1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback Survivor

Hidden away in this garage is a 1966 Mustang GT Fastback 2+2, which might be a pretty decent find. Don’t think that we’re talking about a rust bucket here because it is a surprisingly solid old classic. It also runs and drives nicely, which means that it is ready for some instant automotive fun. Barn Finder Patrick S spotted this beauty for us, so thank you so much for that, Patrick. It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN has been set at $35,000, and there are already 65 people watching the listing.

Now that it is out in the light of day, the Vintage Burgundy Mustang looks a whole lot better. The paint isn’t perfect, but it does hold a good shine. There are plenty of minor nicks and scratches, but the car is presentable. It would benefit from a repaint, but this isn’t something that would need to be tackled immediately. I was hoping that this was a 100% rust-free classic, but it isn’t. Having said that, its single rust issue appears to be insignificant. The floors wear the sort of light surface corrosion that you would expect in a car from this region, but there is no penetrating rust. The only obvious problem is a small spot in the bottom corner of the passenger door. The rest of the panels and the rockers look sound, so if any restoration work is being considered, it could be tackled in a home workshop. The stripes show some pronounced deterioration, but most of the trim and chrome seem to be presentable. Maintaining a positive note, the glass also appears to be free from flaws.

The owner doesn’t expressly state it, but I believe that the GT is a numbers-matching car. What we find under the hood is an A-Code 289ci V8. This should be producing 225hp, which finds its way to the road via a 3-speed automatic transmission. This is not a highly-strung muscle car but could potentially be used as a daily driver. With that in mind, a ¼ mile ET of 15.5 seconds is still a respectable number from a classic that is this civilized. I could tell you just how well the car runs and drives, but I have included a walkaround video at the bottom of this article. You can hear the Mustang running and driving, and I can’t spot any problems.

If I were going to tackle any area of the Mustang in the short-term, then it would probably be the interior. The driver’s seat has a substantial split, and the dash pad is badly cracked. Both of these items are beyond repair, and they will need to be replaced. The rest of the trim could do with a deep clean, but I can’t see any other items that would demand immediate replacement.

This Mustang is fitted with what I believe to be one of the coolest options available at this time. I am referring to the Rally Pac gauges. I think that they have a great look to them, and as a bonus, this set functions perfectly. We can also see the odometer, and the owner states that it has just rolled over. That means that this is a classic with just over 100,000 miles under its belt. This is refreshing because I’m sure that we’ve all seen classics where the seller has made outrageous low-mileage claims. Apart from the gauges, there aren’t a lot of other optional extras fitted to this car. Someone has installed a radio/cassette player in place of the original radio. However, they haven’t cut the dash to fit it, and the speakers are mounted in a box behind the rear seat. Returning this to stock will not be a big job.

This 1966 Mustang GT Fastback 2+2 looks like it is a little ripper. The A-Code V8 sounds sweet, and its rust issues are about as minor as you are likely to find. This is the sort of car that someone could buy and restore in a home workshop. However, if the buyer wanted to immediately hit the road and enjoy the classic car ownership experience, there is no work on this vehicle that would need to be performed immediately. It isn’t as cheap as some 1st Generation Mustangs that we have seen here over the years, but at least the buyer isn’t facing the prospect of spending thousands to return it to a structurally sound state. That has to make it an attractive proposition for any DIY restorer.


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  1. Howard A Member

    I think, without going the Shelby route, this was the nicest ’66 Mustang you could buy. I think they just got the “GT” package, which included the driving lights, Rallye Pak( which I don’t think was the coolest option, all the car companies did something like that, Chrysler had the “Tic-Toc-Tach” and GM had something) and buckets with console, steering wheel, dual exhaust but little else. No PS, or PB and it wasn’t a fire-breather, but the 4 barrel did give you “power to pass”. Nice car,,,,however,,,,
    it’s NOT a THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR CAR, people, it’s a gussied up Falcon,,,ugh, I swear, am I the only one frustrated by these shenanigans?

    Like 36
    • Skorzeny

      Howard, agreement here, but it’s like Steve R. says, it’s between the seller and the buyer, and the seller is gonna ask what he wants to see what he can get. I would offer him 18-20K for this. It’s an automatic for one… I would give him an extra 50 bucks if I could burn those whitewalls in his front yard though!

      Like 14
    • Eric B

      A gussied up falcon? Haha sincerely no offense meant, but did you just wake from a 45 year slumber? Cars are worth what they’re worth and this is about what it’s worth. Do you know how much first gen Broncos are selling for? More than this. One could argue it’s a metal box with a 289 and mustang seats.

