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1965 Mustang Fastback Project

1965 Mustang Fastback project

This dissembled ’65 Mustang Fastback project looks like it’s going to take a huge amount of work, but with bidding just over $2,500 and only a day left to go, it could be worth snapping up! It’s listed here on eBay in Dayton, Ohio. The owner says this is a true V-8 car and it looks to be an original Wimbledon White example!

'65 Fastback project rear

There is loads of metal included with this body and according to the owner this is a “fantastic” winter project.

'65 Fastback project front

The owner’s ad states that there are good solid front frame rails and shock towers to work with.

'65 Fastback project intr

There is a clear title and it is not a wrecked or salvage one. The owner will help you ship and/or load it. Please call the owner’s shop with any questions and if you want/need an inventory of the metal included with this purchase. This Fastback isn’t in a forest but a clean shop, isn’t that nice? Or is it a bad sign?




  1. Avatar photo Leo

    Have you ever assembled a car that has been stripped right down to the last removable part and then some by SOMEONE ELSE and then tried to put it back together again? Uhhh not a good way to do a vehicle that you arent very well versed in. So if you have done NUMEROUS early mustangs then this might be a good deal. If not then RUN as fast and as far as you can. He cut the panels out and You will have no idea as
    to the CORRECT fitment of the new panels. Not to mention what all is missing here?? Not me!! If its such a screaming good project, why isnt he finishing what he started??

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      Well said Leo. the other thing is this looks like a Mustang restoration shop. this is year and model is a hot car to sell once done. Great Shelby clone option. why isn’t this shop/owner interested in “doing what they do” and making a tidy profit. Something seems to be really not quite right here.

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  2. Avatar photo redwagon

    i dont restore cars by any means but honestly all i think this one is good for is as parts for another that has rear or rear quarter damage.

    perhaps i am just not thinking big enough………..

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    It is a huge job, looks like all he wants to do is get out from under it, and possibly break even.

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  4. Avatar photo Healeydays

    It’s always interesting when you see a shop like that trying to sell a project like this with others of the same make in the background. What was wrong with this car or did they pick the parts they wanted and just want to sell the leftovers.

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  5. Avatar photo skibum2

    I agree, they have taken what they need from this pile of parts..everything that is not here is expensive.. good luck with this.

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  6. Avatar photo Rich

    Normally I would never touch something like this but the price of entry isn’t bad right now if you’re versed in mustangs.

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  7. Avatar photo gunningbar

    If hes taken the good parts and selling the rest… shame on him.

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  8. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I wouldn’t live long enough to get this poor pony up on 4 wheels just steering and braking properly. Probably this shop has better things to do with their time than figure out to make a car out of these pieces of metal, which is why they are dumping it.

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  9. Avatar photo Bruce E

    If I was a betting man, my guess is that a customer brought this hulk into his shop with the idea of restoration. When the bills started showing up in the mail box he started to see what a money pit he was getting into, and abandoned the project. The owner of the shop knows how much labor will go into it to make a nice car, and can probably find another one that doesn’t need this much work and make more money with less time spent.
    This car will only become a reality if the new buyer can do the work himself, thereby saving labor cost. I have put cars together in similar shape, but I’m not sure I would want to take this on, mainly because I think you would be seriously upside down cost wise considering everything else it needs…

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    • Avatar photo Andrew

      Exactly what I was thinking. Submit a mechanical lein or garage lein. Then sell it off.

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  10. Avatar photo RayT

    The ad says nothing about engine, transmission, front clip, suspension, trim, etc. Sounds like the buyer will have to source those, as well as throwing the whole thing back together, painting, upholstering and replating.

    For me, the value is hovering right around “zero.”

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  11. Avatar photo MikeW

    the shop is looking for a new owner to continue the work and keep the cash flowing :)

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  12. Avatar photo ColeB


    yeah … they only made over 560,000 Mustangs in 65 …… sure, only 75,000 were fastbacks though …… pretty rare …. not.

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  13. Avatar photo Mike Williams

    Very popular, YES

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