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Fantastic Futura: 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible

061116 Barn Finds - 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible - 1

This car is in the second most perfect location for a convertible to be in: Santa Monica, California. The first perfect location would be in our garage. It’s a 1965 Ford Falcon Futura convertible and it’s listed on eBay with a current bid price of just over $3,000 and there are five days left on the auction. The reserve isn’t met so this one will get up there a bit, it’s surely worth more than the current bid price.

061116 Barn Finds - 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible - 2

This is a second-generation Falcon and they were made for only 1964 and 1965. I’m a fairly staunch first-generation Falcon guy but I wouldn’t mind this car at all, it looks like a winner. I love the color, I don’t know if I’ve seen an “Ivy Green” Falcon before. I’m not a wire wheel fan, in general, but since they’re factory equipment, and thankfully they aren’t attached to wide white wall tires, I think they look great here.

061116 Barn Finds - 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible - 3

The seller says that this car has a “new convertible top, rams and cv motor” and I love the dark green and black combination. I wish I wouldn’t have seen this car, the more I look into it the more I want it! Even the trunk looks fantastic.

061116 Barn Finds - 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible - 4

There it is, it’s an automatic on the column, with a bench seat! It’s not the most sporty configuration, but for just bopping around town it would be nice. As always, I would prefer a manual, but if I were getting everything on my “I would prefer” list, having a manual in this particular car probably wouldn’t even register on the prefer-meter. The interior does look great and the seller, the second owner, put in “new carpet”. I’m guessing that the floors are rust-free and they say that there is “no rust” and it’s been in California its whole life. Power steering will make for easy in-town cruising, too.

061116 Barn Finds - 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Convertible - 5

Boom! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout! I know that most of you would have been disappointed to see a six-cylinder in this great car. Well, fret no more, there’s a super, super clean 289 V8 right there with about 200 hp on tap, that’s good for a burnout or two. I mean, as far as laying rubber goes, not for hauling your high school friends around.. (kidding). I wonder what the reserve is on this car, $7,500? More? This looks like quite a car to me, a rust-free Falcon convertible with a 289. What do you think this one will sell for?


  1. Van

    How many Shelby parts will fit to make a sleeper?

  2. Rick

    Bolt in a crate Coyote 5.0 & Tremec 5 speed and install a 9 inch posi under the back, then you’d have sleeper that would lay some serious rubber . . .

    • Mike Williams

      Bolt in a Coyote, Your Funny ha ha

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  3. RayT Member

    I’d lose the wire wheel covers — even though they remind me of J.C. Whitney — and do a thorough service to make sure all systems work properly. Finish off with a weekend of detailing, and it looks good to go! Might even get a replacement original-style trunk mat if I was feeling frisky….

    This is a car that should stay stock if you ask me, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Any upgrade under the hood would mean equivalent upgrades to brakes, steering and tires. There are plenty of restomods and not many unaltered Falcons around.

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    • Scotty G Staff

      You read my mind, RayT, that’s exactly what I will.. I mean, would do with this great little car.

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    • James Babineau

      Those wire wheel covers are stock.

  4. JW454

    I’m still trying to figure out that business attached to the shifter lever. It may be some form of an added Cruise control system but I don’t see any thing added to the engine compartment to go with it. Possibly a hand control assist? Neat little car though.

    • Scotty G Staff

      JW454, I contacted the seller and they said, “That was a rigged up horn has been removed and horn button installed under dash..needs new horn mechanism inside column.”

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      • Rocco Member

        That is a simple repair. A turn signal switch. A ’65-’66 Mustang switch should interchange. The hardest part is snaking the wiring harness down inside the steering column.

  5. Healeydays

    I had a 1965 Ford Falcon Futura years ago that I bought off a girl who inherited it from her great aunt who had only put 18K on it when I bought it. Great little car but ugly jungle print interior.

    I drove that thing for 3 years before I sold it to brother Dave, who drove it for 2 years who sold it to brother Tom, who drove it for a year before he sold it to brother Pete. He trade it in on a 78 Trans Am without letting me know. I didn’t talk to him for close to a year as I had a deal with the brothers that if they needed to sell it I get 1st refusal.

    The car ended up in a hot rodder’s hands and was painted the ugliest lime green, but he did build they thing to the 9s. I still see the car every now and again at shows, and to this day remind Pete he broke the family trust and he owes me a car…

  6. Busyditch

    Two years ago while traveling through Tennessee I bought a 1965 falcon coupe. Had all of the trim for a sprint but no sprint badge making it pretty much one off. 50 years later and it still had the 260 and also a five speed Tremec. It had a teardrop scoop and was white so I called it the mini-bolt. I got a good deal on it and they even threw in the T – 10 in the trunk. But being 6–4 it was too small for me and I sold it on eBay

  7. Pappy

    Did these come with a 289? I had a 64 Falcon Sprint and the factory V8 was a 260. I don’t think I have ever seen one with a 289… just wondering.

