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1964 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible Project

Second generation Corvettes have appreciated to the point where few car guys can afford a restored one, and many of us don’t have the experience or can’t afford to restore a basket-case either. But every once in a while a car comes along that could give someone with garage space and a bit of know-how a shot at becoming a Sting Ray driver. This may be that car. This 1964 Sting Ray convertible barn find is here on eBay in Hamburg, New York with bidding getting close to the Buy It Now option of $18,000.

This Sting Ray will require a complete restoration, but with hard work and maybe some advice from someone who knows Corvettes, this barn find looks like it could be turned into a respectable driver without blowing all the retirement fund. The two biggest issues appear to be the frame and the body. This a New York car, and the seller says the frame rails have significant rot and the photos confirm it. The economical solution may be the complete rolling chassis that the seller says he has available.

The second major issue is the body, which will need some ‘glass work and paint. The glass work might be possible for an amateur with some basic skills, maybe with some guidance at times from someone who has worked with fiberglass before. The interior will need reupholstering and likely more, but the dash and gauges are in good condition.

The non-original engine is a year younger than the car, but runs and appears to be healthy. It’s connected to what the seller believes is the original 4-speed transmission with a Hurst shifter. The original soft top is missing and there is only a hardtop. Most of the bumper components are good, but could be replated. This Vette has only been listed for a day and it’s already creeping toward the BIN price, and we expect that it will sell soon. There are too few barn find C2s left for this one to go without a buyer. What do you think? Should this one go back in barn or is it truly a bargain Sting Ray?


  1. Bob Denton

    Does eBay know you consider it a barn? How about some real barn finds? We can all look on ebay.

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  2. Steve Roy

    Now that’s funny.

    Thanks Bob had a good chuckle.


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  3. Jesse

    Good one Bob! Since eBay is the largest marketplace for classics these days, there are actually a lot of good “barn finds” to be found there. We do love to feature people’s actual barn find stories though, so if anyone has any good ones to tell, please send them in!

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  4. Larry

    18 grand !! Seems a bit high, my nephew found a 1964 vette in the local paper about a year ago that is in better shape then this, no rusty frame, and the body doesn’t have any major work needed, maybe a paint job in the very near future, runs great with orig engine, the interior is about the same as this one and he paid 12,500, now it’s not a 4 speed , it’s a powerglide but still 18 grand seems a bit high to us, just sayin, don’t want to affend anyone.

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  5. Mark

    If you have nothing good to say, Bob…well, you know the rest. Flat-out rude and immature.

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  6. Charles

    An unnecessary comment Mark.

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  7. Donald Member

    If your nephew still has his Sting Ray and if it’s really in the shape you say, I will give him $500 over what he paid for it.
    No? How about $1000?

    If he knows what these cars trade hands for, he knows that he should hang onto it, or else ask more than what he paid. But if he wants sell for close to what he paid, I’m here.

    That’s the beauty of a local paper. Some people don’t know what a vintage car is worth if they don’t look at the larger market, and you can buy well, as your nephew did.

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  8. Jasper

    Anything over $500 for a chevy product is too much money

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  9. Fat Rider

    No Charles it wasn’t.
    Unlike the person whom started this comment post I truely enjoy what hasbeen/is done on this site.

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  10. scot c

    ~ think for a minute how many barn finds there would be without the internet. my first guess is exactly the same number. now, how many of them would you have heard about?

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  11. Dustin Clousher

    I think the definition of barn find doesn’t have strict rules of having to be in a barn. I think the term means any vehicle of age and interest that has been stashed some where for a conciderable amount of time. Ebay is a great place to scope out interesting vehicles as such, and it is nice to not have to search for hours to find these interesting cars. I think most of you who love cars can agree you don’t care where it was found at, you are just happy to have the chance to look and dream.
    Thanks Barnfinds.com

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  12. J. Pickett

    Sorry but 18 is a little high, It needs at least that even if you do a lot of work yourself. And at that I would be a decent driver. Not a show winner unless you are a really good craftsman and do most of the work yourself, Not matching numbers, not original frame, It’s time people get real about some prices. They made 20 thous. plus of these all throught the sixties.

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  13. big mark

    im working on a 72 nova mint body bigblock reverse valve body 350 turbo id love to trade it for a fixer upper vett 72 back the nova needs to be finished but no rust at all

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  14. Doug M Member

    I don’t take the time to read all the ads that appear on Ebay to sift through and find good deals on some of the better cars. I know they are probably there, but what a time waster! Barn Finds brings a nice mix of classics (or not-so-classics -depending on the viewer) together all in one place…with a very interesting mix! Keep doin what your doin, Jesse!

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  15. Chuck

    I enjoy this site and almost everything that is presented. Keep up the good work. If someone does not like it they can move on.

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  16. Larry

    Sorry it took so long to respond, but my nephew just know stopped laughin :-))
    I don’t think he’ll ever sell it, he’s been wanting one for a long time, but we don’t blame ya for tryin.
    have a good one

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