1966 Porsche 911: Yours For Only…


When fellow contributor Jamie forwarded the link to a 1966 Porsche 911 here on eBay for the princely sum of $98,500, I thought he was sending me a time-capsule car. You know, one that is ready to drive and has bonuses like a corrosion-free shell or faded-but-original paint. Boy, was I off! This ’66 911 is a well-optioned car with a history as a vacation vehicle from Maine, but that’s where I run out of nice things to say. Sure, I love that this 911 was clearly used, as evidenced by the snow tires on the rear wheels and the parking stickers for a previous owner who worked for the Veterans Administration (there’s a huge facility in Augusta, where I suspect this car once parked) – but close to $100K is the asking price of a speculator, pure and simple. While I believe in the free market, I also believe in selling projects for a price where everybody wins, including the buyer who foots the bill for the restoration. Hopefully, the final price is less than the ask listed here, as this 911 deserves to be rescued sooner than later, and not left stagnant while the seller tests the tolerances of the 911 bubble.


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  1. RayT Member

    For $98.50, I’d be interested. More so if it were listed at $9.85. The seller’s name makes me thing this rotten beast is being flogged off by a dealer, in which case they are either seriously delusional or merely trying to stir the pot and see what pops out. Which, as of now, is a total lack of bids.

    I love 911s, particularly the early versions. But I have nothing at all nice to say about either this car or its seller. Bring on a worthwhile Barn Find, guys!

    • Jeff Staff

      Ray, I agree with your sentiments – but I think you will be hard-pressed to find a publicly-advertised 911 that isn’t asking an outrageous price. However, we would welcome and encourage any of our readers to send in a reasonably-priced Barn Find 911 should they find one. If nothing else, hopefully posts like these spur our readers to find one that doesn’t end up in the hands of a dealer!

      • Woodie Man

        Dont make me sell my ’70T!

  2. Another Bob

    Just buy a Corvair Corsa and go to an autocross and beat the guy with the 911. I have seen it done with a Celebrity wagon.

  3. Chris A.

    I’ve looked at several Maine coast cars from this time period, mostly Mercedes. But they were all used up, left outside, interors shot, bodies badly rusted from road salt and the sea air. And priced as if all they needed was a little paint and minor repairs. This mess is overpriced and usable for spares and that’s being generous to a fault.

  4. MH

    Junk. Move the decimal point around.

  5. rogerowen

    Ah, must be one of the ultra rare Flat Eights. (picture 58 of the Ebay ad).

    • cory

      With the ultra rare auto zone glass pack deluxe header

    • Horse Radish

      You’re talking about the distributor cap ?

      Insider knowledge !!
      It’s an original early wood dash 911 cap: 6 cylinders for regular, use and 2 for back up !

      • rogerowen

        Bizarre! Conventional 6 cam rotor? Surely not – must be 8 cam, but then how do 2 sparks get ditched. Very confusing, but interesting. Research hat on!

      • rogerowen

        Ha, Ha, Horse Radish, you nearly got me there!

  6. jim s

    is being sold by a dealer who has 3 other cars for sale on ebay right now. good title, VIN plates and ???. seller is taking offers. will snow tires help the handling? interesting find.

  7. Jim

    Honestly, I love classic cars but I just don’t see the attraction to these cars. Low on power and horrible handling. They always smelled like burnt oil and sound like a sewing machine.

  8. The Walrus

    There is no amount of flowery language that will convince me this car is worth just a bit less than a restored example. Those in the market for this status symbol got in the game late and now will have to overpay to join. It’s clearly a restorable car, and with the early 911 market on fire, it’s probably worth $50K to a dozen people, $70K to a few and $90K to someone besides the seller.

  9. cory

    The only positive I see in this porsche bubble is a lot of cars are getting restored that wouldn’t have been before. It’s going to be a few years before I can get one, so when the bubble finally burts, hopefully there will be a flood of freshly restored bargain priced 911s for me to choose from

  10. MIkeG

    Simply laughable! Throw in a gross of Naval Jelly and count me in!!!

