1965 Dodge Custom 880 Convertible 383 V8

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Mopar lovers unite, this is one heck of a car. A black mid-60s convertible with a big V8 and red interior? Yes, please. Dodge would pull the model name Custom 880 from the lineup after the 1965 model year, going instead with Monaco. 23,700 1965 Dodge Custom 880s were made and you couldn’t get a slant-six in one if you were Elvis or the Pope, they all came with V8s. Thanks to Wayne Z. for the tip!

The seller isn’t quite sure where this car was originally purchased, but it ended up in beautiful Tucson, Arizona where the second owner bought it from a Dodge dealer. The story goes that he then traded it back in at that dealership and years later, bought it back again for his son. They say that it had 65,000 miles on it in 1980 and it has 71,000 now. The last time it was registered was 2002 so it’s been off the road for quite a while – even though for some of us, 2002 seems like only a few months ago.

Dodge made the Custom 880 model for the 1962 through 1965 model years and there were some nice trim differences between them and the base 880 model. This car has power windows, something we rarely see on vehicles from the 1960s, and sometimes not even on luxury cars of the era. They work great in the front but as you can see, the two rear windows don’t go down. Also, the convertible top is there for pattern use only, it won’t do any good against the elements. The trunk looks very clean.

The seller has done the unthinkable for a craigslist ad: they have given great info, taken great photos including two engine photos (!), and even included a full underside photo! I may need a minute to compose myself. Ok, I’m back. They say that this car sat in outdoor covered storage for 17 years and it looks solid and in much nicer condition than I would have expected for a car that’s been stored outside for so long. The dark red interior could hopefully be cleaned and repaired as needed, depending on the level of fading. Power windows, though, that’s amazing. It also has power steering, power brakes, and factory AC.

The seller even included photos of the VIN and data plate. Who does that?! They do and we sure appreciate it! As an AB-62 engine, that works out to be the top 383-cu.in. OHV V8 for this year: a 315-hp four-barrel model with over 400 lb-ft of torque so yes, this one will spin the back wheels. It’s said to run well after they went through most of the systems and they have it posted here on craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona and they’re asking $10,500. Here is the original listing. For a comparison, Hagerty is at $12,800 for a #4 fair-condition car. Any thoughts on this Custom 880 convertible?

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  1. Mitchell G.Member

    In college my dad, brother and I revived a 1965 Dodge Custom 880 four-door sedan to cruise around in. That car was dead nuts reliable, drove like a dream and even got 19 mpg from its 383 big block. We ended up selling it a few years later (still kicking myself) but man there’s a lot of good memories from that car

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  2. Brian Pinkey

    Mitchell G. supplied one often wondered detail, which is almost vital for these great older V8 sleds, what is the gas mileage range? Growing up with 19CPG, dinna mater that much. Yet now especially in Coniefornia ($6) it is a concern. I’d love to take a road trip in some of these

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    • cold340

      Gas mileage as a concern? This car isn’t for you. Just went to pick up mom at the airport today in my 340/auto Dart convertible. Watched the gas gauge go from near full to 3/4 to little over 1/2 as I drove. There and back….. @45mi. round trip. On the freeway no less. At speed of todays traffic.
      Buy it, drive it and enjoy it!

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      • Terry Bowman

        My 340 69′ Dart fuel gauge is like watching a clock tick. I enjoy each tick.

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    • misterlouMember

      When a new Volvo wagon is getting 25 mpg, gotta tip the hat to the 49-year old Dodge getting 19 with no computer or FI.

      BTW gas @ $4.30/gal in LA right now.

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  3. frank g orzechowski

    Get rid of those ugly blackwall tires.

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    • Dave Brown

      I agree. Get rid of them. This car desperately needs whitewalls and the original wheels and hubcaps. Detroit spent big bucks designing appropriate hubcaps. The original owner would definately had been very proud of this Detroit original. It was modern, long, low and wide! People, please stop ruining any of these cars with your current beliefs. They will be ruined for all time.

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      • Bunky

        Yeah! And maybe a Connie Kit and some fender skirts! Yeah. No.

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  4. Zen

    Nice find, and a reasonable seller who made the effort to clean it up, get it running and drivable, and isn’t outrageously priced. Nicely optioned car, just have to find someone who wants it, and is willing to fix what is needed. I’m sure it will make a fun toy, plenty of power and factory options to enjoy.

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Kudos to the seller for his efforts in hiliting the important bits.but…..I think its a mite overpriced for its needs. But then I dont have a firm grasp of the market…but still….

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  5. Budster

    This one is a beauty, as all cars and trucks today look the same. Someone will soon be the proud owner of this 880. Hoping it goes to a good home.

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  6. Joe Haska

    This car is interesting for me for a couple of reasons: #1 I live in Phoenix and #2 I have a friend here that just finished a very respectable restoration of this very same car. When he started out he talked to me in depth about the car and who could do the work. I helped him as much as I could, but my big concern was, he needed to know that it was going to cost way more than the car would be worth. He said he didn’t care, he was not going to sell it, he would go to his
    daughter when he passed. Looking at this car compared to his I am sure I was right and as far as I know he still doesn’t care!

