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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Indy Pace Car

1965 Sport Fury Pace Car

To celebrate the fact that the Sport Fury was chosen to lead the race cars around Indianapolis, Plymouth released a limited number of Pace Car Replicas in 1965. These convertibles were fitted with the 383 Golden Commando V8 and came very well-optioned. This particular one is a little ratty, but appears to be complete. It’s listed here on Vermont’s craiglist without a price, but I can imagine that it’s not going to go cheap. Take a look at the photos though because it looks like the seller has a few other “gems” laying around! Thanks goes to Justin C. for the tip!


  1. Rick

    For a 50 yr old apparently unrestored car I certainly wouldn’t call it ratty – more like honest original

  2. JW

    Not bad looking for it’s age and it actually runs, depending on the price might be a steal.

    • Darryl

      Not sure anyone will read this from a 5 year old post. I live in southern Indiana and own this sport fury in the pics. I have documentation of it coming from Vermont. I noticed the rear trim missing and 8 track player in the pics which is in the car I now own.

      • Josh Mortensen Staff

        Hi Darryl, Send us photos! We would love to see it. You can email them to us at

  3. Bill Gillooly

    That may be the wrong photo of the engine. If it was a 383 Golden Commando shouldn’t it have a 4 bbl carburetor?

    • Randy

      It’s a 318 poly motor.

    • moosie Craig

      The engine pictured is the base V8, a 318 Poly motor, 383 was probably an option that this one doesnt have.

  4. Bill Gillooly

    The photo of the engine may be wrong.

    If it had a Golden Commando 383 V-8 then it should have a 4-bbl carburetor.

  5. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Well, I believe it’s supposed to have a 383. Perhaps someone swapped it out?

  6. Dave T

    Good afternoon everyone, I just discovered this website! It’s now my biggest workplace productivity reducer. (Hopefully I can find my next project car here too…)

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Welcome Dave! We’re glad you joined us. Good luck with your search and please keep us update on what you find.

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      • Jeff

        So what are they really worth. I have a neighbor with a original one. Never touched or redone.

    • RickyM

      Workplace productivity reducer – Brilliant Dave, love it !!!

  7. Jeff Lemay

    That is a sweet rare car.

  8. Ed P

    The distributor is in the rear of the engine meaning it is a 318 A block motor. The Commando engines were B or RB blocks with a front distributor. I agree with Rick, for 50 yrs old, this is not bad.

    • rumpfox

      not a 383 car it would have the comando emblems on the front fenders which this one doesn’t have or even the holes for the emblems. this is a dealer prept indy car not a real indy car. the only time this car seen indy was going by on a train going to a dealer near you

      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        As I mentioned above, Plymouth manufactured a limited amount of Pace Car “replicas”. I was under the impression that they all came with 383s, but maybe not?

      • Ed P

        I agree with you rumpfox. This car is also missing the front bumper guard shown in the video. The 318 was a big seller in ’65 Fury’s. I wonder if the factory used it to cook up a lower priced Pace Car.

  9. rich

    We had one back in 65 Dad drove it off the show room floor, but not a pace car as they had not came out yet. Ours was the Dark blue over white great looking car would not mind having another one for sure.

  10. Justin

    You can see a video about these cars here:

    The owner may have a 383 engine that he would sell, seeing that it may be at a salvage yard by looking at the pictures.

  11. Justin

    Sorry guys. I submitted this ad to barnfinds. I am not a Mopar guy. I am a GM pace car guy. I have owned several Camaro, Corvette, Cutlass and Trans Am Pace Cars. I saw this and thought that someone would be interested this convertible.

  12. krash


    Quite a few cars in the background….a little treasure trove for someone….

    …would love to take a walk around…

  13. Jim Benjaminson

    There has always been a question as to how many 1965 Sport Fury Pace Car convertibles there were; photos I have from the Speedway show two cars – showing different graphics and different equipment. There was also a contest that awarded 33 Pace Car convertibles (one for each driver in the race) and one given away as a prize by (if I remember correctly) a spark plug manufacturer. Then there were the cars sold by dealers across the USA. The actual cars at the track were white with blue tops and blue interiors, 383 powered. If anyone has any more info, I’d appreciate hearing from them – Jim Benjaminson, Mem. Sec., Plymouth Owners Club, Inc.

    • Richard Aguayo

      Jim we communicated I owned one of the 33 found in alameda ca. it was featured in hemmings SIA #190 still have some parts.

    • Keith Collier

      I know this a old ad but recently picked up a 1965 sport fury convertible. 383 dual quads. Not a Mopar guy but like the car. Guys father died and left it for son. I just so happen to be working in the area and asked about it. I got it going and redid the top. May be interested in selling it. Just wanting to know more it. How to find out how rare it is.

  14. Jim Benjaminson

    Hi Rich – I take it you no longer have the car? Any idea where it went? We still haven’t written the article about these cars for the Plymouth Bulletin…..!

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