  11. krash

    …..happened to notice (by the photo of the paperwork) that the last battery was purchased at Sears….more than justifying the $90k+ asking price..

  12. Dolphin Member

    This is early enough and complete enough that there’s somebody who will buy and restore it to perfection. Then it will probably be offered down the road at multi-$hundreds of thousands by RM or one of the other top auction houses and eventually somebody else will buy it for even more.

    Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth the rest of us will be fooling around with our special, affordable cars that aren’t restored to within an inch of their life but are enjoyed anyway because most of them handle and sound better than a short wheelbase 911.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      @Dolphin — Well said!

  13. Joe Henline

    i had a Friend who had one sold at Auction in Arizona a few years ago. An original ’66 one owner that needed nothing. A Local Specialty Automobile Consignir took it there. The hammer dropped at $36k. This one? Sell the thing for scrap.

  14. Barry T

    What has this seller been smoking?

    • rogerowen

      8 cylinder dizzi caps, I reckon!

  15. Jason

    “I also believe in selling projects for a price where everybody wins”

    Yes. So stop posting (and publicizing) nonsense like this.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I actually agree with this. I don’t mean to criticize the site in any way but giving this trend the exposure supports clowns like this.

      • Horse Radish

        MOSTLY, because there are other (disabled/handicapped) clowns that will find offers like this only because of the added exposure.
        I agree 100 %

  16. sir mike

    is it April fools day again???

  17. David Frank David Member

    Absurd prices are entertaining as long as no one takes them seriously. Perhaps we could make it a feature or a contest?

    What do you think this Caddy is listed for, for example? I copied and pasted the price so you don’t think I’ve accidently added a zero. It needs a top, upholstry, paint, chrome, etc. $69500 It’s listed here http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/5060683905.html

  18. Achman

    Completely restored to show quality a ’59 Series 62 convertible goes for $110-$135k.
    The chrome on this car is 10K-15k+ to refinish.
    Interior is $5k for a decent job
    Paint and bodywork (if it is truly no rust) would be $20K
    Correct carb and engine+tranny+brake+cooling work $5k
    Trim and top etc $6k
    So at $70k, after this, you are in it for minimum $116k and it’s not even a frame of resto. After all that work you would have a nice $85K driver.

    If this was a rust-free El Dorado it would be snapped up

    • Horse Radish

      Just write El Dorado on the trunk lid !
      Easy fix !

  19. Achman

    Sorry, but that 911 is an early, desirable, matching numbers example of the most iconic sports car in the world, with documentation, including COA and Kardex and many other hard to find details. The underside is remarkably dry, the pans look good, and the rust is not too bad especially for a 911 from Maine. The interior is very good, and you could even clean it and salvage and re-stitch the seats. A SWB car in Irish Green and black interior, I’m sure this car will sell for the ask as these are getting harder and harder to find in unmolested complete condition.

    If you want a Porsche that is fun to drive, unique and still affordable, find a ’73 or ’74 914 2.0 that is still injected, without any rust, and have fun with it. I know I did.

    • Jason

      “I’m sure this car will sell for the ask”

      How much you wanna bet?

  20. bcavileer

    PLEASE….Stop this insanity.

  21. paul

    yep another p junk that will take three lifetimes to finish. thanks i’ll stick to projects that can be done in my lifetime & when done they will be real car’s.

  22. Horse Radish

    You guys are seeing this all wrong !

    This is a $8500 car.
    The value is in the $ 90 000 patina.
    Or should I say priceless ?

    How on earth would you ever copy that ?
    The peeling paint off the bondo on the passenger door ?
    The bloated veneer of the early wood dash ?
    The moldy carpet and warped/peeling vinyl on the seats and door panels ?….
    Not to mention the sealed in rot under the thick coat of floor undercoating ?


  23. Bill Wilkman

    If this car sells at or anywhere near its asking price, I will declare the Porsche collector car market to have officially gone crazy.

  24. paul

    i forgot to point out that for 98 g’s i could buy 2 nearly new caymans & be a whole lot happier!

  25. Keith

    I think the ad omitted an all-important line “illness forces sale, owner in incurably optimistic”.

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