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    • frank g orzechowski

      I live in Phoenix also and found out if you do some looking you can find people to restore it and not cost a arm and a leg. You go to car shows and ask questions I had some work done in the past and got it done at a reasonable price.

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  7. Joe Haska

    I am interested in this car for 2 reasons it is located in Phoenix AZ and I am too. Plus I have a friend here that just finished a very good restoration on this very same make and model. This sort of thing was all new to him and he consulted with me a lot. I helped as much as I could to try and give him an idea what was going to be involved. The one thing I tried to explain to him was I had no doubt that it would cost more than it would be worth. He told me he didn’t care, he wanted to do it and he was going to will it to his daughter. Seeing this car assures me I was right and guess what, he still doesn’t care, So who was right?

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  8. Karll Xyukowski

    My late brother had the 4 door version of this in white with a black interior. He ended up building a sleeper. He added 413 heads along with a torker manifold, an Accell ign. system and upgraded the Carter carb, forgot what size it was. He also switched out the rear-end gears to what ratio I forgot. He was always out there picking on the store-bought muscle guys….needless to say most of them went home crying…..and this is what we did back in 75′.
    forgot to add that car was in showroom condition too. I truly miss all the mighty Mopars from the 60’s….had a few projects going myself……..

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  9. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    1965, the year the American convertible started its slow death into oblivion. Why? Mainly because of a/c. But this car is super rare as it’s a convertible WITH a/c! That wasn’t really heard of in the early-mid 60s. The other reasons convertibles were on the way out was government safety requirements. I really wish the government would mind its own business and stay away from people and cars.
    Anyway, Mopar had space age dashboards in the late 50s, especially the Imperials and I think it’s great to see a reminiscent of one in the mid 60s.
    This car only needs two things, besides a really good cleaning, wash and wax and polish……. duel exhaust and whitewall tires.

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  10. frank g orzechowski

    I owned a 65 Polara 500 which was pretty rare they had the Monaco, 880 and the 500 which had bucket seats a console and a floor shift and I believe was rare.

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  11. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Another black/red combo……these Mopars are a hard sell but looks like they could be close on price. It will be going to Sweden…..

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  12. Al Dee

    I had a ’65 Dodge Polara 500 2DR with a 383 4brl with the high performance cam package and high performance rear axle. It was cream white with black interior – bucket seats, full console with the torqueflite shift lever there – AC, electric windows, power tilt steering wheel, power brakes – the works. It looked a lot heavier than it was, and that faked out a lot of sports cars made specifically for high-speed performance that I easily outran in drag races – to my ever-loving delight. The Chrysler torqueflite transmission shifted so precisely at just the right revs, manual tranny sports cars lost time due to that advantage I had too. — Chrysler obviously learned a lot from that design as they continued to build large performance cars – like the Charger – that looked a lot heavier than they were with their wider track giving them excellent control and cornering. My ’65 Polara 500 was one of the most enjoyable cars to drive I’ve ever had.

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  13. Al Dee

    You could also tell the ’65 Dodge models apart by the side chrome strip. The Monaco had it along the top edge of the body. The 880 had a wider chrome strip just below the top edge of the body, the Polara 500 had a thin chrome strip along the body edge right above the wheel wells, and I think the 440 – the base model – had no side chrome strip. The back end between the tail lights also had specific details according to the model. There were different interiors, but not based on the model – as mine was a 2DR with bucket seats and a console, whereas this 2DR 880 – the more expensive model – has a front bench seat and you could get the Monaco in both configurations. Otherwise the interiors were much the same depending on the options you got on the car.

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  14. douglas hunt

    I fell in love with the red Polara that Derick Bieri [Vicegrip Garage] had on his youtube channel.
    when this popped up. I was like wow I would so cruise this around as well.

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  15. Greg G

    This is my first glimpse of this model. I imagine it was something special to look at and drive. It probably gave the 65 Chevy SS Impala cov.a run for it’s money. Maybe someone could enlightened me on that. Thanks in advance.

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  16. Greg G

    I meant to compare this car to the 64 Chevy Impala SS cov.

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  17. Robert West

    I gotta admit, I’m very impressed with the condition of this car for being stored outside for over two decades. The asking price is pretty fair also.

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  18. MarkybytheC

    Nice survivor! “The power top [ ] leaks” may be the understatement of the century!!

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  19. KnobiMember

    Thank you BF for mentioning my Dodge and thanks for all the comments. I am the seller of this car. LOL – MarkybytheC. Now that you point it out, I got a good laugh out of it too. I was actually referring to the power top cylinders leaking hydraulic fluid. Also, I need to sell the car and would take $8500 at this time. Have a great weekend.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      That looks like a winner, Knobi, and I see that the listing is down. Did someone make you an offer you couldn’t refuse? Thanks for the comment!

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