1965 Rambler American 440H Find

In 1965, only 8,164 Rambler 440Hs were produced. As the most upscale sporty model of the car called “The Sensible Spectaculars” in their advertising, it’s a pretty glitzy version of the small AMC car. This particular one is listed for sale here on eBay where the buy it now is $5,200 and bidding is right around $2,500 so far. Despite the California license plates, this car is located in Peyton, Colorado. Thanks to reader Ikey Heyman for this cool find!

While there may be a few ripples in the bumpers, this is a nice clean driver classic. The seller tells us that there are some small dings and dents and that the paint is tired enough it really needs to be redone, but I’d sure try to see what I could do with a buffer and some compound first. The seller also mentions a bubble on one quarter panel, but I couldn’t find it in the pictures.

There is a crack in the windshield as well. There’s a new one here on eBay, but don’t forget about shipping and crating charges.

Unfortunately, the interior is a little rough. The seller is kind enough to tell us that the fabric under the covers isn’t good either, so at least you know what you are getting into. That being said, this car looks better on both the inside and outside as the last 440H we featured. I’ll take this one over that one.

This is the first application of the venerable AMC/Jeep inline six cylinder engine, here in 232 cubic inch form. The engine was used in this form until 1979, with the same engine being used in a larger 258 cubic inch version from 1971 to 1989 and then receiving fuel injection in 1987 for Jeep use.  Chrysler would continue production of that version after its purchase of AMC in 1987 all the way through 2006! 41 years is a long time for an engine to survive! The car runs and stops well — would you like it to stop in your garage?


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  1. Walter Joy

    Hopefully I can find one to use as a partscar for a 1969 SC/Rambler that Mother Nature is trying to reclaim

  2. Howard A Member

    I had one of these once. One of the many $100 beaters I drove during the winter while the good car was stored. If I took it on the highway, it would use up all the oil in an hour. City driving, quart every 2 days. Good heater, Ramblers usually had pretty good heaters. I always thought the “H” had a console and bucket seats. It does say “H” on the glove box, however. Great find.

  3. Craig MacDonald

    I had a ’65 American a few years ago. Handsome car (more squared lines than this), easy driver, and reliable engine. But the transmission had an aluminum case and no cooler; relied on air cooling. Made me nervous in AZ and it didn’t seem like a good idea to tow anything, incl. our 800 lb. teardrop.
    I wonder if this has the same transmission.

  4. Bob C.

    Actually, in 1987 the six went down to 242 cu in (4.0). Still, horsepower rated between 170 and 190 during those years. A true workhorse.

  5. kenzo

    Howards comments got me thinking so went to a 2012 Collectable Automobile article of a one family owned since new 440H. Standard equipment for it is bucket seats & console and extra chrome trim. The article one has a chrome spear on the front fenders. Options are door mirrors and special badging. It also has an original blue engine and the oil filter appears to be on the top front. The more I look that is not the stock engine. Having said all that the article is for a 1964 and the one advertised is a 1965, but IMHO to much wrong to make it a 440H. Maybe the glove box door is.

    • Duane Hayes

      In 1964 the OHV six is the 196 CID, oil filter on top, 1965 the top of the line Americans received the brand new 232.

  6. kenzo

    Back Again, The extra trim also has chrome between the tail lights. e-Bay doesn’t. Its a Plain Jane American Hardtop.

  7. Kent Morris

    These are great collector cars for anyone wanting classic ’60s design with an accessible, easy to maintain platform.

    This one looks like it has good bones and the BIN is quite reasonable.

    I have a ’64 440H hardtop in beautiful Contessa Rose with Maroon top. If strict originality is not the goal, this car could be painted in those colors to make it really pop.

  8. Bruce Estus

    I have a 64 rambler american 440H . the only spot that i have seen on them rust holes is right in front of the back tires okay . it has one on the other side same spot okay. its has a FLASH AUTOMACTIC transmission what is a two speed okay. Dose anyone know how many of the 440H was made in the 64 model okay? I’m the third owner of this car okay its only got 58647 miles okay.Its a196 with a carter two barrle okay.

  9. chad

    i had the (I think it was a ’64) American convertible. More boxy, this is sporty compared to that!
    Folks would laugh from the sidewalk when I pulled up to a stop – it ran so quiet they thought I’d stalled out. That 6 ran w/o vibration too. Very roomie for a mid to smaller USA car (@ that time).

  10. Clay Bryant

    Those of you that know how to Photoshop, stick a set of Dayton Wires on this and see what the difference it makes…………….

  11. Howard A Member

    Front and rear bumpers are the same on these cars.

  12. John

    install a newer 258 with FI from a Jeep :) , or as is, great little car

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