1965 Mustang With Dealer Installed Options?

1965 Mustang

The seller of this 1965 Mustang has owned it since 1975 and they claim that the unique grill and taillights were dealer installed. It is a well-optioned car with air conditioning, power brakes and steering, and a C-code 289. The paint color has been changed at some point though and there is mention of some rust. It looks good in the photos though and those supposed dealer-installed options make me want to take a closer look. The price doesn’t seem too bad either if it’s relativity solid. The car is located in De Soto, Kansas and is listed here on Hemmings for $6,000. So, what do you think about that grill and those taillights?

Dealer installed taillights


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  1. Mark B. Morrow

    Those are J.C. Whitney catalog add-ons. They may have been dealer installed but they were not Ford accessories.

    • Heath

      I remember seeing those in the early 80’s in the JC Whitney catalog as well. They had a lot of weird..but cool for the time, mustang parts.

  2. Rufus

    The grill and tail light combo is not a big problem in my mind and could be easily returned to stock. The color change is unfortunate, but not as much a deal breaker on this car as it would be on a K or a Fastback. As always the rust needs to be kept in mind in figuring desirability. Although they made millions of ’em, they haven’t made any like this in almost 50 years.
    All in all probably a good example of a “Driver”. Keep it around for a weekends and light errand car.
    Have fun

  3. mike D

    I am not usually a big fan of the early Mustangs, but this one garners a look Looks to be good condition, would be nice for a driver or for cruise in nights!

  4. That Guy

    The grille and taillights look exactly like the kind of pieces that would have been included as the “Custom” option in a plastic model kit labeled as a “3-in-one” kit: build it stock, custom, or dragster. They do have a great period custom look; I’d leave it just as is. Much more interesting than just another clean-daily-driver Mustang coupe.

    • Woodie Man

      I built those! LOL

  5. don

    the only thing special about this mustang is the a/c , power steering, and power brakes, that tail light thing has to go, just ugly and over bearing, not a bad price thou.

  6. Dolphin Member

    Looks like it could be worth the $6K asking for a 2-owner coupe, but too bad the seller didn’t roll it out of the garage into daylight so you could see it, especially the rust in those “normal” places. How much rust and where, exactly? Fortunately the ‘custom’ Whitney doo-dads are easily changed back and the vinyl roof can be put back to paint, but with a C-code coupe I would not want to have too big a bill for the rust repair on top of the cost of a repaint.

  7. Tirefriar

    The grille irritates me much more than the tail lamps. I’d install OE grille and throw on TorqueThrust to compliment the sportier look. Interesting, reading the ad I did not see any mention of the running condition of this car. The price is quite attractive, especially when compared to GM F-bodies but it is one of those cars that I would either have to physically see myself or have a professional inspector lay his/her eyes on.

  8. Drew

    Not what I consider “Dealer installed options”. Dealer installed options would have to have been available for that particular model of car and were not after market pieces. I have worked the “Parts Counter” of several dealerships over the years. Most dealerships have/had paint & body shops that would install aftermarket accessories for the customer but these were not considered dealer installed accys, a typical D.I.A. for a 65 Mustang might be a rallye pac, styled wheels, GT Stripes or GT dual exhaust and valance. The same parts that would also fit a Falcon, Galaxie, etc would not be considered D.I.A.s if they were not available on that make to begin with… It would be the same thing as installing the factory crossram intake for for the Z-28 on a Nova, Impala, would just be an accessory but not a D.I.A. as it was never an option on those models of Chevy…

    I was working the Parts Counter of a large Chevy dealer in the early to mid 2,000’s and one of the most popular accessories for the new trucks sold was the installation of the hood ornament from a 96′ Caprice… it looked really good on the trucks but it was funny the number of people who would try to order a new truck from the salesmen saying they had seen several trucks with the hood ornament and saying they knew it was an option,when in reality it wasn’t…

  9. mike

    taillites from honest charley speed shop ,from chat. tn.mail order house. Bought them for my 66gt when I was in high school

  10. pontiactivist

    I’m not generally fan of these belly buttons but I kinda like this one. Guess it is because it’s different. I have never actually seen these lights outside of the catalog. I agree the grille is not for me. Blacked out grille with no corral and a set of fog lights. Shelby hood with pins. Big and little redlines on Americans. And enjoy it if the rust isn’t too bad. Watch the heads turn. Good exhaust helps with the head turning too. Lol

  11. Glen

    Probably just me, but I see Pinto in the front, and Cougar in the back! It doesn’t really work for me.

  12. jesus bortoni

    $6,000.00, not an outrageous price depending on body condition. Conceivably, you could leave the exterior alone and start working on the mechanics (brakes, suspension, exhaust) meanwhile evaluating the motor and making plans for it and the transmission. I’ll bet $15K ALL in would give you a very nice ride. Certainly better than what you would find at a KIA dealership.

  13. MikeW

    Great price for a unusual coupe, I remember buying horseshoe bumper guards from the dealer and they had lots more accessories available. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

  14. Karl

    The grille looks OK to me, but I would go back to the original taillights. These aftermarket things look like the owner was trying to ape the look of a ’60s Mercury Cougar–which is fine on the Cougar, but not here.

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