1964 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire

front left

This Wagonaire listed on Craigslist here in Sacramento for $2,700 just might be reasonably priced. It is the Daytona model with the Avanti 259 V8 engine! It is said to be mostly rust free, runs and drives and just needs brakes. It has been barn bound since 1996, well that is until it was rescued by the current owner. It’s well equipped with a sliding roof panel, disc brakes, 3 speed column shift with overdrive and factory A/C (of course it’s not working).

right rear

If this is as described, it seems like it wouldn’t take much to have a great driver. It’s certainly not one to restore, but for reasonable money you might just have a unique and useful wagon. I would just fix the brakes, clean it up and drive it, hoping the little problems you are sure to find aren’t too onerous.


  1. Bruno M

    This wagon looks great!

  2. Myron Vernis

    This is a really good deal on a very cool car. I’m guessing the engine might actually be a 289.

    • David C

      I think you might be right Myron because it mentions having a 4bl carb. It is more likely that it would be the 289 but it could still be a 259. The 1964’s were all built in Canada(last year for Studebaker engines) and in 1965 they went to Chevy engines.

      By the way “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to all you guys!

      • David Frank David Member

        According to what I could find, it had the Avanti 259 in’64. How does this compare to another written up in March, a nice looking survivor I believe Bidding started at 5K? It had a fixed roof and was not a Daytona but it was really nice.

    • Michael

      It’s a stock Studebaker 259ci engine. 1964 was the last year that Studebaker used their own engines in their cars. The following year they put GM power trains in their vehicles.

  3. David C

    I really like it. If it was closer I’d be all over it. The overall condition plus V8, Disc’s, AC, overdrive and the roof. This would be my “drive me and my buddies to the car show” rig! Plus room in the back for whatever I find at the swap meet!

  4. mark

    Looks like a great deal.

  5. Ed P

    Nice body. Not a lot of rust to repair. That seems unusual because the sliding roof usually was a leak problem. The factory a/c makes this car more usable.

  6. Charles

    It almost has an SUV look to it.

    • krash

      …now that you mention it Charles, you’re right….

  7. David C

    One of you West Coast guys should buy this thing!

  8. Oldcarsarecool

    Manual Tranny ! Very cool. I’d own it . . .

  9. Texas Tea

    Good price.

    No offense anyone, but they sure look more like U.S.S.R. cars than American in this time period.

    • David C

      Don’t get me wrong I’m a Studebaker (working on one now) fan but I have to agree with you Tex. After 1957 Studebaker lost all sense of style. Of course they got bought out and that didn’t help, but I think they lost there way after 1954 or 55. All that aside I like this wagon and if it were any where close to me I’d be making a road trip tomorrow with my trailer in tow. There is something attractive about the weird and unusual and unique. It’s a funny thing as many of you might recognize I am partial to VW’s and go to as many shows/swap meets that I can. I always end up spending the most time looking over the weird 411 or 412’s instead of the tricked out bugs. You just see them so seldom it makes them unique. Sorry for rambling, can’t help it.

    • Woodie Man

      As a card carrying member of the CPUSA I resemble that remark!

  10. Stang1968

    One of my favorite Matchbox cars when I was a kid was this exact car. I loved the sliding roof.
    IMO, this is a good value for a seldom seen vehicle with solid bones.

  11. David Wilk Member

    My family drove Studebakers from the late fifties til the company stopped making cars, as my father was friends with the local dealer. He’d wait til the new model year and buy a leftover from the prior year to get the best price on a car he could otherwise not afford. We had a red 63 Wagonaire that was a pretty good car; it did not have the leaky roof that many of the sliding roof wagons had. Got killed on trade in value though as Studebakers were orphaned in 66. The 63 was not as fast as our 1960 wagon, which was lighter, and came with a four barrel and dual exhausts. Unfortunately, in the northeast these Studebakers started rusting the day after you drove them off the lot. The car for sale in this ad looks great for being 50+ years old and unrestored. Could the paint be original?

  12. Vince Habel

    Not all 64s were built in Canada. It is not a Avanti engine. They were not available with the 3 speed o/d. Many 259s had a 4 barrel carb. You need to see the engine number to know what size it is.

    • David C

      The South Bend Indiana Plant closed in December 1963 and some 64’s were produced there but not many. “Almost” all were from Canada and a small number in Australia. They did come with the 3 speed OD transmission.

      • Vince Habel

        Yes they had a 3 speed o/d but not with the Avanti engine.

  13. Barry T

    Darn near looks a little like a Jeep Wagoneer from the back.

  14. Rancho Bella

    All I can think is Wilbur and Mr. Ed……….gawd I miss those days

    • Woodie Man


  15. Nessy

    How can you go wrong for 2700, maybe even less if you bring the cash and it has the sliding roof too? Plus the V8 and not the 6. It’s nice to see a good priced find once in a while. Unless the bottom is rusted away, this seems to be a win win deal.

  16. Jasper

    I hear mention of VW Type Fours and Wagoneers…a Brooks Stevens theme going on.

    If it doesn’t have the little dog and the hunter it ain’t worth squat.

    I really approve of this and it appears to be a truly decent deal.

  17. AlphaRoaming

    If it’s rust free, particularly the tailgate and roof mechanism, it’s a great bargain!

  18. piper62j

    This is a do-able project and would make a terrific daily driver.. Let’s hope the floors are solid because replacement pans may not be available.. If you’re good with welding and forming sheet metal, it’s a good bet.. The wing-ding on the right quarter panel might be a problem if you don’t have a frame machine to pull it out with.. Not sure if re-pop quarters are available..

    • Vince Habel

      Floor pans are available very easy to get.

    • Vince Habel

      Good call on Classic panels. They fit well.

  19. AlphaRoaming

    There is EXCELLENT support for Studes, both parts and chat room advice. The tailgate and sliding roof parts are the only challenges, AFAIK, though this car looks solid! http://www.classicent.com/studebaker/sedans-wagons-convertible-1959-1966

  20. gunningbar

    Hot screaming deal! But Im broke in CT.

  21. Paul B

    Good one. I’d love it. Avanti engines were 289 and up. The 259 was available with 4-barrel for 195 HP vs 180 without. It is plenty powerful. Fix up, clean up and drive. And as Mr. Wilk says above, keep it out of rust belts! Terrible rustproofing on the bodies from ’53 forward was part of Studebaker’s downfall — one of many parts. I love Studebakers, learned to drive in one, and the way it all ended was really very sad. So many mistakes, so many bad decisions, punctuated by flashes of inspiration and moments of grace.

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