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Worth $2,600? 1964 Dodge D100 Sweptline

I don’t know for sure but I think this 1964 Dodge D-100 Sweptline pickup is Toreador Red in color, which was an orange’ish-red and it has faded to a light orange now. None of that has any meaning, really, other than some of us like orange vehicles. And, Dodge pickups, especially old ones. This example can be found here on eBay in Alma, Kansas and the seller has a $2,600 buy-it-now price or you can make an offer

Dodge also had Omaha Orange which it could be, one of you will know for sure. Sorry about all of the color chatter, who really cares. A truck like this ’64 D-100 could be any color, it’s a truck for cryin’ out loud, not a suit! I really like the look of this truck and I love the first-generation D-Series trucks from Dodge. I regret not getting a 1970 Dodge D-100 shortbed truck a couple of years ago and it’s haunted me ever since. I think it’s unusual that first-generation (1961-1965) Dodge D-Series trucks had four headlights but the second-gen trucks only had two headlights. It seems like it’s usually the other way around.

The seller of this D-100 says that it’s original and it sure looks like it is. They use it for weekend drives and that’s exactly what I would use it for, although as a teenager I would have used it as a daily driver. The inside of the Sweptline box looks surprisingly solid as does the whole truck, other than a few little rust spots here and there. The underside looks solid, again, other than a few spots that will need work.

I don’t think any of us expected to see an automatic transmission in this truck. This one has a 4-speed manual. With most of the interior being metal and other hard surfaces, it looks good. The seat cover is a no-brainer, or just get a nice blanket seat cover like they have and get on with your business. Dodge made a Custom Sports Special model that would have been pretty fancy compared to this one. Hagerty is at $4,200 for a #4 fair condition truck so this one has potential.

This is a 225 cubic inch slant-six and they say that it runs well. They have replacement weatherstripping for the windshield and doors and a driver’s side rocker replacement. This looks like a decent, inexpensive truck for someone to tinker with and get ready for summer. Are there any early Dodge pickup fans out there?


  1. Bell

    That is an excellent truck. Ad says it’s a 225. I think the color is Tomato Soup.

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      You’re right, Bell! Thanks for knocking my cobweb-filled skull a bit, I missed that.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Tomato soup with too much milk added!

    But seriously, I have really started to think about buying a new project car, as it may be a good idea to have something to keep me busy for the unforseen future. I kick myself for not watching and buying the 1959 Edsel that sold last week for a paltry $1959 on BaT, and that car was here in FL. My wife advises patience, as she thinks that classic car projects may be popping up left and right for good prices.

    We have scraped/painted/organized/re-organized/re-painted and cleaned this place from top to bottom, so another classic car project is the only next logical step!

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  3. Garygsr Member

    That’s a nice truck. I’d buy it if I could. Don’t find those in CT in any condition like this one

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    • bone

      Thats for sure… or nearly any old vehicle ; New England weather is brutal on cars !!

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  4. Husky

    How about make a Custom Sports Special clone with 365hp 413 Wedge, dual exhaust, 3 speed automatic?

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  5. Evan

    It has four gears, sure, but I suspect it’s more like a 3-speed with a granny low.

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    • NJ

      That’s what I have in my ’64 Utiline. Top speed is 55, but you can pull a house off the foundation with the granny gear.

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  6. Darryl

    If I had the room it might be worth it to me. My grandfather had one exactly like it (although it had a 318 when I knew it) on his farm when I was a kid. It was a true workhorse. After he got a replacement the truck ended up with my family where I helped my dad replace the engine. I still have the scar on the back of my hand from trying to break loose the flywheel bolts and getting bit by the gear teeth.

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  7. SMDA

    Great truck with (maybe) the worlds greatest engine. Wonder what the axle ratio is in a truck like this, pretty low I bet. If so, how comfortably fast can you drive on the highway?

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Sure would be cool to slap a historical plate on it and drive to the hardware store or cruise. Leaning tower or power and a 4 speed granny tranny, great combo. Not as good looking as some of them, but a good honest tough truck. Priced to sell. Good luck- great father son project!!

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  9. JohnfromSC

    There is a great older article at MoparConnection about tuning up these 225’s to make a lot more power by really optimizing the distributor advance curves. No fancy cams or other changes. Very good details. Gains of up to 40HP. Before you swap engines, consider doing that optimization and maybe also changing the diff pinion gear to give you a higher top speed. Likely you need to do a differential overhaul at CV this point, so easy modification.

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  10. Chuck Simons

    I had a 79 with that Granny Low. What a grinder that was. Stick it low and all torque. I started off from stop signs on 2nd

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  11. Johnny

    Check the brakes and everything good. Then drive it. Good old truck. I have a 71 and they are tough trucks. That sold for $2,600 and is a reasonalbe price. On level country the 6 would be good,but up and down hills . It would probably need a lower rear ratio. It looks pretty solid . I,d like to have it-heck I like any old car or truck. As long as it still has the old look to it. I don,t care much for the flashy paint colors or high performace motors. That you can,nt get good gas for. Besides the spped limit. Get caught doing 75 and their goes your liscense and powerful motors do temp a person.

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  12. ScrooLoose

    Love It! I have a 62 Sweptline, CC, SWB, 225, 3Tree. Name is “Scratch-n-Dent”.
    Best Ice Cream Stand, Hardware store, Putt around truck I ever had. More thumbs up and “can I get a picture” then any thing new out there.
    Steel is real, Plastic trucks S%@k.

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  13. G Lo

    The slant 6 is a great engine. I would love to have the seats redone in that blanket material if something hardy enough could be found. Plus I love the name Alma-if I ever named a truck, Alma would be the name.

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  14. stevee

    I owned a black 1964 Custom Sport Special 426 wedge quite a few yrs back. Yes, a real one pictured in Don’s book. Had a 440 block in it, tho. Unique gauges, unique ID tags on the door sill, chrome tri, buckets etc. Estimated there were 12-13 of them. Sold it (dummy me), went to the Midwest.

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  15. PatrickM

    Dang thing sold for $2,600.00! I am impressed!! Solid or not, it needs a lot of work. $1,300.00, tops, from my wallet. Oh well.

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  16. George Louis

    I would like to see some one add fuel injection to tower of power and while you are at it add hydraulic lifters and hardened valve seats. That would make a sweet engine!!!!

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  17. Mike

    So is this for sale?

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  18. Joseph Tripp III

    Well worth the money I just picked up a 64 utiline for $4k 3rd owner 82k miles original daily driver

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