1964 Chevelle 300: Muscle Wagon Potential?

1964 Chevelle Wagon

For a while now, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect station wagon to turn into my interpretation of a  “muscle wagon”. A few candidates have shown up, but nothing have really stood out to me. This 1964 Chevelle 300 caught my eye though and it wasn’t because of what it is, but what it could become. The two-door body should help give it a muscle car vibe and the fact that a 350 would bolt right in earn it a few points. The 350 V8 is cheap and power modifications are unlimited. There are some problems here though. There’s quite a bit of rust and the current high bid here on eBay is too high for this sort of project. Guess I will have to keep looking, but this unique wagon is still worth a look. It’s supposedly been in the same family for the past 22 years and is currently located in Glendale, Arizona.


  1. Charles

    Good find Jessie! That car will make a great muscle wagon

  2. JW

    Nice find but over 7K with all that rust and so many changes I not sure it’s worth the 7K. If it was reasonably priced I would fix rust detail engine compartment repaint a nicer color while doing something with the interior, put a nice set of flowmasters on it as well as a period correct set of cragar ss wheels with some new tires and start cruising the streets. Speaking of rust if it’s been in the dry desert of Arizona for 22 years what’s up with all that rust???

  3. Warren

    Looks like a bondo bucket. Snow tire on the front? Over 7K? Wow. Been in the same family for 22 years, but may have lived in a salt climate for some of those.

  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    Wow – is that on an el camino wheel base? – look at it go!

    • Norm Wrensch

      Yes that was on a El Camino wheel base. I own one of these, I bought it in Tuscon Arizona in the late 70’s. Right now it is sitting waiting for me to finish my new garage to get a restoration. I live in Wisconsin, but mine has never seen salt it has always been stored in the winter. They are quite light at just a little over 3000lbs. I only had a 250hp 327 in it and she went real well. Right now mine has not been on the road for 30 yrs, but still looks fairly good. Its in my parents barn.

  5. fred

    Reminds me of an ElCamino with a camper top- couldn’t find a photo of a ’64 with one, but you get the idea

  6. jim s

    at $7200 with reserve still not met and it needs a total rebuild. has a lot of bids. interesting find.

  7. cory

    Does not look like an Arizona car. Way too rusty for the money

  8. booger

    At $3k someone would buy it, replace the drivetrain and tires, and drive it. If it was nearby here, I might even be that guy.

    Another thought I had is if you were a Chevelle parts hoarder and just happened to have squirreled away the parts you’d need, this might be a car worth using them on. It’s pretty doggone cool.

  9. Tirefriar

    I’m seeing at least $20k in work here (paint, interior, mechanicals). Add that to the selling price which is probably closer to $10k. So what am I missing here? Are these $30k plus cars? Really?!

  10. Clay Bryant

    35-40 years ago,alot of these 64-65 2-dr Chevelle wagons were the thing to run in drag racing.Although rusty,this one is straight and go price major body work @50-60 bucks an hour minimum times just say 40 hours and look what you have saved.Over the years when I was selling fairly rare cars and(my prices were reasonable) and I heard a little dissent I’d just tell the person “Go buy the other one” and then I’d hear “What other one?” and I would say “Right!”.If you’re someone that likes to wonder around out on the desert looking for water when someone tells you exactly where to go,this is not the car for you. I know a lot of real gearheads that will forgo the 6pac every other night for a couple of years just to have something like this.Incidentally,I’d rather drive my “beer” then piss it away at the end of the day.

  11. DENIS

    Seems like plenty of $ for the condition, but as Clay said, “Go buy the other one”.. I would like to own it but not at that price…would be one “kool-ass” street machine and someone will pay the money…

  12. Rick

    Not many of these around, always liked these, I’d drop a 396 or 427 in it and biuld it into a Z16 clone (even though a Z16 is a ’65 and not a 2 dr wagon) But totally cool

  13. RollerD

    Late model drive train and air bags in back…and a trailer hitch.

  14. Charles

    I don’t think that the 2 door Chevelle wagons were very common. This is only the second one that I have seen in my lifetime. The first belonged to a neighbor in Cocoa Florida when I was a kid in the late 60’s. He cut the top off and attempted to make an El Camino out of it. What he made was a mess! The car needs lots of work, but it would make a cool and unusual car to cruise in, light hauler, and do some local shows.

  15. pontiactivist

    These are fairly rare. Way out of my price range though. Would love to have it rust and all. 327 4speed and a posi set of torque thrusts nice paint and interior and make it safe and reliable and enjoy it. Would turn heads everywhere.

  16. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I agree with the seller, they are rare and very sought after I remember seeing only a few of these for sale, and not one in person, kind of like 63-64 Nova 2 door wagons. If you like this Jesse, the four door 64-65 Chevelle wagons are good looking cars and easier to find. Another cool wagon body is the 64-67 Pontiac Tempests or LeMans, I saw a 65 on CList in TN with a 455ci for $2900.

  17. Rocco Member


  18. CorvairJim

    Rare? Uh, yeah… As I recall, Chevy only made about 1,100 of them over both the 1964 and ’65 model years, then gave up on the whole 2-door wagon concept. I’m a longroof fan, so I’d love to find a decent example of a Chevelle 2-door wagon some day, but I’d rather spend more money than this one failed to sell at for a car with a lot less rust than this kind of stupid money for a rustbucket. O could see this car going in the $5K range but, if it were a 4-door wagon, good luck getting even half of that.

    BTW: The 2-door wagon was only available as the base 300 Series, not as a Malibu.

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