1966 Mustang Convertible With History Needs A Future

If you are on this site, then I guarantee you love a car with a good story. Well, this 1966 Ford Mustang convertible found in Jefferson City, Missouri and being sold on eBay is one of those rare cars that has a back story.  The current owner received a number of really cool vintage pictures showing this car with the pop up camper it pulled to various campgrounds in the western United States.

Given the new found popularity of restoring and displaying vintage campers and camping equipment, this one begs for a vintage pop up to attach to the bumper as the ultimate car show conversation starter.  However, there’s more to the present part of the story.

Unfortunately, the tin worm has attacked this sweet little Mustang in one of its most vulnerable areas: the torque boxes.  Torque boxes are forward of the foot well in these unit body cars, and intact torque boxes go a long way in reinforcing the body of a Mustang.  Especially a convertible Mustang.  Rust in this area cannot be ignored, and it is not an easy repair.  It can be done by a home restorer, but the job has to be done correctly.  The good news is that the internet is filled with how-to articles and videos to get you up to speed, and there are a plethora of restoration shops that specialize in Mustangs that can get the job done for a reasonable cost.

As you can see, the rust has also worked its evil on the floorboard.  While disheartening, this is pretty common for Mustangs, especially convertibles.  On the bright side, the owner tells us that both the front and rear frame rails are solid, and that the shock towers are solid and rust free.  He has even replaced the two front fenders with brand new reproduction ones.

The rest of the car appears to be solid and in good condition.  According to the seller, the car has the desirable 289 V-8 backed by an automatic transmission.  In addition, it has power steering, power brakes, a power operated top, an AM 8-track radio, and  a Pony interior.  When finished, this well equipped convertible would be one of the most enjoyable classics you could buy.  These cars are as American as apple pie, ice cream, and baseball, and everybody loves them.   You would also be the most popular guy in town when locals start looking for convertibles for their parades and homecomings!

Unlike many sellers, I believe this one is giving you the straight scoop.  In the background of his pictures, you see multiple Mustangs in various stages of completion.  He obviously knows his Mustangs, and the ad lays out the problems with the car.  Its better to know what you are getting into before you shell out your hard earned cash, and the problems he discussed are not too terribly difficult to correct.  Once you take care of the tin worm problems, the rest of the way should be smooth sailing.  There probably isn’t a Mustang part that isn’t being reproduced today, and there are legions of people who love these cars and can help you get it back on the road again.

When you finish, you should head out west with this rolling piece of Americana. Of course, with a vintage pop up hooked to the back. I’d venture a guess that the car already knows the way there.

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  1. Paul

    Always loved theses cars, however buy one completed they are relatively cheap compared to other similar classic convertibles.
    There are a ton for sale at any given time.
    They do not bring the money like a first gen Camaro convertible would.

    I own both it cost a little less and is easier to restore a camaro over the mustang and the camaro is worth a lot more money and it rides and handles better.

    Some of us Ford guy’s hate to admit this however it’s true the Camaro is a better car to drive hands down. It’s a little quieter and easier to work on because of the front subframe design. I am a rare Ford and Chevy guy.

    • Mountainwoodie

      Add to that, it appears the seller is Mustang knowledgeable (cough cough) and he or she is SELLING the car

      • ccrvtt


  2. gaspumpchas

    rustang–didn’t say anything about the inner rockers–better know what you are getting into with the rust–not for the faint of heart…he did the easy part,the fenders.

    Like 1
  3. KEN TILLY Member

    My 1967 Mustang 289 and Gypsy caravan on the way to Cape Town, South Africa, in about 1982. For the next Cape trip I fitted a Continental kit in order to obtain more room in the trunk for luggage.

    • pat gill

      for some reason the name Ken Tilly rings a bell, were you ever involved with the DJ?

      • KEN TILLY Member

        Hi Pat. Sounds like I could be the one and the same. I was a Veteran Car Club of South Africa committee member from Events Organiser up to President for many years. As such I organised the start for the DJ event several times, firstly from Pinetown and then from Hillcrest at my “Classic Cars” showroom. I even did the Durban-Johannesburg (DJ) rally in 1980 with my 1925 Harley and sidecar along with my long suffering wife, Eileen. We live in UK now so have no contact with classic bike people although I still have my 1933 Calthorpe Ivory Major in a local museum here. Nice to hear from you. Ken

  4. Mike Williams

    Reminds me of when I pulled a camp trailer with my ’65 and only a 6.

  5. Guggie 13

    The doors are different , could be done,But not for the faint of heart , or light in the wallet .

  6. CJ

    This Pony may have a great story, but I think it has had it last ride! At best, this is a parts car, so much work, so little time…… as stated previouly, there are many Mustangs for sale, buy one and enjoy!

  7. Al D

    Maybe a few pics from underneath would be nice, huh? Probably floating it out there to see if someone will over pay and make it more profitable to the seller than restoring it. It will be beautiful if it gets done.

  8. GP Member

    Why would you waste your time assembling panels and not painting the jambs the color it’s going to be?

  9. pat gill

    Ken, I am also UK based, I still have the 29 Dodge I bought around 2002 from an old guy in Westville, if you want to get in touch mail me matchlesspat@aol.com regards Pat

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