1966 Fiat 1500GT Ghia: Exotic Looks


While just about any car looks better on wire knock-off wheels, this 1966 Fiat 1500 GT Ghia could be sitting on cinder blocks and I’d still consider it beautiful. Spotted by Barn Finds reader Harlyn J, this Ghia can be found here on craigslist and is a rarity no matter where it is discovered, and thankfully appears in good order despite its current storage arrangement in a barn. The Ghia-designed body houses a tiny but simple Fiat motor that makes sourcing spare parts and performing repairs a relatively painless task, a pleasant surprise considering exotic bodies typically house expensive and complicated running gear. I’ve seen these 1500s used as road rally cars and as preserved collector-grade vehicles, so they occupy a useful niche for those seeking a unique project car. It definitely deserves to be saved and stored properly, and the price is fair considering what other examples have sold for.


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  1. rich

    Dang to only have that much cash handy it would be mine in a heart beat. And it’s only 20 miles from me. Just might have to go check it out anyway.

    • jim s

      if you do go check the car out please update us. thanks.

    • Roger ulrich

      Was only 20 miles from too. Looked at it on Monday and brought it home on Saturday. It is in better condition than I expected! Not the original engine but I do not care! Just plan on DRIVING it when I make it road worthy!

      • Chris

        Hello Roger
        Let me know if you want to sell your Ghia. It’s a serious proposition.

        Thank you

  2. Stuart

    Oh my goodness that is a gorgeous car!! It can’t weigh much, that 1500 engine can probably move that beauty right along….

  3. PeteL

    These are very solid cars. The 1500cc is a touch underpowered and many drop other engines under the hood as there appears to be quite a bit of room. Read of conversions from 289 V-8’s to a 3.0L V-6 Alfa Romeo to a 2.0 4 cylinder. I own one of these with the stock 1500. They are roughly the size of a 240Z with fine lines and presence in person. The spokes look great on this one. Make sure all the bits are there as they are very hard to source. I am on the hunt for a passenger window and a stock air filter housing to complete mine. If it is minimal in rust, this appears a fair start.

    • JazzB

      Hi PeteL

      I own one as well in France and listed about 100 cars worldwide. Not sure I know yours.
      I might help you with the air filter. Concerning windows, they are very hard to find and many cars have a plexiglass replacement one as I have on driver side…

  4. jim s

    this listing has been on CL for at least 15 days. as rare as these are i think seller would do better with an auction house or ebay. great find.

  5. Dolphin Member

    This is a very desirable car in some quarters, so this should get a lot of attention…..or as much attention as Craigslist can provide. If I were selling this I sure wouldn’t use CL, and I would get better photos. You really can’t get many details from this listing other than what the car is and that it looks whole. The seller calls it a project. We don’t know whether it runs or even whether the engine turns, but if the seller calls it a project the car must have needs. What are they?

    The good news is that the rarest stuff is in the body and the body details, like the kinds of things that PeteL is trying to find to complete his car. Fortunately the car body & interior look complete.

    The engine looks to me like a problem, tho. This car has a 1600cc DOHC fiat engine, but I believe the original engine was a 1500cc pushrod (or possibly SOHC) engine. I can’t find detailed specs on that, but photos of other 1500GT Ghias show a different engine that’s definitely not DOHC. A non-original engine will keep the price down with a car like this.

    • James

      Specs can easily be found by searching for Ghia 1500 GT. One should not include the word Fiat in one’s search. It’s a Ghia product not a Fiat model.

      They were equipped with a Fiat 1500 (1481cc) OHV engine. There may have been a few with 67 hp rather than “normal” 83 hp engines – same 1481cc displacement.

      Specs: http://www.automobile-catalog.com/auta_details1.php

      I didn’t see the Craigslist ad before it was deleted.

  6. Peter R

    Already deleted by the author which implies it is sold – could someone please tell me the price on this beautiful car -maybe then I won’t feel so bad

    • Dolphin Member

      I think the asking was in the $teens, maybe $18K.

  7. Peter R

    @ Dolphin – Thanks for the response

  8. James

    I think the Ghia 1500 GT is more attractive with the standard Borrani disc wheels than with wires. Matter of taste of course. I also prefer the Maserati 3500 GT coupes with the Borrani disc wheels rather than wire wheels.

    Twenty five photos of a Ghia 1500 GT coupe allegedly restored to Pebble Beech concours standard. Note they too insert the Fiat name. No idea as to sale price. Prices are not listed at Contemporary Classics of Washington for cars on offer.


  9. brakeservo

    That car’s been for sale in Oregon for years and years. Repeated listings on eBay and Craigslist must have finally gotten the boost it needed from your website because it appears it FINALLY sold!

  10. Olaf E

    Great car. There is a white one for sale in Holland, original dutch car with the original plates (what I want), 1 of the 2 mayby 3 Ghia GT’s officially delivered to the Netherlands. In good condition, in need of some TLC. The dealer claims he also had the other two red painted cars, but that they were sold already.

    Selling and asking prices not given, but knowing this classic car dealer certainly not cheap. Although I have been looking for one of these original dutch cars for a while now, I’ll have to say no. Too busy and need the money for other things. Better luck next time.

    @James I agree with you on the wheels, much more attravtive.

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