1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Field Find

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

This project is going to either take a very carefully laid out DIY strategy or tons of money, most likely both, to get it restored. Thankfully, it’s a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback with a current bid of just $3,050 with no reserve. The seller has a clear title for it and a VIN listed. They do note it is a real A-code Fastback in original Ragoon Red. You can find it here on eBay in Muskegon, Michigan.

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

This car has been tucked away in a field for a number of years bare and broken. The engine and transmission have long moved on without the car. According to the seller, while it is primarily just a shell of a car, what you see is original. The rear glass and side glass are all intact. In some of the photos, some extra parts are shown which cost extra. The seller does have a 289 engine and C-4 transmission if you want them.

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

Due to it being hidden away in a field for so long, the floors have long since joined the earth. It is primarily Flintstone powered at this point, if it rolls that is. There is a single white seat that comes with the car per the listings information. The seller says they have a full set of black seats and all the interior trim specific for a Fastback, along with a variety of other parts, but all are extra on top of the winning bid if the buyer wants them.

1965 Ford Mustang Fastback

With the price for parts and condition of the car, it might be best to just go a whole different route with this thing. Maybe take the Fastback roof off, put it on a solid coupe body, and use it as a racer? Or, play off the current condition and rat rod/Mad Max it. The decaying look is already there, just lean into it a bit more with some off-road tires and utilitarian grade interior. That would certainly turn heads at car shows.


  1. CapNemo CapNemo

    That tends to bug me, when a seller wants to charge extra for the parts that should be going with the car anyway. This one’s pretty rough and, being a unibody, there’s no frame to remove anything from.

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  2. RayT Member

    Hello, Dynacorn?

    If I wanted a project of this magnitude and had the funds to do it, I’d go the easier rout and buy a new shell and repop parts and configure this to the built 351-6-speed manual-beefed-up suspension-fancy interior Mustang of my dreams.

    Paying a fancy price for a car that USED TO have a desirable powertrain and paint code doesn’t motivate me.

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  3. JoeFranks

    The air in the tires extra.

    Seats extra

    nOM extra

    Field the car rotted in available extra 😂

    Funds to restore (additional loan extra at owners expense) extra

    Significant other accepting this will require extra domicile and address extra 🙃

    I think this person should sell the trim tags and vintage with title to buyer to save “extra “shipping cost in this rustang

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  4. Bob

    I don’t understand for a moment why someone would pay $3050 for this.

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  5. Tom Member

    I am a pretty strong believer in the saying “Don’t crush it, restore it!” but I also understand that there comes a time when you do have to “Call the time of death”. All I hear and see on this one is flat line.

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  6. Robert May

    The front wheels look off center. It could be an illusion because of the one missing and other crumpled fenders. If it needs frame rail work it needs to stay where it is.

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  7. Benjy58

    One Two Three! Presto it’s a parts car. Not worth any near 3 grand.

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  8. Dovi65

    What reason would anyone take this on? What’s here that’s worth anything?? Buy one that’s already done [or further along than this heap of scrap]. This one is best suited for use as a garden planter. $3K?? Be serious. $300 maybe

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  9. CCFisher

    Does nobody else see the accident damage? The front end is a twisted, offset mess!

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  10. Ralph

    $30.50 maybe.

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  11. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    While a big fan of “Barn Finds,” I’m not too keen on “Field Finds.” This pile of nuts, bolts and rust is not a car, its a VIN with a few extra parts. There is very little left here that is usable and whatever you can salvage will probably need a lot of work to be useful. The seller should just remove anything salvageable (which won’t take long) and scrap the rest.

    I like Mustangs but I don’t really see much hope here.

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  12. Gaspumpchas

    Yep CCFisher this ol pony was stuffed hard, then the ironworms took over. I’d bet the cowl plenum is shot also. Dovi65 good thoughts also. Buy something better to start with, there’s a reason the collsion damage never got . Parts car maybe but Like you said, 300 would be a stretch, the back window and the side vent assembles are getting hard to get. Good luck, you will need it!

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  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    Take it back out to the field and let it sink peacefully into the ground.

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  14. AMXBrian

    This is a perfect movie car. Booger in some repop panels and bondo then launch this airborne, Dukes-style, across the screen for the next Fast and Furious movie.

  15. Nitehawk770

    Front end got clocked, hence why its turned to swiss cheese. Nothing here worth saving….this pony sadly needs a trip behind the barn.

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  16. Del

    3 grand for scrap ?


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  17. rustyvet

    50 people (according to Ebay) have bid this up to 3k… wow

  18. Paul

    There is nothing left to restore! I wouldn’t doubt that the high bidder gets buyers remorse and is never heard from again. If you are going to pay over $3000 for a vin you should at least get some usable parts…..I have looked hard at pictures and don’t see anything that is usable?

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  19. Chuck MATHER

    Sold @ $4050.00. Wow! I see about a $1000.00 worth of parts. The rest is scrap.

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  20. Paul

    I guess somebody really wanted that Vin!

  21. Claudio

    Easy peasy , remove tag and reinstal on stole car or salvage fastback , NOW you know why the price is high and tou know that the rustpile will go to the recycler …

  22. Del

    The buyer will never show.

    Ford tags are not worth 3 grand

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