    • Healeydays

      My 65 was a 289

    • Scotty G Staff

      Yes, sir, they came with a 289 V8 in 1965. The 1964 Falcons had a 260 for a V8 choice.

    • Mike Williams

      Cancel the thumbs down. The 5 bolt 289 was only available in the larger Fords and Comet in ’64

      • Rocco Member

        Sorry, but you’re wrong about the 5-bolt 289 ONLY available in big Fords & Comets. There were many 5-bolt 289’s in Mustangs when they came out in ’64. Some 4V D-code(210 or 215hp) version’s and some K-code (271hp). The 289 was an option over the 170 6-cyl., and the 260 V-8.
        They were also available in ’63-’64 Fairlanes. 2V, and 271hp versions, with 4-speeds. The ’63 versions might have only been the 271hp 289’s and the 2V engines might have been 260’s, but I’m positive about the 271hp versions.

      • Mike Williams

        I should have said 64 models, it was available for the 65 models like @# Rocco says. Forgot Fairlanes.

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    my first convert (a package deal with a 69 RS/SS that was stripped – for a nice 71 Nova runner ) was a 64 drop top runner with the 260 – had some fun a pics with my first nephew….years later got a 64 Sprint drop top and pictures with my first great nephew – still with the little 260 – they run a little hot in that compartment even with up graded heads….sold it as it was also and auto… cars for the money….and easy on the eyes….

  9. Roselandpete

    I’d leave it as is but it will be interesting to see what it goes for. Up to $5,600 as of now and reserve still not met.

  10. Peter R

    listed on the south Florida craigslist at 10,900.00

    • Roselandpete

      Too rich for my blood for that car.

  11. Tirefriar

    Yep, asking on CL locally is $10900 the magic number in seller’s head is $10k but probably can be had for $9k. Given the prices I just encountered this is not a bad deal if the car is solid, especially given 289 under the hood. I’d lower it just a tad and that’s about it. Adding A/C would probably be the first thing I’d do though. I live in SFV, that’s the San Fernando Valley for those uninitiated, and driving Alfa Spiders in the 80*+ heat (that’s pretty good weather for SFV) with top down taught me a lesson.

  12. Howard A Member

    Apparently, this is the last year for the Falcon convertible. It also is a pretty lackluster Futura,( it doesn’t seem to say Futura anywhere) as I’ve seen some pretty fancy ones. ( bucket seats, console, etc) Wiki claims the 289 was offered as well as the 302 ( didn’t think the 302 was around then) Perfect classic for summer time cruising. With plenty of power. Cool car.

    • Howard A Member

      Just shows, Wiki ain’t always right. The 302 came out in late ’67 for the ’68 models, but the 289 was offered in ’65.

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  13. James

    As a previous owner of a 65 FUTURA 2 Dr HT. The transmission cross member uses a funky leaf spring deal that isn’t made to handle hard driving. Without traction bars the rear end will wheel-hop bad enough to break things. I assume FORD didn’t want the sibling taking the Mustang’s thunder. Couldn’t get a Hi-Po 289 in a falcon. Mine with aluminum wheels, 1\2 tank of gas without me in it weighed 2750 about 200 lbs lighter than a Stang. I totaled mine in a high speed pursuit 25 yrs ago. Live and learn. The sheriff said he wanted to buy my engine cause as he said ” LEFT ME LIKE I WAS TIED TO A STUMP” yeah we country.

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    • j.boyd

      End over end once, 2 barrel rolls(That i remember) Very lucky to walk away(in handcuffs) but lucky.

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  14. Greg

    Hi I live in australia

    I have a 65 2dr Convertible Futura Ivy Green White top Disc brake front end rack and pinion 302 4 speed has tacho sprint badges inside front doors and on front near doors split front bench seat


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  15. james boyd

    falcon’s are lighter than mustangs but the trans member is a funky set up with a short leaf spring that ties the trans and crossmember(with a 3sp manual like mine) And you couldnt get a 271 HP in a falcon. How bad would that be to have the ugly older sister out run the new sexy one.

    • Rocco Member

      The 289/271HiPo, is the same physical size as a 260/289LoPo. I know several people with 289HiPo’s, with 4-speeds, in their ’63-’65 Falcon’s, without any mod’s, as long as the Falcon came with a 4-speed. 3-speed’s need the 4-speed tunnel shifter adapter, if you’re going to a 4-speed. Everything is bolt in after the floor is cut and modified for the tunnel adapter.

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  16. chad

    Car spawned the suv and muscle car crowd movers:


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