      Like 20
    • piston poney

      a dressed up falcon HAHAHAHAHAHA i think your higher than everyone in Dazed and Confused LMFAO

      Like 11
      • David Frank David Frank Member

        How could Howard say it any better? Perhaps a “re-bodied” Falcon would provide more clarity?

        Like 8
    • Mountainwoodie

      Welll you know HoA, no one ever offered more for a car than is asked. :) So the owner is taking no chances and being in Las Vegas lots of loose change around if you get my drift. I like the exterior color a lot not much for white on the inside. This looks like a car that has been driven regularly. Looks like an aux cord hanging under the dash. Whats with the missing letters in the rocker stripe? I always wanted a fastback but one with a 4 speed. And not for 35 large :)

      Like 1
  2. Joe Haska

    OK, I will say it first, I wil take it if the Skooter comes with the deal.

    Like 4
  3. Little_Cars

    I also like the Cushman sitting next to it in the first photo.

    Like 7
    • Little_Cars

      Appears to be an Allstate scooter, Scooter! Sears really did sell everything under the sun. My eyes saw a CM Pacemaker.

      Like 6
  4. Jomo

    Nice car but it seems a tad overpriced. Recommendation to prospective buyers-under the hood near the left hinge is a body buck tag. If this is a true factory GT, it will have PIO (performance image option) stamped on it.

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  5. art

    The master cylinder suggests the car has the optional front Disc Brakes.
    Power brakes were not available with this option.
    The car looks nice overall but the price seems a bit optimistic in my opinion.

    Like 10
    • Mark A

      All GT mustangs had the larger master cylinder with front disc brakes. One of the ways to spot a false GT is to have the small screw on top master cylinder.

  6. Johnny Cuda

    The ad states that it is original paint. The doorjambs and trunkjamb appear to be burgundy. But the engine compartment appears to be blue. Could it be the lighting in the photo? Any thoughts?

    Like 2
    • aboyandhisdog aboyandhisdog Member

      I’m wondering if that is black and if maybe they were all painted black in the engine compartment? I too would like to know more about this!

      Like 2
    • MacSC

      All GT had black engine compartments and the blue is sky reflection

      • Johnny Cuda

        Thanks MacSC!

  7. Jomo

    Another thing for buyers to be aware of. There are holes cut in the front shock towers. That’s a no-no and was usually done to grease the upper control arm bushings.

    Like 5
    • Solosolo ken tilly UK Member

      It might be a no-no from a purist angle but it doesn’t compromise the structure at all so I don’t see a problem. As for the price, well, willing seller, willing buyer is all that is needed. Great car.

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  8. Ken Goetz

    I don’t see High Performance ID on the front fender logo where the 289 emblem is ??? Which on my buddies GT that has the hi per 289 has on his car ???? Which is a solid lifter engine

  9. SMJ

    Although the Mustang has the GT option, the rally-pac is a separate option.
    The seat covers will need replacing, both front and rear. The engine compartment needs to be detailed. The rust bubbles on the rear of the driver’s door need to be addressed as additional rust not noted. Of course, the cowl needs to be inspected as these Mustangs were notorious for rust problems in that area in addition to the heater core as they have a tendency to leak. Both of these areas, especially the cowl, requires a great deal of work and expense to replace. Although these Mustangs have increased in price over the past several years, $35K seems a little high for a car that may need expensive repairs upon inspection before purchasing.

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  10. Leo C.

    Did anyone watch the video? The car is going straight down the road & the spoke of the steering wheel is pointing straight up as if turned 90 degrees to the right? The steering & alignment must be way out of whack!

    Like 2
    • Little_Cars

      Wow, WTH? As the seller I would be embarrassed by that steering wheel spoke obviously in the wrong position when driving down the road. He could have even fudged and removed the wheel and moved it a couple splines to the left on the column before taking off over video. Not showing the car in the best light. And, it sure seems like a lot of those rocker letters are missing…M._._._T.A._.G.

  11. Bradston

    I was just a kid in the 60s when mustangs came out, but had friends in the 70s who had 66 fastbacks including my sis, anyway where’s the side chevons or forks, thats how I the 66s apart. Beautiful car

  12. 6T09A

    Really like this one and no doubt it’s a real GT. As Jomo pointed out “PIO” on the buck tag is a must for these GTs (along with other items). Mine has the same fugly saddle interior, but when these cars come along you can’t be too picky. Not a fan of the tires either, but easy to fix. Mostly original cars are hard to come by and it brings up the question of do you mess with it? Regardless, geat car, but 35k is all the money and then some for this car. If your in the market for a 65/66 GT FB there are options at this price.

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