevy 427.

    • Joe Moss

      The 63-65 (And 66-67) are some of the very best deals out there for the money. Quality wise, handling and breaking in most cases were far superior to other cars of the time. The Ford, Chevy, Dodge were not even in the same ball park as the Riv. This car WAS PLANNED to be a Cadillac, Thus the corner “grills” to resemble the 40 LaSale. The Ford, Chevy, Dodge ETC were “cheap” cars.. No disrespect. Only SERIOUS competition was the T Bird which greatly out sold the Rivera but could not “out do” the Rivera in “Performance” any way. A good clean Rivera can be a real bargain. And even with the SUPER WILDCAT motor it can still deliver 18 MPG at 70 on the highway. There is much talk of the first generation officially becoming a “Classic” in the near future. Then I expect the prices will sky rocket as in most cases.

  19. randy

    That is why I cannot understand this car not selling. Did the classic car bubble finally pop?

    • Joe Moss

      Randy, Im thinking people are selling and / or holding onto their $$ right now. I know a lot of folks are buying Guns ETC right now for fear of the “Uneasy” feelings that seem to be taking over the nation. I myself have debated about selling my 64″. I SURE would not want to.. Strange and CHANGING times we are living in. Looks like a great car to restore. Bet if that motor had some Marville M oil in it a while shed break loose??

      • randy

        We certainly are in uncharted waters for sure. I have sold off anything that even looked like it might have a bubble in it here. I think what is happening in Greece will be here before we know it. All that said, I’ll jump on the first real bargain I find within driving distance! Car, truck or motorcycle. I’d love to have had the ford short bed that popped up today.

  20. Bob C.

    1964 was the first year for the turbo hydramatic. The 63s were the only year they had the dynaflow.

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