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1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Project

Ouch, Ouch, and another Ouch is how I would describe this 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback. Even the seller states, “This car is a serious project. Nothing here is going to “Buff Out” so if that’s what you want, keep looking. This is not the car for you”. OK, fair enough, but let’s take a close look anyway. This pony car is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and is available here on eBay for a current bid of  $3,550, five bids tendered as of this writing.

A ’65 Mustang is always a nice find as this was the first year for the fastback body style. Technically, Mustangs built in the ’64 model year were titled as ’65s but are colloquially known as ‘64.5s – and of that vintage, there was no fastback offered. This example has a June 1965 build date so it was produced late in the ’65 model year. Popularity abounded, this Mustang is one of 559K assembled in model year ’65, and that’s on top of 120K+ early ’65s produced in the ’64 model year.

While the fastback body style conveys a performance image, that is not the bearing of this car as it is powered by a 120 HP, 200 CI, the inline six-cylinder engine driving through a three-speed manual transmission – not exactly the stuff of excitement. It’s probably a moot point as the seller states, “The engine is not stuck, but I haven’t tried to fire it. I figure the new owner will decide whether to rebuild what is here or do a Shelby clone car. Original six-cylinder cars (especially fastbacks) are getting scarce, but that’s the new owner’s call”. The seller is to be commended for his full disclosure – not only in terms of this car’s mechanicals but in reference to all of its bits, it is a very informative listing!

What you see is what you get and there are challenges aplenty with this Mustang. Rust is the enemy and instead of trying to paraphrase the seller, I’ll include his words as follows, “The worst of it is behind the B pillar to the taillight panel. The springs are breaking through the trunk floors, and the rear frame rails need to be replaced, along with the trunk floors, inner and out wheel housings, plus sections of the interior floor (probably a whole replacement is best here, rather than trying to piece together separate parts). 1965 models didn’t come with any torque boxes but they should be added for structural support. There is some rust in the rear window channel”. The good news is that he does have quite a few replacement parts including a complete set of “good quality” used bolt-on sheet metal parts and the doors, hood, and decklid are still in usable shape.

The interior is now the exterior as it has all been removed but the seller claims, “The interior is also complete with a fold-down rear seat and all the fiberglass pieces unique to a fastback. The only interior piece missing is a passenger seat, easily obtainable at your local swap meet. All the fastback unique brackets are still in the car”.  That said, there is a massive amount of work necessary to repair the floors and structure. There is a partial image of the dash and instrument panel but there are no gauges or switchgear present so it’s a safe assumption that those parts, and all of the wiring, will have to be sourced.

The seller states that six-cylinder fastbacks are getting scarce and that may be the case but that doesn’t necessarily translate into value and this stripped example is not a particularly strong starting point. And then there is the decision to make, restore as original, modify for performance, restomod, or… Nevertheless, if one were looking for a first-gen Mustang project, this is probably not the optimal example. So, would you be willing to take on this challenge?


  1. Avatar photo djjerme

    This could be usable for a period racecar build. Or if someone was going full tube frame, then the floor would be cut out anyways. But at what the bids are up to now, I don’t think that is the ultimate end goal for those bidding.

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  2. Avatar photo Guggie 13

    I have a friend who last year restored a 66 Mustang convertible that was in worse condition than this , its in show room condition now . Lots of work and lots of resources out there for these projects , be prepaired to spend and sweat !!!

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  3. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    It would be easier to find a rust free coupe and take the top off of this one and make your own fastback. Even with spare parts this car is in pretty bad shape for a rebuild.

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    • Avatar photo Bhoff55

      My daughter and I did exactly that 14 years ago. We bought a rusty A-code fastback here in the Midwest and an absolutely rust-free coupe in Nevada and swapped the roof, deck lid and unique fastback bits onto the coupe. We cut halfway down the A pillar, around the door jams and then along the top of the rear fender to the midpoint of the fastback deck lid. We also drilled out the spot welds for the wheel wells and anywhere else the roof clip was attached. Before we cut the deck lid opening we made sure to make marks on the top edge of the fender and measure between the marks in order to get the fender spacing correct when welding the new clip in.
      Not a project for the first timer but it turned out really well and was a great father/daughter experience.

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  4. Avatar photo DON

    Looks like this poor pony was put out to pasture decades ago in some junkyard ! The flipper that bought it at least cleaned the car, threw out the rotted / damaged interior bits so a buyer can see what he’s getting and replaced some of the parts that had been sold off the car . Its going to need lots of work, but everything’s available for these ,so I can see it being restored by someone.

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  5. Avatar photo Arthur

    Seller: “I figure the new owner will decide whether to rebuild what is here or do a Shelby clone car.”

    Take this car to either Classic Recreations or Revology, and they can turn it into an actual Shelby Mustang. It would be even recorded in the Shelby American Worldwide Registry through the licensing arrangement these companies have with Shelby American.

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  6. Avatar photo Jon

    65’ Fastback. Possibly the best they ever did … Great build for the brave – depending on what it sells for …. I would guess $10k tops ??

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    • Avatar photo Cobrajetter

      $10K would be an amazing result.

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  7. Avatar photo Phlathead Phil 🚗🇺🇸

    Glass bottom ‘Stang? Could be a new trend!

    Names’ Bond, ma’am, James Bond…

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  8. Avatar photo Cobrajetter

    $8,700 and a few days to go. Amazing!

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  9. Avatar photo Jon

    $8,700.. OCT 9th and 2 Days to go… As i was saying data ago. It’ll bring $10k.. It’s a 1st year Fastback. Easy money

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  10. Avatar photo Randy

    Only $8,700. Still a great result.

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